New or Full Moon personal report

$ 40.00


This report includes:

  • Calculating your birth chart
  • Calculating the New or Full Moon chart
  • Overlay between your birth chart and the New/Full Moon chart, explaining which life areas are triggered and how you can benefit from it
  • Aspects to your natal planets and how they change the influence of this Lunation for you
  • Pulling a personal Astrology-Karma guidance card for addition insights and meditation


The New Moon is the moment when we have conjunction between the Sun and the Moon. It puts the beginning of the new lunar month, providing a new flow of energy. This is a wonderful time for starting new projects.

The position of the New Moon (the Sun and the Moon) in our horoscope will show us in which area we can benefit by starting something new. The aspects with our natal planets bring some additional clarification and details.


The Full Moon is the moment when the Sun is in opposition with the Moon. It marks the culmination of every lunar month. This is a time when we need to balance two different areas of our life. We can achieve some material results and we can also separate with something we don’t want or like in ourselves and our lives.

The position of the Full Moon (the Sun and the Moon) in our horoscope reveals which life areas are activated and in which area we need to make a change or separate with something, in order to achieve something bigger and improve another life area.


Keep in mind that the service covers one New or Full Moon report – depending on what is coming next or your personal preferences.



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