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Calculating the accurate time of your birth.

If we want to benefit the most from our personal horoscope, we need to have a very exact time of birth. In this case, we can use the most sensitive and accurate methods for prediction – primary directions, solar arc directions and progressions to cusps of houses.

4 min. difference in the time of your birth can change the Ascendant and the cusps of the houses with 1 degree. In the solar arc directions, this will lead to one year difference in the predictions.

Most of the people don’t know their exact time of birth with such accuracy. In some cases, they only know that it is around lunch time or early afternoon. Some clients may hesitate between two hours or may not know if it is 8 am or 8 pm.

In all of these cases the rectification can bring clarity and answers.

In order to find out your accurate time of birth, we need the dates or periods of important events in your life. Here are some examples:

  • marriage
  • pregnancy/abortion
  • children
  • separation/divorce
  • starting and graduating education
  • siblings
  • traumas/surgeries
  • death of close people
  • change your home
  • buying a property
  • emigration
  • start/end of relationship
  • start/quit a job
  • everything else you think that is important


Keep in mind that you need to know at least the approximate time of your birth.

The birth time rectification allows us to go back to the beginning and then to look confidently in the future.



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