Relocation horoscope

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We can’t change our birth place, but we can change the place where we are living.

There are certain indications in the horoscope, which are predefined and we can’t change them (like the aspects and the sign positions of the planets).

But there are other astrological indications that we CAN CHANGE by choosing a different place to live:

  • The Ascendant
  • The signs on the cusps of the houses
  • Interception of signs and planets
  • Position of the planets in the houses


The relocation allows us to unlock a secret potential and to improve different areas of our life.

You can choose up to 4 different places and I will calculate your horoscope for each of these locations. You will know the potential for career, money, relationships, family and general happiness for each place.

You will receive a written report, including the charts for the places you have chosen.



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