Astrology session 30 min

$ 100.00


This reading allows us to discuss every topic in which you are interested. It can include:

Natal chart analysis:

  • General analysis – astrological elements and modalities, general configuration of your horoscope (according to M. Jones), aspect configurations (according to B. Huber)
  • Understanding your psychological type
  • Indications for family
  • Potential for relationships and the type of partners you attract
  • Areas of education, which can bring you success
  • Career indications and the most beneficial business areas
  • Financial indications and the best sources of income
  • Your vocation and life mission
  • Etc.


Forecast, using the methods:

  • Primary directions
  • Heliacaal cycles
  • Solar arc directions
  • Progressions
  • Retro progressions
  • Transits to natal chart
  • Transits to progressions
  • Transits to retro progressions
  • Solar return charts


Answers to specific questions you might have


You can receive a recorded report or we can have a live session via skype. Keep in mind that the full report requires 60 min. In 30 min., we can discus some specific questions or make a forecast.



  1. (verified owner)

    Hi Marina, I just want to say a big thank you for the Skype astrology reading I had with you recently. You were so thorough and took the time to answer all the questions I had. I have played the recording back and there were things I couldn’t remember so listening to the recording was so helpful for me. You helped confirm that the area of career I am interested in would suit me and is indicated in my natal chart and I could also make money from it. I felt you listened to my questions and tried your best to help me. I loved the different techniques you used to fine tune the timing of when the best periods for romance and career would be. You also recommended some Bach remedies which I have been taking to help with my confidence. I would highly recommend a reading with you to anyone considering booking one. There’s more I could ask you and hopefully I can have another reading with you in the future xxx

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