Astrology session 60 min

$ 180.00


This reading allows us to discuss every topic in which you are interested. It can include:

Natal chart analysis:

  • General analysis – astrological elements and modalities, general configuration of your horoscope (according to M. Jones), aspect configurations (according to B. Huber)
  • Understanding your psychological type
  • Indications for family
  • Potential for relationships and the type of partners you attract
  • Areas of education, which can bring you success
  • Career indications and the most beneficial business areas
  • Financial indications and the best sources of income
  • Your vocation and life mission
  • Etc.


Forecast, using the methods:

  • Primary directions
  • Heliacaal cycles
  • Solar arc directions
  • Progressions
  • Retro progressions
  • Transits to natal chart
  • Transits to progressions
  • Transits to retro progressions
  • Solar return charts


Answers to specific questions you might have


You can receive a recorded report or we can have a live session via skype. Keep in mind that the full report requires 60 min. In 30 min., we can discus some specific questions or make a forecast.



  1. (verified owner)

    I loved my session with Marina (which was a career counselling session). Having lots of love for but limited knowledge of astrology myself, I have, for the longest time, thought that my chart is just all bad and nothing good is in the stars for me. In my opinion, Marina is a positive astrologer, and she has really concentrated on the strengths I (and my chart) have. I now have hope and know how I have to work to achieve my dreams. She told me which areas I will find most success in, which areas I have indications for but probably not professional success, and a reason why I have not been able to concentrate on one particular area deeply. To my surprise, we discovered that Marina also uses Bach Flower remedies based on astrology, which I have been studying a little about myself and used them with remarkable results. She recommended some of the remedies based on some problematic areas of my chart, such as impatience, high sensitivity, taking too much input from others instead of knowing my own heart, and more. Marina is very warm and present, and I felt that she knew how to talk to me so that I could hear information in the right way. I highly recommend sessions with Marina to anyone looking to get more clarity and direction in life.

  2. (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my astrology reading with Marina. She is very knowledgeable and explained my chart to me in a clear and helpful way. Her advice on why I went through certain situations in life was very helpful. I had my own doubts and worries but Marina’s reading calmed me and gave me a positive outlook. I thought her analysis of my chart and how to look at things in life (even when things get tough) was practical and helpful. I felt clear after the reading and gained a knowledge that I can use for my life path.
    I am glad that I found Marina and will have more readings with her in the future. I definitely recommend Marina to anyone who wants to get an astrology reading and better direction in life.

  3. I had a reading with Marina and found her to be very knowledgeable, kind and patient in her explanations. She really helped me to understand that astrology is a tool that can be used to help us understand ourselves and others. It is helping me to support people in my life that I care about. I would contact her again and will in the future. She is insightful, calm and able to explain even difficult topics in a way that helps me understand that life is cyclical. Thank you – enjoyed very much!

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