Horary Question

horary question

What is a Horary Question?

Horary question is an ancient astrology technique that answers specific and concrete questions. It includes an analysis of the astrology chart calculated for the time when the astrologer has heard/read the question. 

When should you ask a horary question?

  • When you need to make a decision
  • When the question you have is important for you
  • When you want to know the future tendencies regarding a particular life area

Some example horary questions

  • Will I be able to change my job this year?
  • Will my boyfriend marry me?
  • Should I buy this apartment?

What does the horary question reading include?

The horary question reading includes a brief interpretation of the horary chart and a specific answer (as much as the chart allows). The more significant the horary question is for you, and the more clearly you ask it - the more straightforward the answer will be.

What can you expect from your horary question reading?

  • The horary chart describes the actual situation.
  • Some possible answers you may get are - hard yes; hard no; yes, but it will be difficult; nothing changes, etc.

Horary question best practices

  • Ask what you want to know precisely.
  • Make your horary question as clear and short as possible.
  • You can ask the same question in 6 months, or if something in the circumstances changes.
  • Keep in mind that the final decision and the responsibility for it are yours.

Can you ask horary questions, which don't suggest a yes or no answer?

The best use of horary astrology or for yes or no questions, but you can ask more complicated questions as well. For example - How will I feel at my new job?
You can also ask questions about lost items or when something will happen. Keep in mind that the "where" and "when" horary questions are more complicated, and the answer might be vaguer.

How to get your horary question answered?

You can purchase a horary question by clicking the button below. After that, you will be able to submit your information. Usually, it takes up to 2 weeks to receive your horary reading.

Emergency horary question

If you have an emergency horary question for which you need a swift answer, you can purchase 2 readings (during the checkout process, you can do that). You will receive your horary question reading within 24 hours, during weekdays, or 48 hours during weekends.

Price: $80