Personal Energy Coaching

Reconnect with your inner spiritual resources and unleash your creativity!

Whether you struggle with negative thoughts, emotions, believes or experiences, from a holistic point of view they are all caused by an energy problem. This also means that if you heal the energy blockage - your thoughts, emotions, believes and experiences will change.

How Energy Works

Your energy is your greatest resource. It's an invisible matrix from which your emotions, your healthy power, and your actions emerge. Energy is not visible, but it's everywhere.

In modern culture, we’re often taught to ignore the energetic level of being. We’re supposed to “think” our way into a new experience.

However, when you become aware of and connected to your spiritual energy, this energy can become your greatest resource, your source of healthy love, power, and intuition.

So many people know exactly what they need to do in their life. They have clear intentions. They have the capacity and knowledge. They have values and guiding principles.

And yet something is blocking them. And, try as they might, they can’t make the progress that they want, because they are not addressing things on an energy level.

Who you are and what you have in your life is defined by how your energy is flowing. Every positive change comes after an energetic shift and realignment!

Tools and Modalities in Energy Coaching


💜 Exploring the energy connection with family history and past experiences

💜 Mindfulness for ease, awareness and insight

💜 Energy center self-empowerment and luminous healing

💜 Energy center inner guidance framework

💜 Heart mind opening practice for love, expansion and light

💜 Empowering your inner loving drive, motivation, and spirit- recovering from loss, shock, and suffering


💜 Expanding your own higher frequency

💜 Unity experience and self love

💜 Boundary helpers to empower and protect

💜 Relationship with spiritual guides

💜 Integration within the body and somatic exploration

💜 Somatic connections and grounding practices

💜 Energy connection with your goals and dreams

💜 Healthy connection and balance between feminine and masculine energy


💜 EFT Tapping

💜 Matrix Reimprinting of past memories

💜 Metaphors in guided meditation: helping you sense and learn from inner metaphors

💜 Helpers in nature guided practices

💜 Archetypes inner wisdom activation

💜 Meditations for energy activation

💜 Transforming obstacles with energy


💜 Healing and transformation for energetic blocks and resistance

💜 Healing for the inherited energetic suffering within family

💜 Listening to your body's truth: how to create transformational conversation on the physical, emotional, and energetic level

💜 Hearing your inner needs, awakening your inner freedom

💜 Practices to increase emotions of loving kindness, compassion, empathic joy, and equanimity

💜 Self-healing for low self esteem, anxiety, pain, and worry

Here are some examples of what Energy Coaching can help you with:

💎 You have a goal, dream, ambition and you know what you want to achieve, but you feel blocked or you are sabotaging yourself. You would like to tap into your own inner resources and take inspired actions in alignment with your true purpose.

💎 You have a health issue and you want to release the energy blockage related to it. Or you just want to be more vital and energetic, but instead you feel drained or fatigued.

💎 You feel burned out and you overwork yourself, but you don't see fulfilling results. You want to find a healthy balance between work and self-care, and you want to see progress.

💎 You can't find joy in your life and you have lost your passion. You struggle with negative emotions with or without an obvious reason. You want to find your inner spark. 

💎 You are too sensitive and/or you can't put healthy boundaries. You always put others first and you neglect your own needs.

💎 You want to have a meaningful relationship, but something seems to be missing - you can't find the right partner; you repeat the same negative patterns; you are afraid to open your heart and take an emotional risk.

💎 You want to create new healthy habits or learn to do something. You want to learn to use your inner resources and create an action plan that will be in alignment with your deepest desires and strengths.

💎 You don't have a problem, but you just want to do something good for your own personal growth. You are interested in spirituality and you want to explore this amazing world.

Book Your Energy Coaching Sessions

1 Energy Coaching Session

Price: $ 180

5 Energy Coaching Sessions

Price: $ 800

15 Energy Coaching Sessions

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