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Gemini   - "THE MESSENGER": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the Aries and the Taurus, here comes the third zodiac Sign – Gemini.

What you need to know about Gemini

- The symbol: of Gemini is the Roman figure "II", which symbolizes the dual nature of the sign. This duality resembles many mystical teachings, for example: Kabbalah divides the life of giving and receiving, Taoism considers life to be a balance between yin and yang, Buddhism divides life into form or emptiness, alchemy sees the relationship between the top and the bottom.

- Season: Early summer.

- Key phrase: "I THINK" - I think therefore I exist

- Strengths: Intelligent, nimble, informed, versatile, clever, adaptable, social, good-knit, knowledgeable of new technologies, writer, speaker and messenger able to do many things at the same time.

- Weaknesses: The truth is often a problem to them, usually bypassing the inconvenient facts. The duality of this sign makes him often involved in gossip and manipulation. They just can’t keep a secret. Inconsistent in their moods, duality and excessive rationality. Fraud masters.

- Dark side: The shadow of the Gemini is that they can’t be trusted. They often speak one, think second, and act in a hole different way. Often their motivation for this is that the world treats them contemptuously.

- Key Words: communicative, multi-lingual, adaptive, duality, versatility, curiosity, sociability, superficiality, cunning, clever, duplicate, libretto, restless, inconsistent, symmetry.

- Appearance:They look young and are tough and vigorous, with long, weak hands and feet that are constantly moving. With a piercing look. The head is often tilted to one side, as if asking questions. They dress strange.

- Personality: Gemini has initially a dual personality. Smart, sociable, fascinating at one point and the next they are sour and pungent. The most talkative of all the signs! There is something childish in them as if they refuse to grow up. They love the rough jokes. They are constantly employed, often working in several places. They constantly change their point of view. They lack focus.

-How their mind works: Their minds are fast and fly like a butterfly from place to place. They have the ability to process information from many sources. They know something about everything. They lack focus. They have a gift of speech and can make everyone believe what they say.

-Emotions: Gemini is a sign that lack emotional flexibility and prefers to dissect the feelings of others. He is less sensitive and empathetic. These people use their speculation to conceal their true feelings.

- Lessons in Life: Finding the truth and adhering to it.

- Element: mutable air.

- Planet: Mercury, the messenger of the gods. This is the planet of communication and mind. Mercury is the planet of writing, publishing, media and telecommunications.

- Season: early summer.

- Day: Wednesday.

- Numbers: 5

- Body parts: hands, lungs, nervous system.

- Color: orange.

- Zodiac stone: Mountain Crystal.

- Affirmations: I attract the right connections in my life. I surround myself with people who understand and love me. I effortlessly get the necessary information and share it with everyone.


How to wake up the Gemini energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up the energy of Gemini:

1.  Note how you talk to others. Refrain from insulting words eliminate the slander and gossip. Note how you greet people who call you. How exactly are you answering calls? Listen to the conversations you make on your voicemail. See if your messages are short, clear, accurate, and polite.

2. Take part in a world gathering. Go to a bar or club where you can talk to many people you do not know. Start a conversation with strangers, the first you meet.

3.  During this week, if you are from the chatters, talk less, if you are silent, try to communicate more. Then you will see how well you communicate with people.

4. As an archetype of duality, Gemini controls all intersections. This week, go back in time and take a look at your life. Recall those events of your life when you were at a crossroads when you were faced with choosing between two or more options that changed your life. If you analyze your past, you could easily identify tomorrow's most important crossroads today and tomorrow.

5. In this week, discover the duality in your life. Discover where in your life there are opposites that you have to unite in one. How can you connect these opposites without preferring one or another? This will help you improve your communication with yourself and the world.


Dear friends, I'm Marina. And this video is about Gemini, the sign overall the characteristics and strengths, the personality of those people the weak side, their shadow, and also how you can connect to this energy if you want to be more like the Gemini people. So first of all, let's explore the SIBO of the sign Gemini. It's the Roman number two. What does this show us to us? Of course, it's it shows the duality or the dual nature of those people. The fact that there are two sides within them or two faces, and sometimes there might be misalignment with each other, which can be very uncomfortable for those people. First of all, what positive qualities which positive qualities are coming To Gemini, they can be very intelligent. They can be great thinkers, speakers, writers, they're absolutely wonderful with information. They're also the most flexible, the most adaptable sign. Why is that? Well, one of the main reasons because there's time is mutable air sign, both of those characteristics can bring flexibility and ability to adapt to circumstances or changes. So, this is something very close very familiar for Gemini, they may change they may adapt, they are also very good when they need to switch from one thing to another. They can be great moody tasks, Task Force also. For example, they may do a couple of things at the same time. They may not be completely concentrate That, you know, in go really in depth into something, but they can switch from this to the next, they may have like 20 open tabs on their computer. And you know, at the same time, they may cook something, they may watch television. And somehow they managed to do all of that. Now, what's the risk, of course, the risk is that they may not be, you know, really focused on something, you know, when you are multitasking. Usually, you try to combine all of that, but you cannot dive really deep into CERN. And that's one of the challenges for Gemini people, that they may lose their focus, they might be unable to explore something deeply, because they are curious to learn something else because they are not so consistent, and they need more and more information which sometimes can overwhelm them. And at the end, they may have a lot of information, but they may not have real answers, which is also very frustrating for themselves. Another weak side of the sign Gemini is their inconsistency. So, you know, they might be inconsistent when it comes to their goals, to relationships to their desires, they are changing their opinion frequently. And it's not that they're doing this on purpose. It's just you know, their need for change for a variety. That's what is pushing them to be so inconsistent. Of course, everything can be managed when they have enough motivation. Anyone can, you know, can try to change but their deepest truest nature makes them more inconsistent. Now also, another challenging site for Gemini is that sometimes they may love to gossip. They are always, you know, learning about the information first, they know it all, but also they want to share it. And sometimes they're not the best choice to share their secrets, because they can tell it to other people, sometimes not on purpose, but that's who they are, they share, they connect, they communicate. They may have many, many friends and people they communicate on a daily basis. They are just, you know, very adaptable. They are very good with expressing things verbally with creating connections. And usually because of this, you know, because of the information that they have, they're also great company, you can always learn something new from them. They can always, you know, share a new idea or what someone else has done or, you know, it's countless amount of information that Gemini people may provide. Now what's also the shadow of Gemini people, the shadow is that they may not be able to see or to recognize the truth. And sometimes this may turn them into liars into cheaters. Not everyone here. We don't want to insult anyone, but generally speaking, Gemini have the highest potential to become liars. Because they think very fast. They can find solutions they know when they need to, you know, change the information, and literally they're very flexible. And if you want someone to you know, Make up a lie for you or an explanation for something. Gemini can be a great advisor. But seriously, one of the shadows one of the challenges for Gemini is to stick to the truth, to recognize it, and also to, to realize it, because sometimes, you know, because they are searching for their own truth, and this might be misalignment with other people. And this is also a reason why it may look like they're lying or they're, you know, just not objective. But it's also part of their duality, the dual nature the fact that they can see things from different perspective they can dissect things into small details. Sometimes it's preventing them from seeing the whole picture, understanding the deeper meaning, but recognizing the details, the small things Gemini can be very precise and very skillful there. Now, what about their way of thinking? great thinkers, a very fast thinkers, they may find solutions, they may understand things quickly. They may connect different things, different knowledge, different information. So overall, intellectually, this is probably the most active site, or at least one of the most active Mercury is ruling their sun, Mercury ruling Gemini. And Mercury is the sign of communication, the sign of connections and ideas. And basically, Gemini are great thinkers. And by the way, this is also their key phrase, their key phrase is, I think, so I exist. So very, very important for Gemini people, when it comes to emotions, now here things are different. Emotionally, Gemini are not very deep, they can actually be quite superficial. They are not too, you know, dramatic, they're not too empathetic. They're, you know, not too deep in connected to their hearts. And when they're interested in a partner, when they're in love with someone, first, the mind falls in love. You have to be interesting to them. You have to provide some kind of variety, you have to offer new information or some inspiration. That's what will make Gemini fall in love with you. And here, we can also expect that if there is no variety, no cure. Also to know interesting experiences, Gemini are capable of cheating and lying and having multiple relationships at the same time. Now about the personality of Gemini people, usually these are people who are young in their souls. They're cheerful, they are able to enjoy life. They're able, you know, to look at things with a more detached approach without engaging too much emotionally with certain things. And also, even visually they may look younger, they may act like teenagers, they are very flexible. They are moving a lot. And also they can make lots of gestures, you know, with their hands, they can be expressive, they can move a lot, they can change their posture. This is very typical for Gemini. Especially for Gemini Ascendant and also Yeah, sometimes they may even be childish to be. Yeah, to be honest, they are capable of we'll kind of be more superficial in certain points. But they're also very good with communication. If you want someone to teach you something really fast Gemini is your answer. They can show you how to do things in practice. They're not so much the philosopher you know the philosopher is the Sagittarius or someone else. Gemini they are about the practical use or the practical application of something. They will teach you how to use this information. Why you need this information. If you cannot apply it in your life. If you cannot use this skill, Gemini are not so easy. interested in that, but if it can improve your life it can. If it can make you faster, or more competent or better in your job, then Gemini can definitely teach you how you can do that. Now also, which are the ways that you can use to increase the Gemini energy within you? First of all, pay attention to the way you talk. Speech, the verbal expression is something absolutely crucial for Gemini people. So observe the way you talk. What kind of words do you use? How, which are the first words that you say to someone you have recently met? Or how do you describe what you do? So pay attention to all of the words that you use There's something that you want to change, is there something that you want to improve, but also observe Gemini are good with observing other people. And even though that we say that they're great talkers, they are also capable of listening other people, you know, the information is exchanged, it goes both ways. So, pay attention to your words, but also try to be a better listener and pay attention to what other people have to say. Another suggestion to increase this energy, socialize with other people. That's something very important for Gemini. Go outside in the park and meet meet with someone or ask your friends to meet you with their other friends. Or maybe go and sign up for a training or a course. Find ways healthy ways to meet new people and to socialize and use different approaches experiment. This is also something that Gemini people love to do. The other way is also to do the opposite of what's natural to you. If you are someone who likes to talk a lot, then try to do the opposite. Try to stay more silent and let other people talk to you. So try to be a better listener. And the opposite if you're someone who is not so much into talk in and explaining, then put some effort to do this on purpose to you know, start the conversation or to share a story or generally you know, to, to be more open to express yourself verbally and practice this regularly, at least for one week. The other advice of course, Reading books, Gemini are in love with all kinds of sources of information, books, television, radio, nowadays social media. So find ways to you know observe to accept actually new information, read books, or watch the news or be more active on social media. These are things which also engage your mind and which can help you to connect more to the Gemini energy. And the last advice is to wear more the color of Gemini, the orange color, clothes, makeup, accessories, whatever you want to this color will help you to connect more to the Gemini energy. So these are the main characteristics, to be honest with you, this is one of the easiest signs. I mean, they're not too dramatic. They they're not too serious about life. They can change, they can adapt, which makes them more flexible. Usually they're easygoing, usually, you know, they can create new contacts. So Gemini is not a bad time to be. So I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about Gemini and what's your best quality that you would like to get from that? I think that for me, this would be their ability to look easier on things which sometimes, you know, others may traumatize, they may understand it more objectively, so to speak. So that's something I really love about Gemini. Also, don't forget Get that you can sign up for more stars astrology Academy the week the waitlist is open. And if you're interested in learning more about astrology in general, but also in a very indirect way, with a lot of information with a whole understanding about how to use all of the different indications, then definitely sign up for our waitlist. We are starting soon and the group will be limited. Also, if you would like to read this information, you can find the link for the article below this video in the description. Thank you very much and I'll see you soon.

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