June 2020 Astrology Horoscope

Key events during Jun 2020

? Jupiter conjunction Pluto

? Venus turns direct

? Mercury turns retro

? Lunar and Solar Eclipse

? Mars ingress Aries


Hello dear friends and welcome to your monthly astrology horoscope for June 2020. I'm recording outside so you might hear occasionally a bird or something else and it's possible that it might start raining but I decided why not try this type of format and of course as always we are going to talk about the most important key events during June and trust me, this one will be a big one. We are having a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. And this is one of the major aspects of the year. It's happening three times and this mind we have the second time also Venus is retrograde most of the month but will turn direct on the 25th and also Mercury is turning direct. Sorry, turning retrograde. First of all, we are also having two eclipses first lunar and then a solar eclipse. Also Mars is ingressing Aries. And this is also a significant transit because first of all, Mars will be in Aries until the end of the year, the variant So how much is that around six months, and Mars will be retrograde later on around September, October and November, again in Aries. So we're gonna talk about it and this is gonna be a big one as well. So, first of all, with Venus being retrograde most of the month, make sure to be careful when it comes to relationships and partnerships. We don't recommend signing contracts with new partners, or getting married even in the era of relationships. Things may not be that simple. And you may notice that it's kind of like you know, the harmony is not there. As much as we want it to be, and there might be some misunderstandings in relationships. And also, we might restart out relationships. It's a great time to reevaluate this area, your personal life and make some changes. After the 25th of June, Venus is turning direct. So it means that around the end of the month, things in terms of relationships will possibly go back to normal. So that's about Venus and there will be a period so around 10 days, during which we are going to have both Venus and Mercury Retrograde and actually this happened the last time when Venus was retrograde as well in 2018. Again, they overlap the Venus and Mercury both are retrograde so we have to be more cautious approximately between the 15th and The 25th of the month because both Venus and Mercury will be retrograde. And what that means is that there might be challenges in the area of communication, mutual understanding, overall the harmony might be something we are gonna need more than ever. And on the other side, it's really a nice time to reconsider things to reevaluate things and to restart out projects or activities that we have been focused in the past. And in the current situation, it may mean that you know, we are all gonna go back to normal or at least we are gonna try to do that and really make some changes. That's what the retrograde period requires from us. Also, lunar and solar eclipses, they are a pivotal transformative period. Again, very positive for revaluations, especially the first One, which is the lunar eclipse is very beneficial for letting go of old things. Things that are no longer needed in your life no longer helpful that don't serve you anymore. Don't keep them in your life just by habit. instead try to free the space for the new things to come. And then the solar eclipse is very interesting because it will trigger the north node, the sun and the moon will be in conjunction with the north node, which means a new beginning time to focus on new goals time to restart, generally, and I also think that's something we would all appreciate right now. And as we said, finally, Mars ingressing Aries, the sign of its rulership. So Mars will be very powerful. It happens around the end of the month, I should say. But still we have to be prepared for that because things that are about to happen. happen or areas that we are going to be focused on or projects we are going to work on in the next two months, basically during the summer, later on around the autumn, we may change them or we may reconsider them or something might be different from what we are expecting, because again, as I said, Mars is turning retrograde around the ninth of September, I believe. Okay, so that's just the general picture. Let's jump into each of the astrology events during the month so that you can really plan it in the best possible way. And also, let me remind you that you can sign up for my free webinar on how to create a psychological profile with astrology. The links are below. Don't forget also to use the free astrology calculator to calculate your horoscope. Again, the links below so we're starting On the second of June, with the square between Venus retrograde and Mars. So both are both challenges when it comes to relationships, romance or communication between men and women, there might be more tension, there might be some confrontations or even jealousy. Or, overall, we may notice that it's not so easy to follow through and really commit to our desires or there are certain blockages so we are not really able to everything that we want which can create some kind of frustration or some kind of impatience. And overall it's time also to put some effort and make changes especially when it comes to personal areas stuff when it comes to negotiations. Again, let me remind you, Venus is retrograde. So a nice period to be reevaluate the past and maybe cut off something or someone out of your life. Of course we are talking about things or relationships that are not healthy or not helpful for you. After that, on the third of June, we have an exciting conjunction between the Sun and the Venus retrograde in Gemini. So of course, this is a big one for the air signs Gemini. Also for Libra and Aquarius, this might bring some benefits, but make sure to be cautious because those are the aspects which can make us kind of overreact a little bit or be more emotional than necessary. What saves us here is that Venus is in Gemini which is a mental sign. So probably we want to traumatize too much but we just can be more sensitive and may take things a little bit more personal. So another thing that we also can do is to restart different relationships. And in the love area and romantic area, things might be quite intense. Then on the fifth of June we have the first Eclipse this would be the lunar eclipse. in Sagittarius and Gemini, the South node is in Sagittarius, the North one is Gemini. So what that means is that it's a great time to let go of beliefs that we cannot use anymore or return are no longer relevant, and overall to work on our own philosophy to change our way of thinking. Great time also, to concentrate on knowledge and wisdom overall. Of course with the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. This is a major theme for the whole year, and instead we need to focus on more practical things the north node with the sun are in Gemini. So focus on being present, being rational, being practical, and learning more concrete practical skills as well. A great time to just set yourself free from things that you don't need. One of the best things you can do throw away each day for 10 days, at least 10 material stuff that you'd no longer use. Those could be close it basically anything in your kitchen, in your bedroom, everywhere at home, throw away the things that you don't use anymore. You're opening up the space for new things to come and that's always something positive, especially when we have eclipses. Also, there is a very positive aspect that will support this clips, and this is the sextile between mercury and Uranus. Some exciting ideas, some new ideas might come up on the horizon, or we might be more original. And overall there could be some nice surprises about the full moon and the lunar eclipse. I just want to add here that's Mars and Neptune are squaring the full moon and the lunar eclipse. So it means that we may need to let go of some ideas that are just not realistic, some things that are inapplicable or impossible and instead try to focus on what we can take action on what we can do and overall be more bro act. Then we get to the sixth of June and we have exact square between the sun and Mars. Time to Focus on our desires and maybe change something about the way we take action or what we are focusing on, especially when it comes to practical things and concrete tasks. Also, this is an aspect which may bring possible tension or even confrontations or more impatient, so, make sure to be more careful to check things twice, not to overreact not to rush things and of course, make sure to be careful how you treat other people as well. Then we get to the 11th of June with another challenging aspect the sun in Gemini with Neptune in Pisces. This aspect means that we need to let go certain unrealistic ideas, something which is no longer relevant. And this might be kind of painful because Neptune is about our dreams, things that are very dear to our Heart. And we may have realized that Well, some of those things are not okay or it's just not the right time for them. So make sure to be more grounded and more practical and in touch with reality and open your eyes for the truth. The truth, even when it's painful is better than the beautiful lies or the impossible expectations. So make sure to be open for the wisdom for your intuition to guide you. And remember to stay grounded. A spiritual practice on this date can always help you to handle better with this Neptune energy. After that, we have even more Neptune energy on the 13th with the exact conjunction between Mars and Neptune in Pisces. So Neptune rules here because Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and this is a time one from once. If we might feel very inspired, we may feel emotionally attached to what we want to do. And also we can be more creative, we can be more intuitive, it's a great time for some spiritual practices for healing or helping other people. But there's always some risk whenever we talk about Neptune, and the risk is that again, we can be totally, you know, detached from reality, we may fantasize or try to do something which is just kind of inadequate. Sometimes that happens with Neptune. We can make some mistakes or we can be confused or it's just a messy situation sometimes. So whatever you want to do, make sure to check with reality to check for some mistakes or things that you haven't really noticed or evaluated properly. And also this is a traffic which sometimes can make us more passive. So if you feel like you don't really want to work hard, or you just need some time to take a rest, by all means do that meditation or a yoga practice can always help you to channel this energy and release it in a constructive way. After that, on the 18th of June, again Mars in Pisces, but this time, having a positive aspect with Pluto. So it's about empowerment. It's about confidence. It's about taking action, especially on things that you are very excited about, or things that will change your life or who have an impact for other people. At the same time, Mercury's turning retrograde so make sure to write this date down And especially about the shift. So around the 18th. Things might be kind of messy. Be careful with information with technical staff, contracts, if possible should not be signed if they are very important. Try not to start the new job if you want this to last for a long time, and just make sure to reevaluate things to check for possible mistakes. And instead, what you can do is restart communication or friendships with other people dive deeper into your own desires or expectations because mercury will be retrograde in cancer. And this is the sign about our emotions related to our personal life connections with family members, so it's a nice time to also sleep Without a little bit and re evaluate things, as always, Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks. So, until the end of June, all of that will be true. On the 25th of June, the sun will Ingress cancer. So overall the atmosphere changes we may notice that we are more sensitive that we are more gentle we are more compassionate with people. And also it's a great time to spend more time with the people we love with our family members, and overall to focus on our emotional needs to nurture our emotional needs. On this very day, the plant is also Mars is having an amazing aspect with Jupiter. Great time, which can help us to be more inspired to do something and if not No Mercury is retrograde, it doesn't mean that everything should stop, we can still do meaningful things, as long as we are careful with the details and especially if they are not brand new for restarting our projects. It's a great time. So this Mars Jupiter aspect can increase our optimism, our productivity, our ambition, and can bring us some success. The 21st of June also a big day with the solar eclipse in cancer on the very first degree, the sun and the moon are joining each other, but the north node is at the very end of Gemini. But it's still a solar eclipse which means a brand new beginning a karmic period when some deep transformations may happen. We are talking also about the inner experiences. It's a great time for some spiritual work or, as we said, paying attention to your own needs, working with the inner child and overall focusing on something for the future because the north node shows the right direction for us, where we can grow and where we can go in the future. So, use this time to define what is it that you want to focus on in your life? What do you want to transform and use this time also for connection with your inner wisdom. On the 23rd of June, we have Neptune turning retrograde so around this day, make sure to be careful with details or things that require more concentration. Because with Neptune stationary and Mercury and Venus retrograde it can get really messy especially With small details and tasks and information, Venus by the way, is also getting stationary at this point because on the 25th, it will shift its direction. So it's a very tricky period, Neptune, stationary Venus stationary in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde. Be very careful with details with information. And if possible, really pay more attention to your inner world, to your inner experiences to your desires and your personal goals for a time for visualization for spiritual work, and also for healing. Then on the 25th, as we already said it a couple of times, finally Venus goes direct. So, around this day Venus is stationary Still, we still need to be careful with love, we throw mass with partnerships and relationships. After that, things go back to normal. So in relationships, things can improve. We can start, you know initiating partnerships or overall the communication can be more harmonious. And also in the following weeks, we can change or reconsider or reevaluate some of the things that have happened during Venus retrograde period, which would mean June and also the last half of May. Whatever you have done or planned at that time, might be changed in a way on the 27th Mars moving to Aries a big one, because Mars is coming back home. Mars is very strong in areas that's the most comfortable position for Mars. And overall, it can make us braver, more courageous, more accurate. oriented and overall it increases the productivity. With Mars, we always have to consider also the possibility that we can be a little bit more impatient or sometimes we may rush things like you know, we want to have it right here right now. But if you're able to channel this energy, you can do a lot of things and hopefully they will be meaningful. Again, I'm repeating Mars will be in Aries until the very end of 2020. Some of the time it will be retrograde, so quite a significant transit. And on the 28th of June, Mars is having a positive aspect with Saturn, which is a great aspect for productivity, for more discipline for organizing, structuring things, taking action, but in a very practical and reasonable way. Saturn here helps a lot Mars Because Mars sometimes can be all over the place doing something just for the idea or just because it's Saturn, we are going to ask ourselves, okay, so what's the outcome here? I want to have or what's the point? or How can I do this in the most efficient way? This are things that's out there who really likes. And finally, on the 30th of June, we have this fake conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. Major transformations, big changes might come up on, you know, on a social level. And personally, this also can be a time for very deep transformation, transformation of philosophy transformation of our whole worldview. So of course, the bigger question here is where is this conjunction falling in your chart? And that's a question that only you can answer, but it's overall an opportunity for To be extra motivated to grow, to transform, and to get more wisdom. The other aspects we have are a positive aspect between Mercury Retrograde and Uranus. So possible new ideas or that actually new old ideas with mercury retrograde, but there can still be more productivity, more excitement, desire to make a change or ability to think out of the box. So, listen to your own inner wisdom. The sun is there as well in exact conjunction with mercury. So it's all about listening to your inner wisdom to your intuition to your inner, wiser self. So, with that we covered the prediction for next month. Thank you so much for watching this presentation. And don't forget If you want to get the free webinar on how to create a psychological profile with astrology, the links are below. Also, if you want to go deep in astrology, make sure to sign up for Mars stars astrology Academy. Now the wait list is available, you cannot enroll because enrollment opens only once a year and you don't want to miss it. So thank you very much as always, it was a great pleasure for me and I'll see you really soon.

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