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A lot of people don’t look for thorough astrological analysis of their horoscope or just need more insights on a particular issue. Many of you are looking for concrete answers to concrete questions. I’ve decided to offer you the option to receive exactly the information you need to come up with a solution to a particular situation or problem.

The same question can have millions of different answers, depending on who asks it. Taking this into account, I interpret various information from your birth chart to implement a person-specific approach.  This way I’m able to provide the best possible answer for your particular case.

I will thoroughly examine the essence of a topic and explain it to you so that you can acknowledge potential problems as well. Then I’ll focus on the question’s development over time and especially in the near future. This way I will be able to present you with an idea of what you can expect and how you can potentially stimulate or disrupt the process. Finally, taking into account both the birth chart information and your own character and life approach, I am going to offer you practical solutions and answers through a recorded video.



  1. (verified owner)

    Dear Marina,

    The great insight I received from your reading has helped me in a way that exceeded what I was expecting from an astrological consultation. The accuracy regarding dates, transits, possibilities and probabilities for something to happen was shocking! The two times I acquired your services you were very honest, accurate and straight to the point, whether the answer was negative or affirmative! In both cases, knowing my limits and my great possibilities helped me to make more appropriate decisions. I am very grateful to you and to your talent. I am recommending your services (and your amazing and responsible knowledge) to friends and close relatives.

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