E-Book – The 12 Secret Faces of Each Astrological Sign

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This Е-book will walk you through the basic foundations of Astrology, followed by an in-depth analysis which will open your mind to a totally new understanding of the 12 signs.

Here we’ll look behind “the front door” of each zodiac sign and describe the patterns of behavior in different life areas.
First, we’ll analyze the strength of the planets in each sign and how it affects the personal qualities of the sign. We’ll use points in the scale from 0 to 6 to evaluate that.

(Example 1: Mars in Taurus has 0 points. That’s why Taurus are not impulsive and don’t like to be in a hurry. They can be very patient and consistent, but the challenge is that they can be very indecisive and inert, as well.
Example 2: Saturn in Libra has 5 points. That’s why Libra have very accurate judgments. They are very loyal and value justice.)

The second part of the analysis is based on the meta-zodiac. The basic idea of this concept is related with understanding that each zodiac sign includes the 12 signs in itself and each of them rules a specific area of our life. These areas are defined by the houses.
That’s why we’ll walk through the 12 houses of each sign and understand the strong and weak sides of each position.

(Example 1: Cancer Sun or Ascendant signs have Scorpio in their 5th house. That’s why Cancer’s love can be more dramatic. They may become strongly attached to their partner, which sometimes may turn into obsession.
Example 2: Pisces Sun or Ascendant signs have Aries in their 2nd house. That’s why Aries can take some really impulsive financial decisions. If Pisces want to improve their financial situation, they need to rely more on their own, be more active and take some risks.)

Free bonuses:
3-day email course on Basic Astrology
– Day 1 – The 4 elements in Astrology
– Day 2 – The 10 planets in Astrology
– Day 3 – The 12 houses in Astrology

Access to a Private Facebook group, where you can ask your questions.

Who is this E-book for?
– Total beginners – The free email course will give you the basic knowledge that you need in order to understand the more in-depth concepts, presented in the E-book

– Advanced astrologers – you will be able to understand and interpret the meaning of the astrological signs like a professional astrologer

Important! This is an E-book, which you will receive in a PDF format!
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  1. If you are an aspiring astrologer this is a great place to start. This e-book will provide you with a strong foundation and understanding of the beautiful complexity of astrology.
    If you are a confident astrology lover or astrology practitioner, this e-book will surprise you with new perspectives on what you thought you knew well.
    And if you are a practitioner of holistic therapy like myself, this e-book is a great diagnostic tool to enhance your work kit.

  2. I find this e book so helpful in understanding myself and others. It walks you through each of the visible planets’ strength in each sign so you can find out how this applies to your own chart. I found it very enlightening reading through the houses from my Pisces ascendant (1st house) and how each sign on each house affects me and plays out in my life; for example: with water sign cancer in my 5th house (romance)earth sign Virgo in my 7th (relationships) and earth sign Capricorn in my 11th (friends and groups) explains why I have been more introverted and less initiative in these areas, even though I am a sociable Gemini! It’s really helpful to see how it affects my friends too. If you know your time of birth then the houses are more accurate, but I am aware it can work well using your Sun sign as a starting point too, it just adds an extra layer of meaning. I think this is a reference book I will be going back to a lot. Thank you Marina!

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