New or Full Moon personal report

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Timing is the essence in anything we do in our lives. Whether it’s starting a new work project, planning a vacation, moving to a new city, or considering a business proposal, doing so at the right time could determine our path to success. On the other hand, acting while it’s not proper to do so at a given moment, could lead to catastrophic results.

I can help you determine the right timing for starting new endeavors and ending old ones. The New and Full Moon personal reports are extremely valuable in such cases. They could predict potential outcomes and help you determine the proper solutions to uprising questions and problems.

The ever-shifting moon is our helpful guide that signifies the approaches we should be using in any particular situation. In general, the New Moon is a messenger for new beginnings that will grow wholesome and prosperous. The Full Moon, on the other hand, foretells of times of culmination, peaks of success, releases of powers, and letting go of past endeavors.

I use this information and dive deeper into the specifications of each stage of the moon cycle, according to the sign the moon is in at a particular moment, which stage of the life cycle is activated during the lunation, in which house(s) it falls, how it affects the aspects in the natal chart and other crucial planetary influences.

Then, using your natal chart, I can interlay the gathered information to craft your personal recorded video report, alongside Astrology Karma Guide Card, lunation chart, and chart with overlays. These materials will provide you with thorough information and significant insights on how you should act and what approach to use at the particular moment to ensure success and prosperity.

This report is suitable for you if you want to understand how certain New/Full Moon or Eclipse will impact your horoscope and your life.



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