Nutritional horoscope

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When we think of diets, we usually associate them with starvation and calorie counting and demand rapid results. Whereas, in fact, our daily nutrition programs have a much more long-lasting impact on our lives. Such diets can affect our overall health, immune defense, and even stretch far beyond the limits of our bodies, and impact our minds, lifestyles, and souls.

I believe in a nutrition diet that’ll ensure the proper functioning of your metabolism and provide vital living elements with each meal to ensure opening your full potential. This approach helps to both increase the ratio of “healthy” food in your diet – raw products, vegetables, fibres, and whole grain cereals, and ensure the optimal digestion your body needs to regenerate.

Furthermore, through supplements and easy-to-implement new daily practices, you can also improve body’s expelling, detoxification functions, flow as one with the world around you, calm your mind and burst with energy and positivity.

My nutrition horoscope uses both astrological methods and the revolutionary Ayurveda system. This way I’m able to present my clients with nutrition diets that are not only healthy for them and help their metabolism and digestion processes but also are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each person.

Ayurveda is fundamentally based on the balance of three energy forces – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. None of them is stronger than the others but each one has its specific role and function in our bodies and minds. Properly calculating imbalanced states and working towards achieving perfect symbiosis could bring your life balance back and help you become more energetic and bursting with positivity and vitality. 

Join the thousands who use the nutrition horoscope of to regain their every-day energy balance through getting a written report! Discover the power of healthy living and adapt it to your everyday life to achieve the balance you’ve always dreamt of.



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