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Some of the most precise astrology methods are extremely time-specific and require the exact hour and minute of your birth. Sometimes even a minute or two can be critical, as it may mean that a planet has already moved into another astrological house or the cusp of a house – in another astrological sign.

Such small inaccuracies could lead to false assumptions and predictions. To interpret the information and accurately create personally tailored horoscopes and natal charts, astrologers need the exact time of your birth.

If such data could be used to tell about a person’s character, the timing of meaningful events, priorities, and inclinations, then for advanced astrologers the reverse methodology is also applicable.

Rectification is a technique for determining your birth time, based on important life events and their timing. Using this information, we can work backwards through astrology predictive methods to “post-predict” the exact time of birth that would have deviated these significant occurrences in your life.

For rectification, I would need you to send a listing with the dates and a brief description of significant events such as a wedding, childbirth, graduation, relocation, work achievements, traumas, incidents, death of close people, birth of siblings, and other similar occurrences that are meaningful to you personally.

I’ll then analyze the information to determine the precise time of your birth and send a written document to you, including the accurate time of birth and your calculated chart. Once you know the exact hour of your birth, you’ll be able to get substantial knowledge and accurate predictions for any aspect of your life through other services.



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