Relocation horoscope

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When changing the place we live in our whole world and environment shifts. Such drastic alterations could significantly affect us, our lives, daily routines, overall mood, chance for success, and inner feelings.

Of course, the purpose of the relocation is also essential, as some areas that significantly boost your career are perfect for a few years of hyper-dynamic life, while others are the ideal place to set roots and raise a family.

The relocation horoscope aims to use your astrological blueprint – the birth chart, to find hints and clues to which place will be most compatible with your character, life stage, lifestyle, temper, and goals. This way you’ll be able to move through a necessary transition more smoothly and stress-free – with a ready to go plan in your hands.

Furthermore, the relocation affects our horoscopes more deeply than we can imagine. Some things are given to us and do not change no matter where we live, like the way we react to stress or specific situations.

In astrology unchangeable are things like the sign positions of the planets and the aspects between the planets. However, there are other parts of our lives and natal charts that are significantly affected by a change in the everyday environment. Such may be the sign of your Ascendant, house positions of the planets, signs on the cusps of the houses and their rulers. This is why it’s important to select the area you’re going to move to with great care.

The information I need from clients for a relocation horoscope is their precise time, data, and place of birth alongside up to 4 concrete places you are currently considering to move to. This data will help me compare potential changes, problems and positive effects of various locations on your character and overall health.

I’ll also tell you whether the relocated chart aligns with your lifestyle, purposes, interests, inclinations, and goals. Moreover, I will note you if there are potential problems to be expected and present you with working solutions that’ll make the process of moving far more comfortable and stress-free.

For clients’ convenience and ease of usability, I’m providing’s relocation horoscope in the form of a recorded video. You will also get the calculated relocation charts on a PDF.



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