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Sometimes rather than thorough analysis (Astrology Session 60 min ) you need concrete analysis of a certain moment or aspect of your life. You may need to know what the stars are foretelling of a concrete time period and what actions or approach a particular situation may require.

During the 30 min astrology reading I could also present you with deeper information and handful insights on a concrete aspect of your natal chart like what’s your career path and effective work approach, relationship related issues and possible solutions, and other similar more complex topics than a simple question.

The discussion of a specific aspect (topic), could help you dive deeper into the issue and view it from all possible angles, thinking of practical solutions. This way you could be presented with astral knowledge, giving you viable insights on how to resolve a concrete situation.

Walk through life effortlessly, full of grace, hope, spirituality, and freedom! We all deserve the happiness and fulfillment that come with this path. But if you stumble that’s part of the road as well. Look around for the solutions that are within you. Learn how to use the astral prognostics and your natal chart to gain essential insights that will help you come up with organic solutions that have always been there for you to discover.

The only information I require from you is the exact time, date, and place of your birth. To ensure maximum convenience for my clients, I conduct astrology readings via recorded videos.

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    Hi Marina, I just want to say a big thank you for the Skype astrology reading I had with you recently. You were so thorough and took the time to answer all the questions I had. I have played the recording back and there were things I couldn’t remember so listening to the recording was so helpful for me. You helped confirm that the area of career I am interested in would suit me and is indicated in my natal chart and I could also make money from it. I felt you listened to my questions and tried your best to help me. I loved the different techniques you used to fine tune the timing of when the best periods for romance and career would be. You also recommended some Bach remedies which I have been taking to help with my confidence. I would highly recommend a reading with you to anyone considering booking one. There’s more I could ask you and hopefully I can have another reading with you in the future xxx

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