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Taurus   - "WHEN ART MEETS FINANCE": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After we learned something more about the Aries energy, it is time to go on with the second zodiac sign – the Taurus.

What you need to know about Taurus

 - The symbol of the Taurus: is formed by the horns and the head of the bull symbolizing the power and determination of the sign.

- Key phrase: "I HAVE" - from strong self-assessment to bank account.

- Strengths: loving, stable, trustworthy, patient, durable, practical, good financier, luscious, ecologist, artistic. Slow with cautious mind, intelligent. He considers the problems in detail. He defends his mind. He experiences an insurmountable need for security. Taurus people are extremely respectable and can be relied on.

- Weaknesses: The Taurus is incapable of accepting a different point of view from his own.  He refuses to risk and try something new. Ownership of people and possessions.

- The Shadow of the Taurus: He is a materialist, a private owner, does not like change, lack of flexibility, stubbornness, fanatic, narrow-minded, greedy, does not like to risk, jealous, mischievous. He wants to possess not only the material goods but also the people. His fury is inflamed slowly, but he burns for a long time. With poisonous bad mood.

- Key words: Endurance, materialism, sustainability, diligence, security, stability sensuality, stubbornness, proprietary instinct, routine, patience, sluggishness, hedonism, loves comfort.

- Physical appearance: A body with legs firmly rooted in the ground, a large head, a short neck and strong shoulders. With large expressive eyes, wide forehead, thick fleshy lips. His clothing imparts sensuality.

- Mind: The Taurus has a slow, cautious mind, but it is intelligent and is considering the problems in detail. It relies heavily on the facts obtained through the senses. It's hard for a Taurus to see the world from a different perspective than his own.

- Emotions: The emotions that are most consonant for Taurus are the sense of ownership and jealousy. Behind the seeming tranquility lies an unbridled temper.

- Lessons in life: Learning to let go of the things and look for the inner security that is eternal.

- Element: fixed earth.

- Ruling planet: Venus, responsible for the pleasures, finance, art, laws, and all of the most important connections. Venus reveals the type of person that attracts you. Venus also determines your way of social and artistic expression. Venus is responsible for the way we react to nature, smells, music, artistic works. Taurus is a feminine earth sign that unites the material world with nature.

- Season: Late Spring.

- Day: Friday.

- Figure: 6.

- Motivation: a supporter.

- Body parts: Taurus controls the throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal cords and ears. He runs one of the narrowest places in the body - the throat, vulnerable to energy blockages and diseases. If you imagine the energy coming from the top of your head to your feet, the throat is a very narrow opening that is very often clogged. This danger illustrates why so many religious practices call daily for praying or singing prayers. During the week of Taurus talk, speak, sing.

- Color: Green, Pink, Heavenly blue.

- Zodiac stone: Jade

- Music note: the second tone.

- Tarot Card: The Pope, The High Priest.

- Confirmation:  I am a spiritual guide. I have the power to turn my inner wealth into material goods. I deserve success and wealth.

How to wake up the Taurus energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Taurus energy:

1. Take care of yourself. Go to a spa, a massage, eat delicious desserts, and give yourself something you really love. Taurus tells you that you deserve it. Demonstrate to the universe that you are ready to receive favor and welfare. Visit museums, art galleries, concerts.

2. Apply the Taurus lessons - pleasure, sensuality and self-esteem to all areas of your life.

3. Activate your senses, give them the food they need - listen to music when you work, light aromatic candles, hug and touch loved ones, eat selected foods and watch artwork.

4. Repeat the affirmations of the Taurus every day - I am a spiritual guide. I have the ability to turn my inner wealth into material goods. I deserve success and financial security.

5.  Take a walk into the woods. Lie down and feel it. Find a tree and sit under it. Close your eyes and focus on the sounds you hear. Try to distinguish each of them, to guess their origin. Then perform the same exercise with your thoughts. Listen to them one by one, delay them until you just stop thinking. Complete this thought with the words. "I thank fate for being who I am”.


​Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and today we are going to talk about Taurus, the second of zodiac signs. This video is part of the series for the 12 signs. And by the way, if you prefer to read this information you will find the link for the whole article below this video. So, first of all, let's explore what's the symbol of the sign Taurus. If you know how it looks like basically it's very similar to a bull with the horns on it. So very powerful, very impressive. Sambo, just like Taurus is as a sign. So first of all, which are the main qualities of Taurus, Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which means that it is the most stable of all of the 12 science. very grounded, very practical. In a very connected to the material world in touch with reality. The positive sides of Taurus are that those people can be very patient, they can be very hard working and also consistent. They're also very loving. They can be very caring and supportive of other people. Now on the challenging side, which are some of the issues that Taurus people may have, first of all, they might be too afraid to take risks. Risk is something which Taurus people don't like. They don't handle very well with it. They need more preparation, they need to know the outcome, the purpose so they don't rush themselves. And you know, just go and do something without the preparation. So the starting point, you know, where you You are starting something new. That's kind of a challenge for Taurus. Another issue that Taurus people may have is that they might be too attached to material possessions. They may have fear of losing money or poverty or all kinds of losses. And that can make them to fixed in material resources, including money. And sometimes even people. When a Taurus is in love When he cares about other people, very often, he may want to possess them as well, you know, to have an ownership not only over material stuff, but also over the people that he loves. So this is kind of a challenge for other people, because not everyone understands this motivation. Now another weak side of Taurus is that sometimes they might be too greedy. They may worry too much that they will spend more than they make calculate everything really precisely. Of course, in many cases this can be a great advantage. If they work in the area of finances or something related to money and resources. Basically, Taurus have a great potential for that. But sometimes in their personal life, they may not be willing to spend money with joy, or they might be afraid that you know, they will stay without money or without resources. So this is one of the dark sides or the shadow of Taurus people. Also, another shadow that Taurus people have is their lack of flexibility. Taurus people, they can be extremely stubborn or fixated or concentrated on something and they may not be willing to try new things. Experiment or to make a change. And in life this is very often a problem you know that life is dynamic, you need to be more adaptable in many cases. And this can be an issue for Taurus people, they don't appreciate the changes, or here is actually another detail. Doors people may accept the change only in the point where they can no longer stand the situation. So, you know, everyone has their dress code, and for Taurus, it's usually higher. Of course, when they get to this point, they're also gonna make the change or accepted, but there needs to be a deeper motivation for that. Of course, anyone can change when they have enough reasons. And Taurus just need more reasons to do this change and they don't like when the outer world or other people are forcing them. This is the point where the stubbornness can become extremely strong. So Taurus they really need their own personal motivation. their desires are extremely important. That's coming more from the nature of the fixed signs, the fixed modality, which Taurus has, brings this, first of all, fixation but also connection to the desires. So what can truly motivate a Taurus to do something to change something or whatever is their desire, their desire and their emotions also, not so much the rules not so much? What's the right thing or what would be the best for Taurus for the fixed times the most important are their desires, at least The first starting point is there. And of course, Taurus can be very loving, very caring, because the ruler of their sign is Venus. Venus is the planet of love, and pleasures and emotions and sensuality, and also art and beauty. And these are all things that tourists people really appreciate. They may enjoy art, they may enjoy the comfort around them, or at home or wherever they go. And also the sensual pleasures of the body, you know, to take care of themselves to eat a great meal to go to a massage or something else which is pleasant for the physical body. This is very close to the nature of tourists. This is something they that they truly enjoy, and also art, especially material forms, especially the Which you can touch like sculptures or other things which are you know, visual but also which you can kind of connect to these artists which Taurus really like. Okay, so what about the mind the way that tourists think we can say the tourists think in a very practical way in a very material oriented way and also a very grounded way. So tourists usually are not people who are dreaming too much, fantasizing or living in, you know, one other reality. They are here they are probably the sign which fused the bet in the best way, the material reality and that's also how they think. They are practical, material oriented. They are not fast, so they don't take fast decisions. Sometimes They may not even learn new things too fast. But on the other hand, they have a great memory after they understand how to use or how to apply something in reality, certain knowledge or information. So for a Taurus, when they're trying to learn something new, it's very important to see in practice to understand what's the application, What's the meaning of this theory or rule or information or whatever. But sometimes, as we said, this may take a longer period so it's not a fast process for Taurus, you know, to find solutions to think of something new. Usually, they need their own time. But on the other hand, practical solutions especially related to finances, material things, those are very close to Taurus. When it comes to emotions, told us are very stable. When it comes to emotions and also very reliable, the average tourist is not someone who is willing to cheat someone who needs more variety or to experiment. What they truly value is stability, to have a partner who is reliable, who is there for them all of the time. And the best way to show a Taurus that you care about them that you love them is with some concrete cares. You know to show it in a practical way to cook them a nice meal, or help them you know, clean the house or help them organize something or whatever. for them. The evidence of love is something practical, something measurable and concrete. They are not so much about you know, romance or empty words or fantasy Or you know, too much dreaming, they are here and now. And that's where they want their love to be. And that's how also they want to be treated by others. So that's a very interesting topic generally how the signs need to be treated. And for tourists, we can definitely say that they are stable and reliable. They don't change, you know, their emotional attitude so easily. Of course, anything can change at certain point, but it's a process. Once that they fall in love with you, they won't disappear, you know, in a second or they won't stop loving you from one day to the next. They are stable and reliable, and you can really count on them. Sometimes their love may also be more materialistic. That's just the fact. But that's, you know just who they are. They are key phrase basically is I have, it means I have resources, I have security and I have a partner or I have people in my life. So possessing something, the ownership is very, very important for Taurus people. Now, what's the lesson? What's the lesson for Taurus people? First of all, to learn to let go of things. You know how there are certain people who keep too much of everything, you know, too much clothes, too much food, or other things which they just don't use. They're grown up children, you know whose clothes are now 20 years old, they haven't been used. Some people are keeping those things. Very often this is related to the Taurus energy. So for Taurus, it's important to learn to let go to let go of the old stuff, old memories, old experiences, old relationships, old possessions, everything just, you know, open up the space for new things that's important for doors. And the other part of their lesson is also to search for security in life. First of all within themselves. The simplest decision, even though it's subconscious, is to search your security or certainty in the outer world by having money by having possessions and relationships and so on. But the truth is that none of this is guaranteed and we can all lose those things at certain point. But the real security and stability comes from within us. And that's a lesson for Taurus because stability is something key for them. There's nothing wrong with that. But sometimes the tools they use are not the most appropriate. And the real security and stability is only within ourselves. And this is something which other people cannot take away from you. Even if your life changes one day, or you don't have something which you used to have, you're still gonna rely on this inner security and eventually, you're get you're gonna get the other stuff again, whether this is money, or success or achievements or relationships, houses, whatever. So for Taurus, they need to connect to this inner sense for security and stability. Okay, so now, let's talk about the ways to wake up the Taurus energy within you. Maybe you're a Taurus. Who has disconnected from this energy or maybe you have another side, but you want to have more of those stores qualities. So simple ways. First of all, is to take care of your body and connect to it. This may include eating healthy food, exercising, all kinds of care. For example for women here dressing massages, it doesn't need to be something expensive. But don't forget to take care of your body. We all need that not only Taurus people here on Earth, we need our bodies. This is you know, our temporary home and the most important home basically so take care of your body connect to it. That's number one. Number two suggestion is to find pleasures in life, pleasures and comfort. Is it Extreme are an extremely important things for Taurus. So do even small things which will bring you joy, which will help you to feel more comfortable. You don't need to live in an extremely expensive home in order to be comfortable there. There are so many people actually who can do miracles with almost nothing. If you cannot do it on your own, ask a friend ask someone else I'm pretty sure you will find someone to support you there. But try to surround yourself with more confidence and more joy. Also pleasures, things that you like. It could be having an ice cream once in a while. It could be going for a walk if that's what you love, whatever brings you joy, do those things. The next suggestion is to reconnect to nature. This is one of the most important things which you Nowadays honestly, almost everyone needs that not only Taurus people, we all need to connect more to the nature it can calm you down. It can help you to relax you know to clear your mind, if you will, everything, just everything So, go outside in the park, go to the seaside wherever you can find a nature in the forest in the mountain. If you cannot find this as often as you can then find some videos on YouTube. There are things with you know, nature and other relaxing videos and music and everything. So find some time to enjoy those moments to experience that. And the last advice the color of Taurus is being because of the connection with Venus, but also green because of the connection with nature. So use those Colors more often in your clothes, accessories and whatever you want. So that's the brief description and information about this stable, grounded, loving, and sometimes very stubborn sign Taurus. I would love to hear your thoughts and what do you love the most in those people? Which qualities Would you like to get from them to learn from them and please share them in the comments below. Don't forget also that you can sign up for the waitlist for more stars astrology Academy, which starts very soon, people who sign up first will have advantage for the training because the group will be limited. You can find more information, the whole program and everything in the description below this video. Okay, so that's Yeah, the most important I wanted to share thank you very much for listening. And very soon you will find the other science videos for each of the 12 sides. See you soon

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