Do you feel stuck and eager to live LIFE on your own terms?

Create Your Own Year

A 12-day online program for setting the tone of your year and defining your new future

How does it work?

The program lasts 12 days and includes 25 video lessons and 12 guidance lessons.
Each day is focused on a specific astrology house.

What's included?

Within those 12 days we'll cover the topic of every house, completing the circle of Life Themes.

Day #1 – Self-identity, Activity and Appearance

Day #2 – Finances, Energy and Vitality

Day #3 – Ideas, Communication and Knowledge

Day #4 – Home, Family and Personal life

Day #5 – Creativity, Love and Entertainment

Day #6 – Health, Work and Habits

Day #7 – Relationships, Partnerships and Reputation

Day #8 – Energy exchange, Transformation and Letting go

Day #9 – Goals, Beliefs and Education

Day #10 – Career, Authority and Status

Day #11 – Communities, Ideals and Future vision

Day #12 – Inner world, Self-exploration and Relax

We use a variety of spiritual practices to clear the blockages, define our goals and create an action plan for each life area.
You will need around 15-25 min to watch the daily video and do the practices.

When is the best time to start?

You can start the program on your birthday or at any other time when you need a full life reset.


Energy psychology techniques (EFT Tapping)




Price: $ 48

For $4 per day + personal dedication, you can change your life!