Hi, I'm Marina Stoichkova!

Since I was a child, I have always felt that I don't fit in the regular standards. I have always searched for something different, extraordinary and out of the box.

I have tried various careers (from graphic design to the pharmaceutical industry), different hobbies (like rock climbing and gobelins) and many different lifestyles.

After some deep soul searching, multiple disappointments and a major life crisis, I found something that completely changed my life!

I found my vocation and the love of my life! I found Astrology!

After putting my whole heart

into learning astrology, I was able to turn this into my main career and start working on my dream job.

Along that rode I had many questions which opened the door to many other amazing knowledges.

And it all came down to What else can I do to help people not only to understand the things that happen to them, but also be able to become the creators of their own destiny?

That's how I got into psychology, psychobiolgy, Bach flower remedies, life coaching, etc.

Then I found the deepest and most transformational tool - GSR. GSR is a system for self-development that allows you to work with your inner world so that you can create the life of your dreams.

All of those spiritual tools are amazing on their own, but when you combine them you get something called a synergetic effect or in other words - you are completely blown away by the healing power of those techniques when they are applied together.

By combining different spiritual and scientific approaches, I'm able to create unique value for you.

Deep in my soul
I'm a seeker.

How I got where I’m:

5-year long training with the Moscow Academy of Astrology
Training in GSR
Life Coach training with Tony Robbins
Strategic Intervention and Group Coach training
Energy psychology with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting trainings
Bach flower remedies training
Psychobiology trainings
Bachelor's degree in Ecology
Master's degree in Biochemistry
Master's degree in Health management
Master's degree in Psychology

For me learning is an ever-going process!

I'm very sensitive and intuitive, which helps me to get into your shoes.
I'm extremely passionate about knowledge and inspiration, which is why I love teaching you.
I'm also a huge believer that with the right knowledge and dedicated work we can become the creators of our own destiny.

Frankly, it's not easy to do the inner work that's needed,
but I guarantee you it's totally worth it!

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-    Bachelor’s degree in Ecology
-    Master degrees in Biochemistry and Health care management
-    5-year Astrology education in Moscow Academy of Astrology

My personal story:
Long story short –
Astrology found me and saved me during the most difficult period in my life.
I was 25 years old, divorced with a child and suffering from panic attacks.
I was emotionally and psychologically unstable, with no clear idea what I want to do with my life.

But looking back at this devastating period of my life, I’m also very grateful! I’m grateful, because I found my salvation in Astrology,
spirituality and esoteric. And Astrology turned out to be my greatest love and inspiration!
Honestly, I became obsessed! I wanted to know as much as possible and I was constantly reading and learning.

And finally, it felt like I have found the right thing for me.
I have always wanted to help and heal people and Astrology became my way of doing that.
I started consulting people and soon it became my career, which I truly love.
I’m also constantly working on my skills and exploring different studies,
which can make me better in helping you transform your life and get
extraordinary results in business, personal life and spiritual growth.