Zest for LIFE - for a Healthy, Vibrant, and Thriving YOU

One-on-one work specifically focused on increasing your vitality, boosting your emotional stability, and eliminating the deeper subconscious causes triggering your mind-body symptoms. 

It doesn't matter what kind of health problem you have!

I can assure you that there are a few universal patterns that apply to everyone, and they define the outcome and the resolution of your situation:

Your emotional resilience and adequacy play a major role in your health
(especially when you are struggling healthwise)

If you feel hopeless, desperate, stuck, terrified, doomed, powerless, angry, confused, etc. then you are incapable of seeing the circumstances clearly, making the best decisions, and turning the situation around.

And don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that negative emotions are not "normal". What I'm saying is that they are sabotaging you and that one of your main priorities should be to transform them.

Your level of vitality determines the quality of your LIFE and health.

If you have any mind or body symptoms/illnesses then there must be a distortion in how you connect to the Flow of LIFE. In other words, something is blocking your natural ability to access and utilize your inner vitality resource.

One of the crucial steps in any healing process is to work on increasing your inner resources and repairing your connection to the Flow of LIFE.

Finding the root(s) of the problem is the real solution.

There is always a reason(s) why we struggle with certain emotional or physical symptoms/illnesses. Some of those reasons are:

  • unprocessed negative emotions from the past
  • subconscious processes that you are not aware of 
  • repetition of old patterns (personal or family scenarios) 
  • secondary benefits that you don't realize
  • an inner resource put into a negative use

The true path to healing lies in finding the deeper causes rather than just addressing the consequences.

How does Zest for LIFE  work:

Zest for LIFE is an individual one on one program which includes 10 Astro-GSR sessions. The sessions can be scheduled once or twice a week or as often as you need. Our work is focused on improving your emotional stability and vitality, as well as exploring and transforming the deep causes affecting negatively your health.

Who is Zest for LIFE for:

  • People who want to imporve their emotional and physical health 
  • People on a healing journey who want to maximize their results 
  • People with a Zest for LIFE who want to take better care of themselves

Who is Zest for LIFE NOT for:

  • People who want a 100% guarantee that all of their emotional and physical symptoms will be fixed for them in a short time
  • People with serious psychiatric conditions (schizophrenia, suicidal impulses, etc.)

Knowledge and Skill - Personally and Professionally about me:

Health has always been the topic of my life. Literally since I was born. I have been through many psychological and physical challenges myself but I can confidently affirm that now I'm healthy. I have explored so many healing modalities, especially from the alternative ones. And eventually I found a combination which brings real changes and incredible results. 

The method I have created is integrative and includes:

  • Psychosomatics - we explore the triggering emotions/events which are relevant to your health issues
  • GSR energy transformation - we release the triggering energy on a subconscious level
  • Astrology - this is our guiding tool which can also reveal some potential blind zones related to your emotional and physical wellbeing 

My education:

  • Master's degrees in Psychology, Biochemistry, Health Management, Ecology 
  • Training in Psychosomatics and German New Medicine
  • GSR Specialist Modules
  • Professional education in Astrology 

New Year's special!

Sign up now and you will pay $1500 for the 10 Astro-GSR sessions included in Zest for LIFE
(The regular price for one session is $200. It means that you are saving $500)

Special price: $1500

Disclaimer: I'm not a medical doctor and the service I'm offering isn't a medical treatment. You should always consult and listen to your doctor.