Transformational Program for High Achievements

Become the Best Version of Yourself
and Design Your Own Path to Greatness

Do you feel like despite your many accomplishments, you are actually capable of much more? That even though you are doing fine, you have hit a plateau or you are not growing as much as you know you can?

This transformational program is designed for high achievers like you, who are driven to succeed and committed to unlocking their full potential. Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, artist, or multi-passionate creative person, the program will enable you to bring out your best self, rise above the obstacles, and grow faster and smoother.

The core of this individual program is transformation at a subconscious level

I know that achieving greatness requires more than just hard work and talent. It requires revealing deeper inner resources that empower you to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and achieve your full potential. It's also crucially important that your subconscious mind gets on board with your conscious desires and goals. 

Why is this program unique

The main advantage of this program is that it includes inner transformation at a subconscious level. Traditional goal-setting, mindset mastery, and action planing are secondary and most importantly they will bring you much better results once we clear your subconscious barriers and we unleash your deeper inner resource and potential.

The greatest "side effect" is that you are growing as a person

In this individual program we are not just focused on reshaping your external behaviour or putting more things on your plate. Our main focus is inner transformation that allows you to become a better version of yourself. But most importantly this improved version is closer to your authentic and true self. Or in other words, we work on your inner transformation that helps you become more YOURSELF.

What can you accomplish with this program

It's great to have an intention and a personal reason why you want to grow and develop with this program. However there are no limitations and you don't need to narrow it to only one particular goal. The purpose of the program is to support you in your self-realisation and improve every aspect of your life. And most importantly, while you are developing in one area, it shouldn't be at the expense of another. 

The methods I use

  • GSR - System for Self-development

GSR is a revolutionary method for working with your subconscious mind and inner world. The transformation on this level changes your inner states, which change your thoughts and mindset, which then change your actions and behaviour, which eventually change your results and achievements. GSR works with your system by fixing inner energy distortions that are blocking your own resource. The process is very safe and natural. There is no artificial programming or interference. I'm putting your energy "in order" so that you can efficiently use your own inner resources.

  • Astrology

Through the lens of Astrology I can get faster to the root of your blockages and also pinpoint potential blind zones that affect your life and you may not even recognize them. The result is higher awareness and knowing exactly what we need to work on - what needs to be transformed and what should be emphasised. You will understand better your own strengths and most resourceful areas.

  • High Achievers Coaching and Psychology

In this transformational program we also pay attention to practical strategies and actions that will help you get the wanted results. I use a variety of coaching techniques that will boost your performance and productivity. Together we'll develop a customized plan to help you bring your desires to life.

What's included in the transformational program

  • GSR Sessions
  • Astrology sessions
  • Intention and vision-setting sessions
  • Unlimited chat support on Telegram

About me

  • GSR Expert Pro - specialist with working with the subconscious mind
  • Certified coach with Tony Robbins Academy plus two other trainings with the Coaching Institute - Energy coaching and Group coaching
  • Graduated with a Masters degree in Psychology
  • Certified as a professional Astrologer
  • I have more than 10-year experience with Astrology and psychology. And for me self-development is a lifestyle. I have studied with the best schools providing the highest quality trainings. I'm extremely passionate and committed to my work. With me, you are embarking on a journey towards greatness and fulfilment. 

Value and Terms

The material resource you need to invest in yourself is $ 1000 a month. You will get the most benefits from long-term work. Nevertheless there is no time commitment and you can stay in the program for as long as you like. 

How to get started

The first step is to book a free call. During this introductory meeting we'll discuss your intentions and needs. You can ask your questions and receive the needed clarifications.  

If you have a question, you can contact me HERE.