GSR Sessions

What is GSR?

GSR is a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind method that works with the person's inner world so that they can live a more abundant and fulfilling life both on an internal level and in the outside world.

The method is based on the finding that we are triggered and affected by different ancestors' scenarios. In every life situation - we can repeat the family patterns, or they can lead to various barriers and energy blockages that can lead to problems or stop us from achieving our goals.

With GSR, we "fix" the energy flows that come from the family field - we remove the energy blockages and unfold the natural resource within us.

What can you achieve with GSR?

Work on psychosomatic issues and improve your health

Improve your personal life and relationships

Enhance your career and business

Fix money blockages and increase your income

Release emotional

Boost your confidence and productivity

How does GSR work?

The session includes two parts. The first part is a discussion during which we clarify what you want to work on, and we "twist your symptom". The symptom is a conglomerate of energy blockages triggered by negative family scenarios. In the second part of the session, I work with your energy field, unpack each scenario that is part of the symptom, and release the blockage in it.

Is GSR Helpful if my Problem doesn't Come from my Family?

In every problematic situation, we are affected by the energy flows coming from our ancestors. You might be the first in your family that has a specific problem, but your copying strategy will be affected by your family field. So, yes - GSR can help in every situation, and it doesn't matter whether you know or like your family members and ancestors.

Would the Session Affect my Family Members?

GSR works with the family field and the flow that comes to you from your ancestors. However, this work won't affect your ancestors (dead and alive ones), and it will only improve the flow you are translating to your children.

Will I Feel Anything During the Session?

Some people may experience sensations and emotions during the sessions, and others may not feel anything. Both are fine and don't affect the efficiency of the session. You are completely conscious and in control during the session.

What is the Process?

Click the button below to place your order. After that, you will be able to book time for your session. I recommend you contact me on Telegram HERE for faster communication. You can also text me if you have any questions or an urgent need for a session.

The session is online and lasts around 30-40 min.

Price: $ 120

Astrology and GSR - Double Session

This unique combination can not only show you where your problem is coming from, but also help you release it. You need to have a particular area you would like to work on (solve a problem or achieve a goal). During the session, we use Astrology as a diagnostic tool that allows us to look deeper into subconscious patterns, and with GSR we fix those patterns.

The session is online and lasts around 30-40 min.

Price: $ 200

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Manifest your Desire

Let go of blockages and barriers that are stopping you from manifesting your desire and unleash your deeper resource that can help you reach your dream. You will get 3 Astro-GSR sessions that will support this process for you.

Note: how to check if you have the potential to achieve your desire? If you feel like you would like to do something in this direction without conditions and huge expectations. It can be something small and simple but the important thing is that you would joyfully do it.

Price: $ 350

From Fear to Courage with Astrology and GSR

Let go of the inner blockages and fears that are stopping you from moving forward. Get in touch with your inner strength and courage, so that you can create the things you want in your life and be proud with yourself. This package includes:

  1. Astrology analysis of possible fears, blockages and limitations, as well as the best ways to find your inner strength and courage. 
  2. 3 GSR sessions focused on releasing fears and barriers. 

You get 3 Astro-GSR sessions. Each session is online and lasts around 30-40 min.

Price: $ 350

Unleash your Femininity with Astrology and GSR

Get in touch with your feminine energy, learn to experience more joy, and attract the things that you want. This package includes:

  1. Astrology analysis of your feminine energy - how to live in alignment with your Moon and Venus; what would bring you more joy, love and nourishment; what may block your feminine energy from blooming.
  2. 3 GSR sessions focused on releasing the blockages of your feminine energy.

You get 3 Astro-GSR sessions. Each session is online and lasts around 30-40 min.

Price: $ 350

Unfolding the Lunar Nodes with GSR

Release what's holding you back in the past and clear the path to your gratifying future. This project is for people who want to grow and fulfil their soul purpose. It consists of 2 parts:

  1. Working with your South Node and your old limiting patterns
  2. Connecting with your North Node and your potential for growth

You get 3 Astro-GSR sessions. Each session is online and lasts around 30-40 min.

Price: $ 350

Personal Money Flow Session + Astrology Analysis

Transform your ability to manage money and resources. Release the negative conscious and subconscious models that stop you from having more abundance and wealth. The transformational work includes:

  1. In-depth Astrology reading of your birth chart - focused on finding the conscious and subconscious patterns, strategies, and models affecting your income and resourcefulness.
  2. GSR Personal Money Flow session - this is a unique session which transforms your ability to process and interact with resources and money. It clears hidden blockages and inner barriers and allows you to grow and expand.

The session lasts around 2 hours.

Price: $ 1000