GSR - System for Self-development

What is GSR and how it can help you

GSR stands for system for self-development. It's a revolutionary technique which allows you to work with your inner world and subconscious mind, so that you can resolve every problem and achieve every goal. The process includes fixing energy distortions coming from the family system.

How does the GSR session work? We define a problem we would like to fix or a goal we would like to achieve. This problem or goal triggers an inner state/feelings within us, which we'll take as a Symptom and we'll fix. The Symptom is a conglomerate of energy distortions, triggered by negative family scenarios.

In each scenario we have 3 figures (they are people who have lived before you) - the Source, Figure from the Symptom (FS) and Figure from I (FI). The Source is a person in your family history who has had a real difficult experience in their life which has caused a distortion of the energy resource and everyone in the family who has lived after them and receives the same energy flow, is living with those distortions.

FS and FI are people who have lived after the Source and because of the distortion in the energy flow they are playing some kind of negative scenario with each other. In your life, you are replaying the role of FI and FS is an external trigger - another person, with whom you are recreating the same scenario that your ancestors have experienced.

During the GSR session we find the places of each of those figures and we return the distorted energy to the Source. After that the initial pure resource is available and flowing. The interaction between FS and FI changes which means that in your life you will no longer recreate the negative scenario. 

With the GSR session we put the energy at the right places and the initial pure resource starts to flow without distortions. At the end of the session all of the scenarios which have created the Symptom are fixed and you have more pure resource available to you.

GSR Sessions with Marina

I'm a GSR specialist Module 2 Pro, 3 Pro and Expert Pro. I offer personal GSR Sessions and Astro-GSR Sessions. By working with me, you will set free from inner limitations and blockages, find and unleash your inner resources, and achieve the results you want in the external reality.

Learn to use GSR

One of the greatest things about GSR is that everybody can learn to do sessions for themselves. By acquiring the skills of GSR Module 1 you will learn how to change every negative state and move towards your dreams and goals. This is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future.

GSR Expert Accompany with Marina

The GSR community includes a hierarchy of experts who accompany people practicing GSR. I'm a GSR Expert Pro and I provide such ongoing support for people who want to use GSR and move faster on their own journey.

My Journey of Transformation

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This is a space where I share my personal journey of transformation with Astrology and GSR. You can join me on this path and use the stories for inspiration, so that you can create your own journey.

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