Ancestral and Family Astrology Training

What is Ancestral and Family Astrology?

Ancestral and Family Astrology explores the deep and most significant patterns in your family which affect the different family members including you. It helps you see the bigger picture and realize things that may not be so obvious if you are just looking at your own chart. You get valuable insights for your own role and direction in life, as well as the lessons and life themes for the whole family system. In addition to that it covers also a deeper analysis of the individual chart and how you can recognize better the ancestral dynamics affecting you. This analysis is also extremely helpful if you want to understand better and improve your relationships with other family members - kids, parents, siblings, etc. 

What You'll discover during the training: 

There are two major focuses that we'll explore: how to analyze and understand the relationships between different family members (especially child and parent) and how to recognize the general family dynamics, life themes and lessons. That includes:

  1. Child-Parent Dynamics: Learn to analyze the relationship between a child and a parent, based on their tempers, psychological characteristics, strengths and talents.
  2. Generational Patterns: Gain insights into recurring patterns, talents, and challenges that have been passed down through generations, helping you break free from negative cycles and embrace positive ones.
  3. Ancestral Insights: Learn to trace your family's life themes through the stars. Understand how the astrological charts of your ancestors influence your own life path and experience.
  4. Karmic Connections: Explore the concept of karmic ties within your family and how they manifest in your relationships, challenges, and opportunities.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone intrigued by astrology and seeking a new dimension to their personal growth journey
  • Astrology enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge and expand their practice
  • Those on a quest to understand their family dynamics, heal ancestral wounds, and unlock their true potential
  • Genealogy enthusiasts interested in blending their passion with the mystical world of the stars


  • The training will be live on Zoom
  • You will have access to the recording for 3 months
  • Time: October 27, 28, 29 at 11 am US ET (approximate duration 2-3 hours each day)


  • 3-day Training - $ 100

You can join live or watch the recording.

  • 3-Day Training + Ancestral and Family Astrology Reading - $ 300

During the Ancestral and Family Astrology Reading we can look at 2-5 horoscopes of family members and find the mutual ancestral patterns and scenarios. This can help you understand which are the most important themes for you personally. The analysis is also very helpful for parents who want to get to know and support their children better.

  • 3-Day Training + Ancestral and Family Astrology Reading + 3 Astro-GSR Sessions - $ 800

The Astro-GSR sessions are focused on resolving problems through deep work with the subconscious mind and the energy that is passed to us from the family system. With this work we release the negative family scenarios and we stop repeating old patterns.