Your A-Z Astrology Training for
Development and Progress

No fluff, no empty positive phrases, no scary sentences

All the knowledge and skill you need to make
a deep meaningful Astrology analysis and
prediction that actually helps people (and you)
be more efficient and in control

Astrology is the best tool to define not only the blind spots sabotaging your development, but also what is the fastest way to achieve growth and progress

The training is for people:

  • Who want to learn modern Astrology as a tool that will help them understand their true self (consciously and subconsciously)
  • Interested in personal transformation and the skill to create and maintain the life they want
  • Willing to be at the top 1% of professional Astrologers 
  • Ready to learn how to use Astrology prediction to see one's life path
  • Eager to find a way to accelerate their own development and progress now (and yes, help other people do that too)

Who I am:

My name is Marina Stoichkova and over the past 10 years I have been an Astrologer helping people understand how their psyche and their inner world works, how it shapes their reality, and how to make the best out of it.

After studying Astrology, psychology and tons of personal development techniques, my main focus became not only to interpret one's chart and "tell" them who they really are and what their life will be, but also help people learn to transform themselves, so that they can have more control over their own life. 

What is included in the training:

The training includes 2 Modules.
You can sign up for one or both of them at the same time.

Module 1
Natal Astrology for Development and Progress + Theory Module

In Module 1 you will learn ALL the technical information and knowledge you need to interpret a natal chart with particular focus on development and progress:

  • The frame of the chart - Pattern of the chart, Aspect configurations, Elements and modalities. This knowledge allows you to define foundational personal characteristics and level of development
  • The big picture - Planetary dispositions, Rulerships, Speed of planets, Lunar Nodes, Lunar cycle
    This part is focused on exploring the inner dynamic and motivation. It helps you see how the inner energy flows
  • The building blocks - Astrology signs, Planets in signs, Planetary aspects, Astrology houses - sign and planets in the houses, etc. This Is like learning the Astrology alphabet - the better you know it, the better your understanding will be
  • Psychological principles that will help you understand the person better than they understand themselves
  • How to put everything together

As a result Module 1 will teach you how to describe accurately someone's temperament, character, personality and individuality. You will be able to evaluate their development level (how evolved they are), their blind spots and sabotaging patterns, their resources (expressed and hidden ones), how it shapes their experiences in different life areas, and the keys that will unlock and accelerate their progress.

How Module 1 works:

  • You will get immediate access to 50 hours of prerecorded classes
  • We''ll have weekly online live classes for 8 months with more theory, practice, and Q&As
  • The live classes begin on December 9th at 10 am US ET
  • Expected schedule: Saturdays at 10 am US ET with occasional vacations (Time may vary)
  • You will have access to all of the prerecorded and live classes until the end of 2024

Requirements for Module 1

Module 1 is appropriate for total beginners, as well as experienced Astrologers who want to raise their level of expertise.

Module 2
Predictive Astrology for Development and Progress + Practice Module

In Module 2 you will learn everything you need to make meaningful life time and short term predictions. It includes:

  • Predicting with transits 
  • Understanding inner and outer processes with secondary progressions
  • Using solar return charts to define the main focuses for the year(s) ahead
  • Analyzing the past experience and karma with prenatal New Moons and the prenatal progressive Lunar cycles
  • Exploring past life charts and hidden blockages and resources 

As a result Module 2 will teach you how to understand the main life path of development and growth, how to see the main life flow and it's dynamics in time, how to achieve progress by aligning with your own flow of life.

How Module 2 works:

  • We''ll have weekly online live classes for 8 months with all the needed theory, practice, and Q&As
  • The live classes begin on December 10th at 10 am US ET
  • Expected schedule: Sundays at 10 am US ET with occasional vacations (Time may vary)
  • You will have access to all of the classes until the end of 2024

Requirements for Module 2

Everyone who signs up for Module 1 is also welcome to sign up for Module 2
If you want to sign up only for Module 2 - you need to have a good foundation in natal Astrology

What makes the training different and special:

  • The advantage of ready-to watch classes 
    You get immediate access to the main theory classes for Module 1 (50 hours) and it’s totally up to you how fast you will go through them (if you are hyperactive like me, you can watch them at 1.5 speed and be done in just a few weeks)
  • The benefits of the live classes
    At the same time you get the benefits of the live experience - we’ll have weekly classes for 8 months and you will learn more advanced theory and techniques, as well as many practice examples and the possibility to ask your questions
  • Option for never ending support and community
    After the training is over you can sign up for our membership community for a minimal fee ($ 100 per year) - this option is providing you with ongoing never ending support. You will always have a place to ask questions and keep learning and improving your skills. The ongoing community classes will be held twice a month, without an end date. 
  • The structure of the training
    As someone having a stellium in Capricorn one of my strengths is to structure and organize the materials I’m teaching. You won’t be getting just a list of Astrology interpretations (also know as cook book interpretations). You will learn a whole system and most importantly you will understand the logic - how to prioritise different indications, how to put everything together, how to handle with unknown situations, etc. The biggest advantage of this is that you will become very confident in your knowledge and skill.
  • Innovative approach
    The main purpose of the training is to teach you how to understand someone’s level of development and what’s the next step for them if they want to grow. The process is very deep because it requires you to learn to see yourself and others objectively - be able to see your real strengths and disadvantages and then find the way to outgrow them (if you want). Another focus that sets this training apart is that it’s resource oriented. In other words - we search for constructive and creative energies within us that will allow us to develop and progress (even if we are not perfect).
  • The focus on understanding our main life flow
    Our task is also to learn to see the big picture of our life (from the natal chart and prediction). This is especially helpful for people searching for answers and meaning. You will be able to find/sense the quality (and type) of energy you are supposed to experience in this life time. Then the shape and the form become things that you can choose yourself and that’s basically how you get control over your own life.

Students Reviews

If you have ever wanted to learn Astrology, Marina Stoichkova is the one to teach you!! 

Marina Stoichkova has a gift – she is an incredible teacher!!  I have had the privilege of being one of her students and if you have ever wanted to learn Astrology, and learn it from the best of the best, look no further!!  The lady knows her stuff and whatever she is sharing I am unconditionally in. What I have learned has changed my life.  I not only have the tools I need to enhance my life, but also to have insight when it comes to those I love.  What you also need to know is that Marina is more than an Astrology expert.  She has multiple scholastic degrees that further enhance what she teaches.  If you are reading this – what are you waiting for?  There is only so much of Marina to go around, and I suggest you enroll while you can.  

Julie Stephens

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This is a course I would highly recommend to anyone who is even minimally interested in Astrology.

For the last two decades of my life, I have been curious about what astrology entailed, what it was, and what it truly implies to understand the natal chart in someone’s life. Mystified by the daily horoscopes and the variety of material out there, I was hesitant to approach this discipline and study something that seemed so foreign to me. When I saw Marina Stoichkova’s course I was intrigued. Her curriculum seemed solid, her style, after looking through videos of her in YouTube, was direct but also caring. Yet what impressed me the most was her wealth on knowledge. So I signed up. I have never looked back! Her course is strong and rich; the wealth of material is vast as well as deep. It will certainly open up a whole world to reading the natal astral chart, which was unknown to me before, and has given me a tool that I am slowly learning to master.  

astrology course revier estrella guanche | marstars

Estrella Guanche

Marina Stoichkova is a wonderful teacher.

Marina Stoichkova is a wonderful teacher, and her MarStars Astrology Academy was the perfect platform to learn astrology. Her course is well structured allowing you to easily grasp the knowledge and begin implementing it into practice. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn astrology and I look forward to continuing to learn astrology from Marina in future course offerings.

astrology course review - mysti kosar | marstars

Mysti Kosar

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Module 1
Natal Astrology for Development and Progress + Theory Module

Price: One time payment of $ 1200 or 6 monthly payments of $ 240

Module 2
Predictive Astrology for Development and Progress + Practice Module

Price: One time payment of $ 1200 or 6 monthly payments of $ 240

Module 1 + 2
Natal Astrology for Development and Progress + Theory Module

Predictive Astrology for Development and Progress + Practice Module

Special bonuses:
Relationship Astrology course - 12 hour prerecorded training
Karmic Astrology course - 9 hour prerecorded training

Price: One time payment of $ 2000 or 6 monthly payments of $ 370