Astrology Readings

Overall Indepth Horoscope

Thorough analysis of your birth chart in regards to the most important life areas - relationships, family, career, money, vocation, etc. You will learn about the gifts and the challenges in your horoscope.This reading includes also 12-month prediction.

Duration: 60 min recorded reading or Zoom session

Promo Price: $ 111
/Regular price: $ 197/

Psychological Astro Report

This reading will reveal your personal psychological profile. You will learn more about potential blockages, blind spots and hidden parts of your personality, as well as the strength and capabilities of your character. This report will help you find the rigth direction towards your inner wellbeing.

Duration: 30 min recorded reading

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 111/

Career and Money Report

This report is very helpful if you can't find the right career for you, if you are considering a change or if you want to learn more about the future tendencies specifically related to your career and money situation.

Duration: 30 min recorded reading

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 111/

Child Horoscope

This reading allows you to understand your child better. You will learn more about their character, gifts, , best education and career directions, connection with family members, challenges, etc.

Duration: 30 min recorded reading

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 111/

Choosing a Date

This report includes finding 2-3 best dates and times for important event or new activity. It's very helpful for marriage, surgery, launching a website, company registration, etc.

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 97/

Prediction for 2022

This reading includes a 12-month prediction of the most accentuated areas and tendencies. You will learn which are the beneficial and challenging areas. The report is based on solar arc directions, progressions, solar return charts and transits.

Duration: 30 min recorded reading

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 111/

Relationship Synastry Report

This reading includes analysis of two charts and the potential for fulfilling relationhip. You will learn more about the individual needs and how they match each other. The report also covers the planetary connections between the two charts and analysis of the fortunate and challenging sides.

Duration: 30 min recorded reading

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 111/

Business Report

This report includes analysis of the company horoscope and the horoscope of the owner or CEO of the company. You will learn more about the strengths and the flаws of your business and the future tendencies for your company.

Duration: 90 min recorded reading or Zoom session

Promo Price: $ 197
/Regular price: $ 297/

Karmic Reading

This report will reveal which are the fated karmic indications in your chart and how to navigate them. You will learn more about your life lessons and how to live in alignment with your mission.

Duration: 30 min recorded reading

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 111/


The accurate time of birth is essential for your birth chart reading and prediction. It can be calculated, based on previous important events/periods in your life. You need to know an approximate time of birth - wihin 2-3 hours.

Promo Price: $ 70
/Regular price: $ 97/

Professional Astrology Readings: Find Your Strengths and Challenges

When non-in-depth astrology is concerned, the most common type of astrology readings are over-generalized predictions based on the sun sign of the person. But is that enough? In fact, a personal chart is made up of tens of components, each playing its role in the human character, perceptions, cosmic energy sensitivities, and reactions to transitions.

That’s where in-depth, personalized and focused astrology readings step in to provide a way more valuable insight into the subjects that matter to you at the moment, and in general.

Of course, there is a massive abundance of astrology readings that vary by focal points, emphasis, and highlight. At MarStars, you can pick between tens of personalized astrology readings that embrace virtually all essential aspects of your past, present, and future. All you need to do is ask to know yourself and your inherent perspectives.

Astrology readings: an Overall In-depth Horoscope

Overall in-depth horoscopes are astrology readings that present a thorough examination and interpretation of your personal birth chart and all of its components.

These astrology readings embrace all the massive variety of life areas of an individual - relationships, family, professional strengths, financial aspects, overall pursuits, and more.

They will give you a tangible explanation of things you've been feeling deep inside all along, but you've never been able to actually explain for yourself - your talents and gifts, your challenges and strengths, your mere purpose in life. Because astrology readings are all about helping you understand yourself and act in accordance with your personality traits.

The in-depth horoscope of MarStars also includes a 12-month astrology reading in the form of a prediction about the way cosmic energies will influence you in the year to come.

Astrology readings: a 12-Month Prediction

These astrology predictions are based on solar arc directions, progressions, solar return charts, and transits, adhered to your personal chart.

They include a personal 12-month forecast of the following year's most crucial areas and trends. Their ultimate purpose is to outline the challenging aspects of the near future, along with the beneficial areas of your day-to-day life.

Astrology readings: Psychological Astro Report

Psychology and Astrology readings round out each other perfectly. And the ultimate way to blend the two of them into one whole is getting a professional psychological Astro Report.

These astrology readings will outline your psychological profile, including the most private and hidden aspects of your personality. Thus, they will help you prevent potential blockages and counterproductive behavior, along with encouraging self-recognition and self-respect.

Put shortly: both your mental and physical well-being can be significantly enhanced by simply letting the right astrology readings guide your way to yourself.

Astrology readings: Relationship Synastry Report

As you may already suggest, relationship synastry astrology readings (also known as compatibility astrology readings) analyze two charts and estimate their potential to achieve a healthy long-term relationship.

Why would you need that? To see how your needs and perspectives complement each other, predict potential highs and lows, and estimate if you're ultimately up to it.

In case you've been asking yourself: yes, compatibility astrology readings can also compare your chart with two (or more) other charts, for the times you're facing some uneasy relationship and life choices.

Astrology readings: Career and Money Report

Career and money astrology readings can be surprisingly beneficial for many types of people, for example:

  • Astrology readings for the ones who've been struggling with finding a suitable and fulfilling career.
  • Astrology readings for the ones who'd like to know the future tendencies in their professional and financial status.
  • Astrology readings for the ones who are planning to make a major career swift or financial decision and need to know if the atmosphere is suitable for that.
  • Astrology readings for the ones who'd simply like to enrich their insight and use it to their advantage.

At the end of the day, career and finance astrology readings can make a tangible difference in the way you think of your situation and consequently reshape it.

Astrology readings: Business Report

These are unique and unconventional types of astrology readings that analyze the horoscope of a company rather than an individual human being.

In-depth astrology readings cover the company’s horoscope along with the horoscope of the company owners and CEOs to complement the overall picture of strengths, flaws, expected tendencies, and intelligent ways to cope with them.

These astrology readings can help you draft your company's possible development potential, as well as the team units you'd need to invest more time and resources in. They are the perfect basis for alternative team building sessions and collective brainstorming that will get your business growing. In case you’d want to book an astrology team building, feel free to contact me and get an offer. 

Astrology readings: Child Horoscope

Do you experience some challenges and black holes when communicating with your child? Child horoscopes are astrology readings that will empower you to cope with these problems in the gentlest and most productive way possible.

Understand your dearest one's energies, talents, education possibilities, family communication difficulties, and ultimate character - because it doesn't need to be problematic when it can be easy and smooth.

Astrology readings: Karmic Reading

These astrology readings offer the best way to read the stars in order to explain both personal and family Karma.

What's more - they will teach you how to navigate your sense of purpose, achieve your current life goals, learn your pre-destined lessons, and adhere to your mission in this re-incarnation.

Astrology readings: Choosing a Date

Date-choosing astrology readings are intended to give the best start to any of your future pursuits - be them personal, romantic, corporate, or whatever else.

They will suggest the best dates and the best times to plan an important event or activity so that it could vibe with the chances of success.

These astrology readings are often sought after by people planning an engagement, a wedding, an important meeting, a moving, or even C-section birth scheduling.

Astrology readings: Rectification

You are not among the happy ones who know their precise time of birth, so you've never before got personalized astrology readings of your chart?

Worry not - rectifications are advanced astrology readings that can calculate the precise time you've been born, based on previous events from your life so far. Of course, you'll be required to provide at least an approximate time of birth within two to three hours.

Getting a professional rectification will enable you to fully enjoy all other types of astrology readings available out there, including all the ones mentioned above so far.

Rectification is recommended also when you know your rounded hour of birth but you want to find the very exact time up to the minute. And that little detail can actually change everything.