Personal Astrology Session

I have over 10 years of experience in Astrology, psychology, and various alternative and transformational practices. Through a reading with me, I can assist you in finding the right answers, guiding you towards the appropriate directions and providing you with the necessary tools to unlock your full potential and discover your unique path.

My approach blends the spiritual and the practical aspects of life. Although we are all spiritual beings, we inhabit physical bodies and exist within a material reality. True fulfillment occurs when we can bridge these two realms harmoniously.

My Astrology work is particularly beneficial for individuals who take responsibility for their lives and seek to understand their potential, as well as when and how to unleash it. A session with me can shed light on blind spots, potential self-sabotaging strategies, and subconscious patterns.

Furthermore, it can reveal how to engage with the external reality, highlighting areas that require focus and providing insights into the potential scenarios you may encounter, along with the best courses of action to undertake.

Most importantly, we can explore your inner resources, potential, and talents. This exploration allows us to define a developmental path that, when followed, enables personal growth in both the spiritual and material realms.

I employ multiple predictive methods to help you comprehend the current cycles and planetary phases that influence you, while also providing guidance on how to make the most of these influences. However, please note that I am not a fortune teller, and my role does not involve making guesses. While I can pinpoint favorable periods for specific activities and events, the outcomes will also depend on your actions and engagement with the process.

Important: The focus of our work is defined by you. Your priorities and questions determine the scope of my analysis. Furthermore, the results you achieve will be influenced by your application of what you learn and your actions on both internal and external levels.

During our session, we can delve into any question or life area of your choosing.

However, my areas of specialization are as follows:

  1. Psychological Astrology: A profound exploration of your inner world, identifying blind spots and uncovering subconscious patterns. I provide insights into general and current phases of emotional and psychological transformation and offer guidance on supporting yourself throughout the process.
  2. Health Astrology: An investigation into the underlying causes of various physical and psychological conditions. This analysis helps you identify inner conflicts that require attention, empowering you to support your own recovery and improve your overall well-being.
  3. Astrology of Development, Growth, and Evolution: An assessment of your personal path of evolution on both spiritual and material levels. I identify the inner qualities you need to develop, highlight areas for growth, and offer practical guidance to help you unleash your potential in reality.

I offer a Personal Astrology Session lasting 60 minutes, which can be conducted live on Zoom or recorded for your convenience.

Price: $ 160

karmic astrology course picture

Your Life Map: A Comprehensive Astrology Study

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, an in-depth and comprehensive Astrology study that encompasses three major focuses:

  1. Spiritual Level Profile: Gain insights into your spiritual level, providing a deeper understanding of your current evolutionary phase, strengths, and well-developed aspects. This knowledge empowers you to focus on areas that require attention, allowing for greater self-understanding and more efficient navigation of your life's path.
  2. Development Journey: Explore your unique development thread, uncovering the qualities you need to cultivate and the life areas in which you can expand. Think of it as obtaining a personalized "blueprint" for growth and thriving, equipping you with the tools to unlock your full potential.
  3. Stellar Horizons: Mapping Your Next Decade: Dive into an analysis that provides a holistic understanding of your evolutionary path for the next 10 years. This phase doesn't focus on predicting specific events, but rather on comprehending the various cycles and phases that will influence you. By aligning with your own flow instead of resisting it, you will gain the ability to recognize and tune into your evolutionary path on both spiritual and material levels. This knowledge prepares you for psychological and emotional changes, as well as potential shifts in priorities and scenarios across different life areas in the material world.

The reading package includes:

  • Birth time rectification, ensuring accuracy in your analysis
  • A comprehensive 1.5-2 hour session, with the analysis recorded for your convenience
  • A 30-minute follow-up session on Zoom to address any questions or seek further clarification

Embark on this transformative Astro Evolutionary Pathways journey and unlock the profound wisdom that Astrology holds for your personal growth and fulfillment.

Promo Price: $ 350
(Regular Price $ 500)

Astro-GSR Transformation Session

Experience the powerful combination of Astrology and GSR in this transformative session, consisting of two integral parts:

  1. Astrology Analysis: Delve into the theme you wish to address and explore potential blockages that need to be released or untapped resources waiting to be discovered. Through Astrology, we'll uncover valuable insights and guidance specific to your journey.
  2. GSR Session: Embark on a profound subconscious transformation that will liberate you from limiting scenarios and unlock your untapped resources. GSR empowers you to rewrite deep-seated beliefs and patterns, enabling profound personal growth and empowerment.

During the Astro-GSR Session, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you face and the hidden potential within you. Together, we'll work towards releasing blockages and activating your inner resources, fostering personal transformation and empowering you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative Astro-GSR journey? Book your session now and discover the profound impact it can have on your life.

The session is online and lasts around 2 hours.

Learn more about GSR and its benefits.

Price: $ 200

Unleashing the Power of Lunar Nodes: Astro-GSR Transformation Program

Are you ready to release the shackles of your past and pave the way for a fulfilling future aligned with your soul's purpose? This transformative journey combines the wisdom of Astrology and the profound impact of GSR - the deepest method for subconscious transformation. The program consists of three integral parts designed to empower your personal growth:

  1. South Node Exploration: Dive deep into your South Node, unraveling old limiting patterns that have been holding you back. Through Astrology, we'll shed light on these patterns, enabling you to release them and create space for new possibilities.
  2. North Node Activation: Connect with your North Node and tap into your vast potential for growth. Discover the path that aligns with your soul's purpose and unlocks your true potential. Astrology will guide us in uncovering the gifts and qualities you need to cultivate to embark on this transformative journey.
  3. Astro-GSR Sessions: Experience the power of Astro-GSR through personal online sessions, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours. This unique blend of Astrology and guided subconscious reprogramming will help you break free from limitations, rewrite your beliefs, and align your subconscious mind with your desired future.

By participating in the Unleashing the Power of Lunar Nodes program, you'll embark on a profound personal transformation, clearing the path for a more gratifying and purposeful life.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Book your sessions now and unlock the untapped potential of your Lunar Nodes with the powerful combination of Astrology and GSR.

The package includes 1 Astrology session and 2 Astro-GSR sessions.

Learn more about GSR and its benefits.

Price: $ 350

Birth Time Rectification

Discover the precise moment of your birth through the Birth Time Rectification service. By using significant events from your past, I will calculate the exact time of your birth. Accurate birth data is vital for a precise analysis of your horoscope.

Please note that the Birth Time Rectification service solely focuses on determining the correct time of your birth. It does not include analysis of your astrological chart.

To benefit the most from this service, it is recommended to provide an approximate time of birth within a 2-3 hour range.

Price: $ 120