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How can a Holistic Coach help you Achieve Holistic Well-being?

There is still a broad misunderstanding circling around the functions of a holistic coach for the overall well-being of a person. Are they physicians, psychologists, astrologers, or personal counselors? Are they all of this at once?

Today, I am about to tell you a bit more about what a holistic coach is and how working with a personal holistic coach can prove to be the most thoughtful alternative for your long-term well-being.

Holistic coach 1 - the best way

Holistic coach - healthiest version of yourself

What’s the Role of a Holistic Coach?

First of all, what exactly is “holistic” in the work of a holistic coach? The answer is pretty manageable: a holistic coach presents a thoroughly personalized passageway towards regaining balance and becoming the healthiest version of yourself by using their broad expertise in a variety of fields.

A holistic coach works with you exclusively by taking into consideration the needs of your body, your soul, your emotional realm, and your mind. They act in full accordance with your anterior experiences, current situation, and future perspectives.

All in all, a holistic coach does not treat each “piece” of you separately; instead, they dive straight into the deep and uncover the best way to impact your overall individuality by helping you find and pursue your purposes in life.

What Types of Approaches does a Holistic Coach Use?

Every holistic coach is specialized in different types of disciplines and methods. The broader the expertise of your holistic coach, the better and more genuine the results you’ll be able to accomplish together.

Below, you will find the must-haves for any professional holistic coach, all of which are also implemented in the services I am offering to my clients in my professional endeavors.

Holistic coach 2 - connection

Holistic coach - pursue your purposes

A Holistic Coach Blends Psychology and Psychosomatics

Do you still believe that your mental state cannot impact your physical health and vice-versa? The tangible and inseparable reciprocity between body, soul, mind, and emotions is investigated for millennia, and it is the main focus in the work of a holistic coach.

A holistic coach will gather the pieces of the puzzle and try to treat not symptoms but causes - the reasons your emotions manifest through the systems of your body; the reasons why your mental blockages make you feel bad on a purely physical level. Because psychosomatics is a fundamental concept for a holistic coach who knows their purpose.

A Holistic Coach Knows How to Use Energy Practices

Energy coaching is all about self-exploration, self-analysis, connection, healing, and transformation. A holistic coach will plan and conduct your guided practices and manifestations so that you could safely travel the path from who you are to who you’re supposed to be.

What’s more - a knowledgeable holistic coach will always stick to your progress and optimize their techniques to help you do better.  

Holistic coach 3 - an excellent idea

Holistic coach -  deeper knowledge

Astrology: a Vital Tool for Any Holistic Coach

As a professional astrologer myself, I believe that a person’s natal chart holds the answers for too many questions we ask ourselves - about ourselves, the others, and how we connect with people and environments.

In my work as a holistic coach, I always use astrology as an indispensable tool for helping people not merely obtain deeper knowledge but engage in a more thoughtful preparation for the things to come. By predicting astrology transits and their relation with a person’s horoscope, I strive to help people cope better with what’s coming anyway.

I’m also teaching other coaches and holistic professionals how to use astrology in their work. Learn more about my Natal Astrology Course here.

A Holistic Coach Relies Heavily on External Factor Analysis

Many answers lie within people themselves. Anyway, a good holistic coach will always pay attention and stay alert to external factors that play a role in one’s predispositions.

  • A holistic coach is well aware of the role of family constellations and knows how to navigate one’s understanding and experience of them;
  • A holistic coach investigates and analyzes family tree stories and their role in the present and the future of the individual;
  • A holistic coach considers a broad spectrum of past experiences - from obviously traumatizing ones to those that bear a distinct meaning without standing out with a life-changing character.
Holistic coach 4 - better every day

Holistic coach - more accessible than ever

What are the Benefits of Trusting a Personal Holistic Coach?

A personal holistic coach can be either dedicated to you entirely or working with you as a part of a larger group. Each approach is suitable for different situations and provides different benefits.

With years of experience as a holistic coach and hundreds of clients’ feedbacks after multiple sessions, I can list a number of reasons why trusting a personal holistic coach is an excellent idea:

  • A personal Holistic Coach provides in-depth personal analysis with total dedication - they take their time to explore the situation before proceeding, and that usually makes all the difference;
  • A personal Holistic Coach designs a personalized solution based on your inclinations or the priorities, challenges, strengths, and pain points of the whole group.
  • A personal Holistic Coach always follows your rhythm and keeps track of your progress. They can modify, rearrange, and optimize your experience to make it work for you even better - individually or as a part of the group.

When working with a personal holistic coach, you will enjoy an adequate adaptation of methods and techniques to feel yourself getting better every day.

Last but not least - working with a personal holistic coach is nowadays easier and more accessible than ever. You can do it remotely, flexibly, securely, and entirely online - without wasting time and effort in the wrong places.

Holistic coach 5 - tips and guidance

Holistic coach - self - improvement

Did You Just Find Your Holistic Coach? Let’s Find Your Path Together!

Except for a professional holistic coach, I am a certified astrologer and an open-minded person who continually seeks self-improvement. Being a holistic coach is not merely my profession; it’s instead my life path and my purpose.

Above, you can browse through my holistic coach podcast episodes and receive tons of free resources in the form of tips and guidance through the realm of holistic well-being.

Additionally, you are welcome to book a chosen number of individual holistic coach sessions with me - because your path is yours only; and I’m here to help you find it! Learn more about personal Energy and Holistic Coaching HERE!

Table of Contents

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    Holistic coach - regaining balance
  • Holistic coach 7 - getting better every day
    Holistic coach - the healthiest version of yourself
  • Holistic coach 8 - more accessible
    Holistic coach - find your purpose
  • Holistic coach 9 - remotely and flexibly
    Holistic coach - manifest
  • Holistic coach 10 - focus on yourself
    Holistic coach - pursue your purpose
  • Holistic coach 11 - a positive mindset
    Holistic coach - treats causes
  • Holistic coach 12 - achieve your goals
    Holistic coach - self-exploration
  • Holistic coach 13 - energy
    Holistic coach - self-analysis
  • Holistic coach 14 - practical suggestions
    Holistic coach - connection
  • Holistic coach 15 - A positive experience
    Holistic coach - healing
  • Holistic coach 16 - a positive change
    Holistic coach - transformation
  • Holistic coach 17 - a fundamental concept
    Holistic coach - guided practices
  • Holistic coach 18 - healthy mental state
    Holistic coach - guided manifestations
  • Holistic coach 19 - mind and emotions
    Holistic coach - travel the path
  • Holistic coach 20 - body and  soul
    Holistic coach - connect with othes