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Moonology Course

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Natal Astrology Course

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Karmic Astrology Course

Relationship Astrology and Synastry

Astrology Course: Learning How to Read Yourself and Others

Enrolling in a professionally designed and thoughtfully presented online astrology course can help you gain a deeper layer of understanding - of your own self, of others, and of the fundamental prerequisites in one’s holistic well-being.

That’s why I proceed very carefully when putting together each astrology course on my web page. My innate purpose is to help people assemble the full bricolage of who they are and teach them how to use that knowledge in a productive and positive way - for both themselves and others.

Below, you will find a broader explanation of the “Astrology Course” section of my website, along with details on my ongoing astrology course work on MarStars.

Astrology course 1 - a positive way

Astrology course - a productive way

How Can an Astrology Course Change your Perspective?

When taking a professional online astrology course, you will widen your perspective and develop your skills in using astrology as a practical tool for coping, healing, planning, and acting accordingly.

  • An astrology course will give you the background for exploring yourself - your predilections, capabilities, talents, and inherent vulnerabilities;
  • An astrology course will equip you properly to understand and help others - during everyday communication, different types of relationships, or professional coaching;
  • An astrology course will make you more conscious and aware as a human being - in your environment, your social circle, and society in general.

Or put shortly: choosing a suitable astrology course will make you more adequate to circumstances and experiences, thus perfectly devising your trip through life with awareness and solid analytical ground. 

Who can Take an Astrology Course at MarStars?

In my work on each astrology course, I try to cover a broad spectrum of potential attendees with different backgrounds and purposes. Each astrology course of mine is thus suitable for:

  • People with different levels of knowledge in astrology - from absolute beginners to more advanced specialists, who are not attending an astrology course for the first time;
  • Individuals with different professional backgrounds - from helping professionals like therapists and psychologists to anyone out there who’s just decided to enroll in an astrology course just to work on themselves;
  • And, of course - astrologers-to-be are also welcome to attend each astrology course, where I share my knowledge and expertise obtained during my years of education and involvement in the niche.

Each astrology course at MarStars is composed to fit people with varying intentions, aspirations, and prospects, who only share one belief - that vibing with the Universe is actually the answer for too many different questions.

Astrology course 2 - awareness

Astrology course - different backgrounds 

Choose your Astrology Course at MarStars

Every astrology course at MarStars is conceptualized, recorded, and led by me - Marina Stoichkova. I have an extensive background in the fields of astrology and holistic coaching, or else said: behind each astrology course I create, there are at least a dozen I’ve attended.

As a part of my professional biography, I have a 5-year long training with the Moscow Academy of Astrology, a Life Coach training with Tony Robbins, a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, a Master’s degree in Health management… And much more! I’m also about to get my Psychology Master’s degree, with special emphasis on Jungian psychology. You can read more about me in the “About” section of the website.

I am stressing this out to lead you to a very important conclusion here. When you join an astrology course of mine, you can rely on authoritativeness, progressive attitude, in-depth knowledge, and proven vast experience. So, let’s move on and see which astrology course is right for you!

The Natal Astrology Course is a foundational curriculum that includes over 50 hours of pre-recorded video lessons. It starts from the very basics and reaches all the way to the little details and practice-oriented examples.

Finally, the Natal Astrology Course rounds out with five months of live online meetings, during which I will teach you how to practice what you’ve learned, I will answer your questions, and encourage an open discussion on the topics that interest you.

Astrology course 3 -  practical tips

Astrology course - learn positions and transits

In this astrology course, you will first learn about the Moon - its characteristics and qualities, cycles, phases, transits, positions, and relations to each sign from the zodiac.

The Moonology Astrology Course will then go deeper and provide some practical tips on how to make full moons and new moons work for you, as well as how to turn each phase of the moon into a potent tool for planning your behavior throughout the cycle.

The Karmic Astrology Course will show you how to read a chart from a karmic perspective. I will teach you how to pick out and define important themes in one’s life, how to analyze the positive and challenging karmic points, as well as how to understand the karmic status of each planet.

The practical part of this astrology course will educate you on how to implement some advanced karmic techniques in your analysis. These include perinatal matrixes, solar charts, and past life charts.

Astrology course 4 - flexibly and conveniently

Astrology course - anytime and anywhere 

Taking an Astrology Course Online: More Accessible Than Ever

Nowadays, you can purchase and join a professional astrology course anytime, anywhere, flexibly and conveniently.

At MarStars, each astrology course can be enrolled on any type of handheld or stationary device, as long as it is connected to the Internet. Thus, you can enjoy the astrology course on the go or from the comfort of your home - as long as it suits your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.

My “Astrology course” section guarantees fast and secure payments, followed by instant and lifetime access to the chosen astrology course. 

Last but not least - the “Astrology course” fragment of what I do undergoes continual updates with new studies and an ever-expanded database for you to choose from. So stay tuned, stay aware, and remain conscious of yourself and others! Because an astrology course is just the beginning of the story, and the pen is in your hands.

Table of Contents

  • Astrology course 5 - a professionally designed
    Astrology course - a deeper understanding
  • Astrology course 6 - a positive way
    Astrology course - a holistic well-being
  • Astrology course 7 - healing
    Astrology course - use the knowledge
  • Astrology course 8 - putting together
    Astrology course - explore yourself
  • Astrology course 9 - learning how to read yourself
    Astrology course - understand and help others
  • Astrology course 10 - thoughtfully presented
    Astrology course - be more conscious and aware
  • Astrology course 11 - work on yourself
    Astrology course - more advanced specialists
  • Astrology course 12 - varying intentions
    Astrology course - progressive attitude
  • Astrology course 13 - an extensive background
    Astrology course - practical tips
  • Astrology course 14 - answer your questions
    Astrology course - a potent tool
  • Astrology course 15 -  learn about the Moon
    Astrology course - anytime, anywhere
  • Astrology course 16 - analyze the positive points
    Astrology course - flexibly and conveniently
  • Astrology course 17 - challenging karmic points
    Astrology course - stay tuned
  • Astrology course 18 - advanced karmic techniques
    Astrology course - stay aware
  • Astrology course 19 - remain conscious of others
    Astrology course - remain conscious of yourself