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Private Astrology Lessons

The fastest and most efficient way to master something is to find the right mentor. Some of the benefits are quite obvious - they will teach you the specifics, and by sharing their experience with you, they will save you precious time.

But there are other benefits, which are even more valuable. When you work with a mentor, you get access to their energy flow. This is something beyond rational and conscious understanding. And that's how you achieve real growth - by moving to a level that initially you can't access on your own. 

The private Astrology lessons are for people who:

  • Want to receive individual attention and a teaching approach that would be tailored to their needs 
  • Feel confused from too much information and want to find a system they can rely on
  • Are just getting started with Astrology and don't want to waste time
  • Beginner or intermediate astrologers, who want to discuss the charts of their clients before having their session

Advantages of taking private Astrology lessons:

  • You define the speed of the process - we can go as fast or as slow as you need
  • We can focus on different areas - natal, psychological, predictive, karmic, synastry, etc.
  • You decide whether you want us to focus on theory, practice or both

My expertise:

My journey with Astrology began in 2013 and it's love for a lifetime. Since 2015 I work as a professional astrologer. In addition to that I have a master's in Psychology, I'm a GSR specialist, and I have numerous trainings in different holistic therapeutic techniques. I'm currently studying Jungian psychotherapy.

My Astrology style:

I'm a western astrologer - I use tropical Astrology and Placidus house system. The main predictive methods in my practice are - solar arc directions, secondary progressions, solar returns, and transits (for advanced analysis also - primary directions, heliacal phases, and retro progressions). 

I'm especially interested in psychological and medical Astrology. A special focus in my work is the esoteric/spiritual side of Astrology - exploring the spiritual level, and how it changes the impact of the planets. 


The sessions can be biweekly, weekly, or twice a week. The price for one session is $ 125 and it lasts 60 min. You can cancel at any time.

The essence of my work is combining rock-solid knowledge with intuition and creativity. If you feel excited and enthusiastic when you read this, then we are a good fit.

If you are interested or have any questions, please use the form below or text me on Telegram HERE.