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MarStars Academy is designed for people who are:

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If you are passionate about Astrology and want to dive into an immersive environment that will
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Marina Stoichkova
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What's inside your Academy Membership:

💎 Natal Astrology Course - 50 hours (Value $ 1995)

The most comprehensive and organized Astrology course. It covers the whole foundational Astrology Marina uses - from basic to advanced level.

💎 Relationship Astrology and Synastry - 12 hours (Value $ 295)

Theoretical and practical lessons on synastry and compatibility.

💎 Karmic Astrology Masterclass - 9 hours (Value $ 295)

Foundational and advanced karmic techniques that will help find out more about the fated themes in your life.

💎 Moonology Course - 6 hours (Value $ 145)

Boost your creativity and productivity by aligning with the Moon energy - New Moons, Full Moons, Lunar Returns, and more.

💎 Energy Balancing Program - 10 hours (Value $295)

Holistic practices that will help you balance your energy centers and improve your life in every way - emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

💎 Create Your Own Year - (Value $ 145)

12-Day Transformational Program that will teach you how to use Astrology and energy practices to create a life on your terms.

Your MarStars Academy Membership gives you access to EVERYTHING listed above,
plus future courses and trainings.

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Natal Astrology Course Curriculum

natal astrology course | marstars

Natal Astrology Module 1 - Astrology Foundation

natal astrology module 1 | marstars
  • The 4 Elements and the 3 Modalities
  • Combinations Between the Elements
  • Astrology reading of Curt Cobain's horoscope
  • The Planets in Astrology
  • Astrology Configurations
  • Astrology reading of Sigmund Freud's horoscope
  • The Aspects in Astrology
  • Astrology reading of Jay-Z's horoscope
  • Aspect Configurations
  • Astrology reading of Bono's horoscope
  • Planetary Rulerships and Dispositions
  • Astrology reading of J.K. Rowling's horoscope
  • Lunar Phases, Speed of Planets, and Morning/Evening Planets
  • Astrology reading of Ashton Kutcher's horoscope

In module 1 you will learn about the foundational indications in the chart and how to "see the big picture".

Natal Astrology Module 2 - The Zodiac Signs

natal astrology module 2 | marstars
  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
  • Astrology reading of Whitney Houston's horoscope
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Astrology reading of Orlando Bloom's horoscope
  • Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
  • Astrology reading of Robbie Williams's horoscope
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
  • Astrology reading of Katy Perry's horoscope

In module 2 you will learn about the typical qualities of each zodiac sign, coming from the strength of each planet in this sign.

Natal Astrology Module 3 - Planets in Signs

natal astrology module 3 | marstars
  • The Moon in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of Ernest Hemingway's horoscope
  • Mercury in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of Steve Jobs's horoscope
  • Venus in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of David Gilmour's horoscope
  • Mars in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of Nelson Mandela's horoscope
  • Jupiter in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of Maria Montessori's horoscope
  • Saturn in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of Monica Bellucci's horoscope
  • Lunar Nodes in the 12 Signs
  • Astrology reading of Brad Pitt's horoscope
  • Outer Planets and Sign Positions

In module 3 you will learn how to interpret each planetary sign position and find the inner potential and qualities of the person.

Natal Astrology Module 4 - Planetary Aspects

natal astrology module 4 | marstars
  • Aspects of the Sun
  • Astrology reading of Wayne Dayer's horoscope
  • Aspects of the Moon
  • Astrology reading of Amy Winehouse's horoscope
  • Aspects of Mercury
  • Astrology reading of Stephen Hawking's horoscope
  • Aspects of Venus
  • Astrology reading of Lana Del Rey's horoscope
  • Aspects of Mars
  • Astrology reading of Cristiano Ronaldo's horoscope
  • Aspects of Jupiter
  • Astrology reading of Albert Einstein's horoscope
  • Aspects of Saturn
  • Astrology reading of Dan Osman's horoscope
  • Aspects between the Outer Planets
  • Astrology reading of Adolf Hitler's horoscope

In module 4 you will learn about the different ways in which the planets can affect each other - in a supportive or suppressing way.

Natal Astrology Module 5 - The Houses in the Horoscope

natal astrology module 5 | marstars
  • Introduction to Houses
  • Astrology reading of John Lennon's horoscope
  • Lunar Nodes in Houses
  • Astrology reading of Jennifer Aniston's horoscope
  • 1st House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Leonardo Dicaprio's horoscope
  • 2nd House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Mark Zuckerberg's horoscope
  • 3rd House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Steven King's horoscope
  • 4th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Malala's horoscope
  • 5th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Celine Dion's horoscope
  • 6th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Lady Gaga's horoscope
  • 7th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Nicolas Cage's horoscope
  • 8th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Chester Bennington's horoscope
  • 9th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Sadhguru's horoscope
  • 10th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Marie Curie's horoscope
  • 11th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Paul McCartney's horoscope
  • 12th House - Signs and Planets
  • Astrology reading of Virginia Wolf's horoscope

In module 5 you will learn about the "last layer" - how the inner potential is expressed in the outer world and how it affects concrete life areas.

Natal Astrology Bonuses

Child-Parent Relationships Seminars
/2 prerecorded seminars/

astrology remedies workshop | marstars

In this advanced training, you will deepen your knowledge of the different tempers and how they affect the child-parent bonding and mutual understanding.

Yearly Subscription

You can cancel your Academy membership at anytime.

Who is Your Teacher?

Marina Stoichkova has been certified as a professional astrologer with the Moscow Academy of Astrology. She is also a psychologist and GSR Expert Pro. Marina has years of experience as an astrologer and teacher.

Student's Reviews

If you have ever wanted to learn Astrology, Marina Stoichkova is the one to teach you!! 

Marina Stoichkova has a gift – she is an incredible teacher!!  I have had the privilege of being one of her students and if you have ever wanted to learn Astrology, and learn it from the best of the best, look no further!!  The lady knows her stuff and whatever she is sharing I am unconditionally in. What I have learned has changed my life.  I not only have the tools I need to enhance my life, but also to have insight when it comes to those I love.  What you also need to know is that Marina is more than an Astrology expert.  She has multiple scholastic degrees that further enhance what she teaches.  If you are reading this – what are you waiting for?  There is only so much of Marina to go around, and I suggest you enroll while you can.  

Julie Stephens

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This is a course I would highly recommend to anyone who is even minimally interested in Astrology.

For the last two decades of my life, I have been curious about what astrology entailed, what it was, and what it truly implies to understand the natal chart in someone’s life. Mystified by the daily horoscopes and the variety of material out there, I was hesitant to approach this discipline and study something that seemed so foreign to me. When I saw Marina Stoichkova’s course I was intrigued. Her curriculum seemed solid, her style, after looking through videos of her in YouTube, was direct but also caring. Yet what impressed me the most was her wealth on knowledge. So I signed up. I have never looked back! Her course is strong and rich; the wealth of material is vast as well as deep. It will certainly open up a whole world to reading the natal astral chart, which was unknown to me before, and has given me a tool that I am slowly learning to master.  

astrology course revier estrella guanche | marstars

Estrella Guanche

Marina Stoichkova is a wonderful teacher.

Marina Stoichkova is a wonderful teacher, and her MarStars Astrology Academy was the perfect platform to learn astrology. Her course is well structured allowing you to easily grasp the knowledge and begin implementing it into practice. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn astrology and I look forward to continuing to learn astrology from Marina in future course offerings.

astrology course review - mysti kosar | marstars

Mysti Kosar


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