Free Will and Destiny

One of the most typical questions in the spiritual world is whether our lives are predefined and how much choice do we have.

Are we powerless and is everything predestined?

In this episode I'm sharing with you my opinion about our fee will and destiny, which is affected by the wisdom of the spiritual teacher Beinsa Douno. I talk about the 3 components of life and their importance. Hint: We are not powerless and the choices we make can totally change our lives for the better.

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You will learn

  • How much our life is defined by destiny
  • The impact of the environment we live in
  • The free will we have
  • How much choice we have and can we change things



This week we are going to discuss one of the most difficult questions I have received. And also, of course, a very important one. It concerns our destiny, our free will and basically how much we can control or how much of the things we can decide for ourselves and how much of our life is predefined. If you have been around in the spiritual area for a while, chances are you have already asked yourself this question and this is really a very valid question. So I will show We do my opinion, which is also based on the opinion of a very famous spiritual teacher. His called beans do know or also better than, and he is really one of the most amazing spiritual teachers of the previous century. So according to him, he says that 50% of our life is predefined. What does that mean? So, it doesn't mean that we either have luck in the universal lottery or we are losers. That's not the point. The point is that when our soul takes the decision to incarnate and leave another human experience, it has concrete lessons or She wants to go through certain experiences in order to grow in order to move higher in the evolutionary era he and also to solve potential issues from the past. So this is a very important note. It doesn't mean that we are punished or that we are losers or we have bad luck. It also doesn't mean that we have to punish ourselves or feel guilty about things. And remember, that the victim mentality is one of the worst things we can get. So, taking responsibility of your own life, even though you don't have the conscious awareness is a huge step. So 50% of our life is defined by our destiny or with astrology terms. It's defined by our horoscope. So what does that mean? It means that there are certain characteristics we have, and there might be many positive characteristics, there might be also some challenging ones. For example, we all have our temper, we all have certain way of behavior, way of reactions, also way of communication with other people. So those are just typical characteristics that we have as a human being and that's perfectly normal. And you will probably agree with that. Especially if you have had kids and you know that even though they were having the same parents, they live in The same environment, they are still very different. And that happens also with twins. Maybe that's the most obvious example. Or even if you don't have kids, maybe you have siblings, you also have observed other people. So you know that when a person is born when a child is born, it's not like a white board that you can just modify in any way you want to, even if your intentions are perfectly positive, which most parents of course have those positive intentions, but there are things that this child is born with. Some of the children are more nervous, other are calmer, some are more attached, or some of them cry more. So we all come with certain characteristics with things that are typical for our behavior, a way of communication and that's perfectly normal. That applies on also to different life scenarios. For example, some people need to go through certain challenges. It might be related to relationships or family, or health or career finances, creativity. And those could be both challenging and also positive experiences. For some people, part of their lesson might be to learn to share their ideas or to open up to other people or connect. So there are different levels of this kind of predefined pattern. Part of it, as we said, is related to the personal characteristics, but that also applies to concrete life scenarios. And there are some kind of milestones in our life that are very important and some of them are really predefined. means that we have to go through this experience. Now, it doesn't mean that there is nothing we can do about it, it means that we just need to face with that, that's very important. So, part number one is the predefined destiny, the horoscope or or karma lessons, if you will. Then there are another 25% which depend on the environment. What do we mean by environment here? Most of all, it's about the closest people and community and society we live in. It starts from our birth family, what kind of principles there are, and basically how our family support our talents, our skills or help us to basically extend express ourselves, or maybe some of our characteristics are neglected or maybe even judged or unaccepted by the family unit. There is also the community we are part of. And maybe this doesn't apply equally to all people, but there are people who belong to a community and that's very important to them. This may apply to some kind of religious circles or all kinds of interest based or belief based communities. And there are also certain principles and rules and things which are encouraged and other things which are not. And that plays a major role also, of how much we can accomplish or basically how much of our initial potential of the previous 50% basically, can be expressed because it's supported by the environment and it's well accepted. And there is also the general culture we live in. And this may apply again to certain communities or different nationalities, we know that in the different parts of the world, the culture is so different. We have the modern world, where, you know, people live in one way. We have also, for example, in Asia, people are so different, you know, the Western culture usually is not that familiar with the Ancient One with the Asian one, but, you know, those are huge differences. And it really depends on where where you are born and where you are living, because certain qualities might be encouraged in the Western culture. But let's say that in Asia or in India, Or in other places, people think differently, and they're just different principles. For example, for the most part in the Western culture, it's not that accepted to have arranged marriages, but for the Indian culture, at least, you know, during in the past, but even nowadays, I still have clients who share with me that they have had an arranged marriage and it's still a valid. So, of course, that really defines and is very important and eventually, the environment, the society and the culture can really change how much of our potential we can express and in what way we are doing that. Again, it's I think, it really is common sense that you know, there are things which will Be encouraged and accepted and we can expand them. And there are other things which won't be encouraged and they may stay either kind of undeveloped or unexpressed. Another note here is that in my understanding, again, the place where we are born is not just something random. It's also part of the whole picture of the choice that our CIO has made. So again, no victims and no random chain chances. And finally, we get to the last part of this interesting spiritual puzzle, which is about our free will, the most interesting, the most exciting theme. So, according to this concept, we have 25% personally Well, or free well, and what does the free will mean? It means that we are choosing what we are going to do with the other 75%. With our life scenario with our personal qualities and characteristics, and of course, with our environment and the community we are part of. And here's the thing, you might think that okay, but 25% is not that large. Actually, it seems that, you know, we have so less awkward, so much less opportunity to change things than to just face Wait, what's predefined. But here's the thing. If you use those 25% wisely, you can turn around the other 75 and it's not an easy task. That's true. But the way you used to choose your characteristics, your qualities, skills, talents, all of it can really change the outcome can literally change your destiny, your life and even the different experiences you're going to face with. So going back to the life scenarios, there are, as we said, certain milestones and we really need to go through certain experience. But here is where our free will is very important. We decide how to react and how to respond and what we are going to do with those predefined life events or circumstances or experiences. And that's very important. And in the Bible, I believe somewhere there was I'm paraphrasing a little bit but something like God telling the human change something and I will change all of it or something like that. And again, it's not about religion, I'm definitely not a religious person, I just have a strong belief. And it really resonates with me, God, the universe, the source of life, whatever we want to call it. It's, you know, some source of love and energy that's not there to punish us. And if we make a small change or a small effort, we can turn around the other part or the universe or God will change other things for us. So, my point here is to let you know that we are not powerless. We are not victims, and we shouldn't go through life, just you know, thinking that, okay, I have to face this experience. That's my destiny, I cannot do anything about it, because that's so not true. And the way we use our energy is defined by our own choices and our personal will. And I can give you some concrete examples. So let's say that we have a person who has a very strong fire energy in their chart. It doesn't really matter what that means. It could be, you know, like many planets in a fire element or some aspects that triggered the fire element. You name it, it's not that important. But this person has internally the characteristics the qualities of the fire element, but they may vary this is very important and depending on how we choose to use this energy this may look in a completely different way. For example, one can become a great leader can be very passionate, very ambitious and willing to lead other people and kind of you know pull them ahead and show them different things and motivate others and those are you know, the positive sides. But there is another possibility as well. With this strong fire energy the person may use it in a completely in a completely destructive way. He might suppress others he might be aggressive, he might be sometimes violent in in some extreme cases. And sometimes things are not like you know, clearly defined and cut like with a knife. You are either one Or the other sometimes we have mixtures. But this is very important. We can choose how we are going to use our energy, our skills, our potential. The environment also plays a role here. If you're in the modern world, let's say, chances are you will be more encouraged to express this to be more competitive to achieve things, especially on the material social level. But if you are in a society where for example, let's say women are not encouraged to be independent or to focus too much on career, then you may not be allowed and encouraged to express this energy that much. So here is how those three elements work together. But the most important takeaway here is to remember that we have a choice. And things may work in so many different ways and different levels when we take the conscious decision, and we raise our awareness, and we make new choices, basically. So, don't think that you are a victim. Don't blame yourself. Don't think that oh my gosh, I have those challenges. I must have been a very bad person in the past. Because the truth is that real growth happens only through difficult experiences. So if you have difficulties, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are being punished. It may mean that you are just growing. And that's the way things work. And, you know, I'm not saying that life shouldn't be fun or that we shouldn't enjoy it. salutely not, but we all know that real growth happens only after difficulties. And those are the moments when we can really tap into our power, we can transform and we can move to the next level. So don't get carried away if you are in some kind of crisis. Or if you think that things are really difficult for you, there are certainly things you can do, to raise your awareness to see what kind of things might be affecting you. So it doesn't mean that you shouldn't work on yourself, absolutely not. But also take all of it as a learning experience as a way for you to grow. And remember that we always have a choice, even if it's about how we are going to accept things and what we are going to do about them. So I hope I'm leaving you inspired And uplifted position. If you need any help or you have some personal questions for me, feel free to reach out. You can find me on my website Mars stars dotnet you can click the link in the show notes and I would love to hear your thoughts or help you if you need me to. Thank you very much for your time. Take care, and I'll catch you up.

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