How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #3

Below you will find feedback from the person after the webinar:

Hi Marina, thank you for yesterday's reading and you are welcome to post this feedback on your website, if you like:)

Dear Marina, my friends describe me as very scientifically minded, but my most recent transformation (yes, I've had a few, thank you Pluto:) has shown me the limitations of that mindset and the need to get in touch with my emotions, just like you said. My recent intense interest in astrology is a result of that, but because I'm still a fan of knowledge and learning, I really like your style because there's clearly a huge reservoir of knowledge behind it - and consequently your "diagnosis" was incredibly correct. I completely agree that I need to be more vulnerable and also find a balance between what I give and what I take - yes, I always go to extremes and equilibrium has been a struggle for me. I also now agree about giving my relationship another chance, because there's a huge (yet frustrating) lesson to be learnt. And that forgiveness with regard to my family is the only way to really go forward..

Keep up the excellent work and I wish you all the best,

Nina 🙂


Hello dear friends welcome to our next episode of how to read a birth chart and make predictions with astrology. Welcome to everyone. Thank you so much for joining me or for watching this webinar later. As you may know, or maybe you don't yet, these are the webinars where I show you how you can analyze the birth chart yours or someone else's, and also how to answer concrete questions about prediction. Of course, we are using a chart of a volunteer just like in the previous sessions, and if anyone of you wants to be a volunteer for the next sessions, you're welcome to send your birth details a short description of your life situation and also to areas which you want to be analyzed or two questions. At the end of the webinar, I will give you my email or you can also find links for my website and other interesting stuff in the description box below this video. Also, don't forget that Jupiter is entering Sagittarius next month we have a special webinar with the personal report. So if you want to learn more about it again, you can find the link in the description below. So today we have a very interesting chart of account woman, which I will call Nina to keep her privacy I'm not using her real name. So that's how I will call her and she has some questions about career and relationships are very typical areas and of course We are going to analyze fourscore natal chart then we are going to make some prediction. Before that, I just want to say a few words about the astrology reading and actually what you should expect or how you should proceed if you're well, at least in my opinion, if you're trying to analyze or advice another person. In my opinion, when you make a horoscope, the main idea is not to tell lies until only positive stuff in order to, you know, make the person happy for the current moment. That's not a real help. And the main idea of the astrology reading or the horoscope, the personal obsession, is to be helpful. That's the main thing. So we are always thinking about when we are analyzing the chart, how we can be helpful. What kind of advice does this person need what he needs To change or to focus on or to pay more attention. And we are never, you know, talking harsh things, even though when we see challenges, you know, you cannot scare the person. So the main idea is that we need to find the balance between telling the truth and elevating the person. The elevation is a very important strategy in psychology and coaching. I'm using this also in astrology. So, we have to tell the truth, we cannot promise some impossible stuff we cannot, you know, tell things which doesn't, which don't exist in the chart. But at the same time, we need to elevate the person. So we need to help him see the meaning of certain challenge that he may have and how to deal with that, or maybe the fact that he needs to accept that in certain situations. So by submitting your details in participants, In our voluntary webinars, keep in mind that I'm going to tell the truth. So for example, if there are challenges, I will point those challenges. The same is true also for your personal readings. If you want a personal reading, by me expect the truth in a very sensitive way, as much as I can do in a very compassionate way, but also helpful. So we are not sugarcoating things we are not, you know, telling stories which are impossible. We are trying to stick to the truth and at the same time, elevate the person. So generally if that's something that you would appreciate or you would like to get, you can also get your personal reading. The link is below the video. So now let's look at Nina's chart. Let me share my screen. Give me a second. Guys, meanwhile, you can also share where you're from. And also, feel free to comment the chart or to ask some things or to, you know, make some points. I'm just turning on the computer stuff. Okay. So I would be really thankful. Okay, we have people from from Florida. Thank you for participating glory. Thank you to all of you. So, first career questions, a very clear message. She's thankful we really appreciate that she says for details. And then here are the two questions. Will I have any career and financial success in life coming from a poor family and having a rather turbulent childhood Everybody told me that with intelligence and hard work, I would without a doubt be successful. Unfortunately, this has not come true. And I'm stuck in a debt and public administration job. Having constant fallouts with my boss, can I hope for a change of job that will not only pay better, but where I can do something meaningful that helps people or maybe animals. So, as we can see, she's interested in career change. The other question after a very long period of being single more than a decade, I recently entered into a relationship with a man I'm now realizing it was probably a big mistake, since he is very much like my father, whom I've recently cut off cut out of my life because of his destructive influence. Am I destined to be forever single because I clearly don't function well in a couple. Okay, so relationships and career. Before I even show you the chart, I want to mention a few things about this. The second question this woman is asking about the relationship mentioning that her current partner looks much like her father, and obviously she has a tough relationship with the Father, and she wants to end the relationship. That's a very typical scenario, especially for women. Of course, if they have a challenging relationship with their, with their father, it may affect negatively their relationship with romantic partners very, very typical. The first thing that every woman should do if she wants to have a happy relationship is to solve her issues with her father. And it doesn't always mean that you know, we have to you know, stay friends with him and you know, meet daily or you know, or even me that are but we have to understand we have to forgive. And we have to process this energy. That's the first thing. Otherwise, the most common case is that we as women attract partners who look like our fathers who bring the same problems, the same issues, things are repeating we are ending the relationship. And very often the next one is just like the previous one, or there are repeating patterns. That's one of the most common scenarios in relationships. So before we even look at this chart, of course, we are going to search for indications how important this is. What's triggering this topic right now, but if you're a woman, if you have a challenging relationship with your father, you You're not happy with your romantic relationships. In most of the cases, those things are connected. And one of the things that you you should do is solve the issues with the Father. Sometimes it might be just on an energetical level, you know, in your heart you need to forgive him you need to accept him. There are some helpful techniques like for example, writing a letter to your father, you don't have to show this later to him. It's just you know, to channel this energy try to let it go. But that's a very important task Nina and it doesn't necessarily mean that you know, she will be happy with this man or that this is you know, the right partner. But he is in her life for some reason. And the easiest way you know for her is to escape from this to you know, the relationship is Tough it looks like my father. He looks like my father I want to end it I will not escape. In some cases, that's not the right strategy this person is for a reason. And of course that's true for everything. And I think that in her case she need to you know, give some time for this relationship to herself and all for everything. So now let's look at the chart of course. And let me show you Okay, here it is. And we're going to analyze things one by one, of course, we're going to focus on relationship but on relationships in general, but that was something very important for basically for everyone. Okay, so here is Nina's chart. As usual, our first step is related to analyzing the astrological elements here. This small table shows the different elements in her chart. Here are the fire planets, air, water, and Earth. So clearly the fire element is dominating in her chart, five planets out of 10 are in this element. Generally, the fire element is very positive because it makes us initiative, it makes us brave, we need to take action. Usually these are people who are, you know, capable of starting things doing things, they need some kind of action, they need movement. At the same time, sometimes those people might be restless, like, you know, it's difficult for them to balance their energy. That's very typical for the, you know, really strong fire element. Those people are capable of exhausting themselves. You know, especially when they're enthusiastic when they're passionate about something they are doing, you know, 100 percent of what's necessary, but without paying attention to how they're feeling or you know, what's their energetical balance and keep in mind, the fire element looks like very energetical. But you know, this energy is kind of, you know, not always wasted but more like channeled on an insight level. And the fire element usually doesn't allow us to store enough energy on an insight level or to have some kind of, you know, inner resources. So, for people with a very strong fire element, it's important to learn to balance themselves. Of course, this also makes people more impulsive, sometimes they may have like anger issues or, you know, do things really fast. Also, very often they might have this choleric temper temper. If you remember Remember the Carl Jung's terminology there are four temporary Psychological Types which are also related to the astrological elements. And in Nina's case, I would say that probably her temper looks more like the cleric type. And very often those people might be worried they may experience some kind of tension, especially with her moon in a house, we can expect that you know, there is some kind of inner tension for her especially on an emotional level. Okay, so the next thing which is also important in the chart of a woman, women with strong fire element or with more male polarity signs like in her case, fire and AR are the two male polarity sign or masculine signs and they're dominating Very often I have noticed that those women have some kind of challenges in the area of relationships. Or if they have those challenges, one of the reasons is because it's, you know, if they're too independent, they're really strong, they're really confident. And very often they don't allow someone else to take care of them. And one of the options is that, you know, those women may have challenges with having a relationship or they may not be able to attract the masculine men, someone who takes care of them. So if you also have a very strong fire element in your chart, or the mayor designs, fire and air are dominating your chart, you really need to focus and of course, if you're a woman, you really need to focus on connecting and expressing your and getting in touch with your feminine energy. You need to allow yourself to be more vulnerable to sometimes even to you know, to depend on another person, not in a bad way. Because if you're, you know, well, saying something like I can take care of everything, I'm enough, I am confident I can do whatever I want. Very often those women have challenges in relationships. Also, we can see that most of the planet nine planets out of 10 are in the first quadrant of the horoscope. Basically, this is this our first second third house, this is the first quadrant. This quadrant is also kind of similar to the fire energy, it's about you know, independency it's about doing things starting, initiating and also concentration, on action and on ourselves. Plus Also those nine planets are in the hemisphere, which is related more to ourselves. So it could be challenging for Nina to cooperate with someone else or to be in a, you know, relationship where you need to make compromises where, you know, you need to be capable of being vulnerable. So, of course, on all of those indications, they have great positives as well like everything in astrology, you know, it can have a positive and challenging side. And this can help us you know, those indications to strong fire, the strong first quadrant of the horoscope can make her really focused on taking action and doing things initiating things. So in terms of, you know, work in most of the cases, these are positives. Also what's interesting, the type of her configuration astrological configuration this configuration is called offend. When nine planets are gathered within less than 120 degrees or one third of the chart in her case it's around 90 degrees. And at the same time we have another planet which is separated. This is a very specific aspect configuration, which also makes people really focused really concentrated. Usually, also, they may have really drastic opinions like you know, you're either my friend or my enemy you're either with me or against me. You know, they may see things as black and white. Plus, her Pluto and Saturn in first house can indicate the same you know her seeing things as either black or white. Same things very drastically very dramatic sometimes. Also, this planet here the one which is separate or this is also called a handle is extremely important. Here we have a very intense energy, and the moon always represents the feminine energy always represents family. Also motherhood. And in Nina's chart, if that's the ruler of court that helps the house relate it first to her father. Second of all to authority figures. She mentioned also that she has challenges with her boss. I'm quite positive that there is a connection also between her father issues and the issues with her boss. If she managed to if she manages to solve the father issues, I'm pretty sure that our problems with bosses of authority figures will also be solved in one way or Either it might be you know that her boss will completely change his reactions or she may start a new job in one way or another, this situation will be solved as well. So the other thing, which is very important the first planet in the chart, in this case, Pluto is the first planet in the chart, which shows how she starts things. And what can motivate her. Pluto is a very powerful planet, the planet of crisis, difficult situations, but also transformations and power. And if she's in a tough, really dramatic situation, actually she may get really energized and she might feel capable of taking action. Actually, the critical situations are able to motivate heart. I know it's well it's tough very often in my Also Pluto is the first planet so well, that energy's pretty much clear to me. And I know that you know, sometimes we need those dramatic situations in order to start doing something. I'm also the last time in her configuration is Mars, which shows you know, what's her final goal, how she ends, the things that she starts and Mars is the planet of action. So also Mars is in Capricorn, a very strong position for Mars. That's the exalted sign, the sign of exultation. So basically, I think that she has the need to complete the things that she starts and also to see a visible and practical results. You know, she's not only about doing something just because you know, you need to do something. She also needs to see the practical result and Pluto and Saturn in conjunction first house generally can also bring, you know, some kind of critical situations, very strong need for personal transformation, but also they can make for really powerful and sometimes sometimes she may look a little too tough for other people, especially with this combination, dominant fire element in the chart, plus Saturn and Pluto in conjunction in first house. What's helping here is that the ascendant is in Libra. And we know that Libra are usually very kind very polite, very soft, but in her case, I think not too much. Also, we can see that Mars makes square with her Ascendant usually it can also make people capable of sometimes well being a little aggressive or harsh, especially when feel like that. Someone is threatening them or they have to defend themselves. So, generally, from what we see, until now, one of the problems for her to have a relationship and not necessarily only in the romantic area, this might be related to her life, you know, in general is that sometimes you know, she may have these to tough expression or she might be too harsh. Or you know, this fire energy sometimes is well more difficult for others. And also the moon in eighth house is a very specific position plus the moon is a key planet in her chart. These are also people who usually in some way, needs, well, intense emotions. And if they don't have those intense emotions in their lives, they're trying to generate those Emotions unconsciously usually trust creating some kind of critical situations or some kind of trance. Very often those things are only in their head or they are provoking other people to hurt them or you know, to say something or to do something in the main reason is because they need those intense emotions. So what's important here is for the person to understand this, you know, possible subconscious pattern or model and to try to find ways for positive, positive direction to channel this energy. Usually, usually those people are capable of improving their lives and you know, their emotional relationships, when they're keeping themselves busy. With work with you know, their schedule, some routines, it could be sports, whatever It doesn't really matter. But what matters is that if you're feeling you know this intense energy well I have to do this while I'm so busy, or can I keep this deadline? Oh, I have to go for some sports or I have this other task. You know, this in some way creates some level of drama but very low soft weight. Very healthy way I would say. So, also, if you're having this, you know, intense eighth house energy, strong fire, try to find a positive way to bring those intense emotions or intense energy in your life. Okay, um, is it all clear? Guys? Let me let me check with you. Is it all clear? Is it helpful for you? Do you have some you know, thoughts about this chart, or someone may want to share something. Okay. Next, what's also very impressive in English chart, Nina has a position which is called burned Uranus, or some people call it combust, it doesn't really matter. That's actually very close conjunction between the sun and Uranus within less than three degrees. In her case, that's well two degrees in half. If you have certain plant, burned by the sun, so less than three degrees away from the sun, the qualities of this planet are part of your personality, very strongly expressed very strongly. You're This has you know different levels of manifestation. On certain level, it makes people extremely creative. The need for variety is very strong, the need for changes, but also this can bring some level of instability. And especially for women this may often indicate changes in relationships, especially in her case when Venus is also here. Basically she has a stellium between Uranus, the sun, Mercury and Venus. So they're all in a very big conjunction or stem. So in terms of, you know, how she communicate or what are her needs, in partnerships and relationships. Well, she definitely needs variety. There might be some level of instability and also hear the need for for Read them is extremely strong. also talking about relationships of course, we need to analyze also her seventh house. The ruler of this house is Mars, there are no planets here. So basically we need to analyze for Mars, which is exalted in Capricorn. So generally that's very strong position for the ruler of seventh house, this is always something positive. And also Mars is in conjunction with the cusp of her fourth house. So this is one possible indication that the family atmosphere or the family scenario in some way is affecting this area of her life, the area of relationships. And even though fourth house is mostly related to our mother, but it's also related generally family atmosphere. So I think that this is very important for her to solve the family issues. It may not be only with the Father, it might be also with the mother. But generally, in some way, you know, she may repeat this scenario, unless she, you know, realizes what she needs to change or what she needs to work on. And remember another thing come the things we cannot accept the things that we judge that we criticize that we blame other people for, very often we are attracting the same things in our lives. So I'm not here by the way, I'm not trying to criticize for or to judge for absolutely not. I'm trying to be helpful. And I'm trying to point that also i'm not saying that her father is right. Her father may have you know, a lot of issues he might have be abusive, he might be aggressive. We don't know that. But the point here is that if she doesn't accept and forgive that she's much more likely to attract the same patterns scenarios in her personal in her personal life or relationships, marriage and family. Okay, now in terms of career, in terms of career, we can see that the moon is also ruling for that house, the house of career, and she has Pisces on the cusp of sixth house on Neptune is the ruler here. Hmm. I think that she may feel really satisfied if she's able to help people with her work, to support them well, emotionally to take care of people who are you know, well needs For the poor or for, you know, socially challenged people, or healing people, something like that, or children, of course, cancer and demand are related to children. So I think that some kind of social work would be really positive for her. Also, the ruler of 10th house in eighth house can be an indication that she's capable of helping people who are in a critical situation. So I think that this is the main direction. Let's see, what else do we have? Yeah, one more thing about her notes. The South note is in her third house of Capricorn. Usually that's an indication that the person is really down to earth. He's grounded. He's practical. He's focused on what's right. He's focused on the details. He's very present. The challenge here is to work more on the north node which is in cancer in ninth house. So first of all, it means to learn to connect emotionally with others. Cancer as a sign represents our emotions represent the inner child represents also our our vulnerability. And I think that these are some of the main issues that you need to work with, to learn to connect emotionally express herself emotionally. And also ninth house is about the future about our perspective about philosophy and knowledge. So I think that having a more philosophical perspective about life can really help her. And when someone is in a tough situation, you know, well feel like he's Tackling work or in relationships, or you know, his life is one huge challenge. One of the best advices is to focus on the north node. And actually Nina has a very well, I would say beneficial position, third and ninth house a really pleasant positions because that's the axis of learning and education. So one of the things that might be extremely helpful for her is learning she needs to be a lifetime student. It doesn't necessarily mean to go you know, to college or university, which may also be a nice idea, but it can also be you know, studying on her own exploring some areas, some philosophies or whatever. This can be extremely helpful. Okay, so let's, let's move to the prediction. Let's What's happening right now. So we are interested as we know in relationships. So we need to find something triggering chord seventh house or the ruler of the house Mars. This may indicate changes in that area and of course Venus which is always you know related to love. And when it comes to her career her job on the moon is very important because it shows 10th house and also Neptune and Jupiter because they are the two rulers of sixth house. And one more thing I want to mention before we move to the production, we see a very intense second house with many planets here, Jupiter, Uranus, the sun, Venus, mercury, usually these are people who are materially oriented even Though with this Uranus, she may also be kind of, you know, idealistic in some way. But usually those people have some skills they might be on practical skills sometimes they're very, you know, they can use their hands to do many things, but also second house is related to our resources. And we can see here this opposition between the moon and Jupiter in second and eighth house, which is kind of a you know, major topic in this chart because if you look at the chart, you know, without even trying to analyze what means what, this is one of the things that makes huge impression, you know, the moon is separated from the other planets and it has this exact opposition within less than one degree, okay, less than half of the degree. This is you know, like a major topic in her life, this opposition and very often this can make her feel unappreciated, from the outer world. Family especially, she may feel like no other people, especially the family are not capable to, you know, respect her achievements. But also, this aspect is related to the exchange of energy. second house plus the signs Taurus and Scorpio which you know, represent the same thing. One of the most important lessons for her is to balance Well, how much she's taking and how much she's giving. She may have problems with that. Sometimes, you know, she may give too much in other cases she might be uncapable of giving to other people, but both of the cases are not healthy. And they can bring well challenges in finances but also they may affect even for help because you know our health depends on our energy. So some kind of energetical practices might be extremely helpful in this case and also to learn to balance. You know how much she gives and how much she takes? That's a huge topic, so I won't focus too much on that, but just to mention that she needs to explore this area. Okay, let's move to the transits. Let me see if everything is okay here with our chat. Yeah, this question about the first and the last planet. Let me explain how to define it. I'm not saying that Pluto is the first planet because it's in her first house. That's not the reason. Basically, you need to find where the planets are gathered in the chart. So This is where four planets are gathered here in this part from Pluto to Mars, then we have a huge space, empty space to the moon, and back. And from the moon to Pluto, again, a huge space. So you need to find the largest empty area in your chart. And then the first planet which starts you know, the area where the planets are placed, that's the first planet in the chart. And for some configurations, that that's important, not for every because sometimes we have you know, the splash configuration where basically all of the planets are well, equally placed in the chart, then it's hard to define basically, you don't have this first planet. But if you have a large empty area, where you don't have any planets in the chart, I'm not including the notes they don't count here we're talking only about planets. Then after this area And that's where you have the first planet to to hear. So I hope I made it I made it clear, of course very logical question. Thank you for asking that. All right, let's start with the transits. Let's see something interesting in her chart right now is that Jupiter is basically in conjunction with the Natal Jupiter or that's called also return of the name of the transit Jupiter to its Natal position. It happens once in 12 years for everyone. And usually these are some important periods when we you know, may start a new cycle in our life, when we can change something when we can achieve something. It could be well You wisdom, it could be material success for every person, this could be something different, but in one way or another that's important. By the way also, of course Jupiter in this case activates the opposition between her Natal Jupiter and the moon. So now it'd be a great time for her to work with this topic about giving and taking, spending and earning all of those issues. Also, generally Jupiter in the second house can bring improvement in the area of finances or resources or material stuff. As I already said at the very beginning of next month in November 2018 Yeah, around the eight I believe the transit Jupiter will enter Sagittarius and for Nina then Next one, your will be very important because she has, let's count. So five planets, she has five planets in Sagittarius. So of course, this should be a very important period, when she can start new things when she can achieve things when she might be extremely inspired to you know, focus on herself because Jupiter makes conjunction with the sun for personal growth and transformation. Generally, this should be a very positive year, the year after that, and including the area of finances. One challenge that we see here is that Neptune squares for Mercury and Venus. Let's see this is a long transit it has started well long time ago, and actually it's around the end of the transit. Let's see what Exactly, it will enter February 2019, we don't have the square and let's see okay, that would be the last time so literally a couple of months are left. Neptune squaring Mercury and Venus can bring complications in relationships, unclear situations, misunderstandings, sometimes love triangles or you know, all kinds of secret stuff. But this may also help her to, you know, open up more emotionally by becoming a more sensitive, more compassionate. Generally, Nina needs to learn, to connect more with her feelings, and her emotions, and not to be focused so much on action and doing but more on feeling Okay, so yeah, that will pass the other thing Uranus in his in her seventh house and will make opposition weaker Pluto and Saturn which are in first out, and that's happening a couple of times it has already happened it will repeat again, January this is a transit that can bring separation. Nina mentioned that she is kind of disappointed from her relationship or partner so this transit may really provoke a separation. However, my advice would be not to rush things too much. I feel that here there is an important lesson this relationship and it doesn't mean that she will stay for a long time with this person or that this is the right partner for her but he is in her life for some reason, and these his way is to, you know, put the end of the relationship. But I have the feeling that there is, you know, it's too early, it's not the right time yet. She has some kind of lessons. Of course, it doesn't mean that, you know, if the person is abusive, or aggressive, or you know, there's some kind of violence in that case, of course, we wouldn't recommend the person to, you know, keep staying in this relationship. But if that's more about some, you know, emotional stuff, misunderstandings and those type of issues, I would really recommend her to wait a little bit and to try to find out why this person is in her life. What's, you know, the lesson here because another thing that's coming ahead is Pluto in conjunction with Saturn Mars, which starts February 2019, let me check if that's okay. Actually, this has already started during the spring of 2018. During the spring of 2018, Pluto has been in conjunction with harmar. So this process has already begun. And this can bring serious well, intense emotions. This aspect generally can bring some anger issues can bring, you know, some secret stuff that we have tried to know to suppress and now they're coming to the surface and we need to face them. So this might be a very transformative period in some way challenging but also helping her to heal many painful experiences or traumas. And also by the end of the transit him she may feel really empowered. That's one of the best things about Pluto it empowers people not only transforms them, but it brings this you know, intense power. And there is no other power like Pluto's power Mars is, you know, Mars is not Pluto. So having Pluto activating something in your chart is quite intense. And this may all be played in the area of relationships because Mars moves this house. So probably this area will be kind of challenging but also can help or to transform many things to learn important stuff. And I have this feeling that she shouldn't end this relationship yet. Because you know, sometimes you know, people having challenging aspects they tried to escape from you know, the situation it might be a really, you know, unpleasant job or unpleasant relationship and if that's not the right time, you know, if their lesson is not completed, they will attract similar situation, similar, you know, challenging job or similar difficult relationships. So, the better question is, what she can learn and how she can, you know, transform things. And at some point of course, she may realize that well, that's enough this person doesn't have any space in my life anymore. Okay, so yeah, we can say that the next well, one year at least, might be very transformative. When Uranus makes the opposition's with Pluto with Saturn. Saturn also rules fourth house so this can bring some well situations with her family. From one side This may also represent setting free from this you know emotional burden or blockages. So also very intense aspect. Let's see so next year 2019 of course while Jupiter is in Sagittarius it will make conjunction with her Mercury and Venus, which might be great for you know solving possible emotional challenges. The first time this aspect will happen these during January 2019. And then it should be around somewhere. So, yeah, July August 2019. And this will be the stronger period because Jupiter will be stationary while it's distinct So the cleanse is more powerful. So this can be quite intense positive period for her the summer of 2019 including for relationships and also for finances because Venus in second house also can represent money. Okay, let's see then. around the end of 2019, Jupiter will make conjunction with Saturn Neptune, which would bring some kind of improvement at work Neptune rules sixth house. Okay, and in 2020 both Saturn and Pluto will make conjunction with Herman Mars. So this might be a very transformative period, especially in terms of her relationships. Not easy period, I would say but very transformative. And shortly after that, so around the spring of 2020, Jupiter will join these planets here. So, this will be definitely an important period. Let's see. And also when Jupiter makes conjunction with her Mars, it will make Trine with the moon. And this can be a positive period for work improvements or new opportunities as well because the one rules for that house. But generally speaking, I think that the big change in career will come a couple of years from now. And I think that this will happen On when Uranus makes conjunction with the moon and also Neptune will enter sixth house so basically that's well let's check exactly when. Okay so 2023 2023 Neptune enters sixth house Uranus will make conjunction with the moment check before that but no that's the first time when those aspects will happen so it doesn't mean that before that there are no opportunities for change or improvement or anything like that. As we saw you know, Jupiter is about to enter Sagittarius so great period also it will make connections with Mars and try with the moon after that, another positive period, but the drastic changes happen on usually on challenging aspects or aspects from the outer planets. And my feeling is that there are this year 2023 will be extremely transformative. Plus Jupiter will be in sixth house, which also supports the changes and the new opportunities. So, generally I would recommend not to concentrate now on education to find out what exactly she would like to do. Helping people she mentioned something about taking care of animals also great thing also, you know, supportive work to find out what exactly she would like to do to start some kind of education, you know, Well to get the needed skills and I think that the big transformation will be the first one. Of course, it's not the only one but 2023 will be a very, very important here. Let's look now in her progress chart. So that's how the progress chart looks like. Um, first of all, Venus is currently at the last degree in Capricorn. We have already talked about how important those progressions are that they happen quite rarely, basically, a couple of times during our lifetime, Venus will change the sign position. So that's something huge very often when Venus is in the last three degrees The sign we may feel frustrated with our love life with our personal relationships. Usually this is not a strong positive period. A very big shift happens when the planets enters the next sign or makes the integration in her case this is happening. Well, August 2009 teen. Plus in this case the shift is very significant from Capricorn to Aquarius, usually it represents you know, some kind of emotional freedom. Like you know, somebody else has taken a burden from your shoulders or you're finally able to forgive something or to forget it or to leave it in the past to start fresh. So as we remember, in the transits, also the summer of 2019 was extremely positive because Jupiter was stationary in conjunction with her Venus. So my guess is that this will be a very transformative and also positive period for her relationship or for her love life. So, generally about this area of her life, I would recommend her to wait a little bit to try to repair what can be repaired starting from her father and family in general. Also right now Venus is retrograde. So for all of us, this is a positive time to, you know, look into the past and realize what we need to improve or change or forgive in terms of relationships, very positive period for those things. Alright, I'm also by the way currently. Let's turn currently the progress Moon makes Trine with her Venus with her progressed Venus. That's happening right now in October 2018. That's also very positive transit for not transitory progression for harmonizing more feminine energy or for trying to solve some relationship stuff and usually you know, the outcome is positive. We can also see Venus squares Pluto, the progress Venus squares Pluto. So there might be some kind of dramas, some kind of even painful emotions, but at the same time, they can be really transformative. So really interesting combination. We can see also mercury makes sextile with Jupiter, Mercury is in third house in the progress chart. So that's another indication that it's a great period for learning right now for cars. So as I said, I highly recommend her that we see. Okay. Very soon also literally next month, November 2018. Her progressed moon will enter Libra generally Libra, of course is the sign of relationships of harmony of being kind being polite. So, I think that if she wants to work consciously with that to you know, the ability to be softer to be capable of making compromises to you know, have a dialogue. She may really work with that while the progress Moon is in Libra. And another thing during December 2000 And 18 January and February 2019. The progressed moon will make Trine with mercury and at the same time they both make sextile with Jupiter. So basically that's a progressed. B sextile. Also great aspect for learning for traveling for folks focusing for new goals, I would say great combination. Okay, let's see, I want to check when the progressed, Venus will enter the square with Pluto. So it will be one year from now, October 2019. So after that there might be some kind of relief from that perspective, but until this period, she may transform many things especially on an emotional level Alright, so these are the most important things for Nina regarding those areas for live on now. Let me come back to you guys and see your thoughts. Okay, so was it helpful for you did you learn something? Generally that's the approach so we're trying to you know, first analyze the chart and then focus on prediction as I have already said. It's, you know, really difficult to make on the front diction without analyzing first the natal chart. Okay about the email. So if you would like to participate and be a volunteer, you can send your birth details. You need to have an accurate time of word. And also questions, two questions and a short description of your life situation. So let me write my email here. I mean it's Marina egg Mars stars dotnet or you can go to my website, Mars stars dotnet there is a forum there you will find it and you can contact me from there. Of course, if you want to have a personal reading, you will find that as well. In the description box below Okay, so thank you very much. If you have some kind of comments please write them if you find those readings. Also you can like the video in this way I will know that you're enjoying them and I will keep doing them. Great. Thank you so much guys for spending your time. I'm not sure if those if that's a very good time for you. Hopefully it is a 10am eastern time or you can also right where you're watching from and what could be actually a good time for you during the day I meet so For now, those webinars are planned for Wednesday. I will try to make them possibly every week. But of course I will let you know if there are some changes. Okay, so thank you so much again and I will see you really soon. Bye

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