How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #4


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and I'm happy to see you today on our next webinar, about how to read the birth chart and make predictions with astrology please let me know if everything is okay with the sound. And with the picture of course. Meanwhile, I'm opening the charts of our volunteer, so it will take a couple of seconds. Meanwhile, of course for those who are new to our events, these are the series when we are analyzing the chart, the full volunteer, we are keeping his privacy so you shouldn't be worried about that. And if anyone wants to be a volunteer for our Next sessions, you can send your birth details and a short description of your life situation. Plus two areas that you want to be analyzed to my email at the end of the webinar, I will write my email. So anyone is welcome to those events. I'm hopeful, I hope that they're helpful for you guys that you are learning new things and actually the main idea is to help you learn the approach how you can interpret any chart including your own including the chart of close people, basically, everyone Alright, we are almost ready. So let me see that Okay, okay, looks like everything is okay with the sound and picture. So welcome again guys, thank you so much for joining me. Also, let me remind you that we are having our Jupiter in Sagittarius webinar on the 28th I believe it was, so you still have time to sign up and everyone also get a personal record. So if you're interested, you can find the link below this video. I'm also planning to make a free webinar about Jupiter in general. I will let you know about this event probably on Saturday or Sunday. And you will be welcome to join me and ask me your questions about Jupiter and generally we are going to talk about interesting stuff. Because of course this is a very significant event Jupiter entering the sign of its rulership, staying there for one year. It should be very positive for for all of us in some way in some area, and we're going to discuss that on the webinar. So let's dive into today's topic. Today we have a volunteer, which I will call Donna. And Donna has a couple of questions. First of all, she's pregnant. She's about to have, I believe, first child during December this year, so literally in a couple of weeks, and also she has some issues with her mother's so she wants some advices in regards to her relationship with her mother. And of course, that's very important, keeping in mind that she's about to become a mother. So, of course, obviously that's very important. And also Donna is an artist and she's wondering whether she or this is the right direction for her. So we are also going to analyze her career indications basically what's positive for her and what kind of talents she has. The chart is quite interesting. And especially for for women, I believe this will be very interesting to see what what kinds of indications can bring pregnancy and also giving birth to a child. So are you ready guys? Also, keep in mind I'm really, really happy when you when you are part of the conversation. So you're welcome to type your comments or share your opinion about indications we are discussing. Or maybe you can share something which you have experienced. And thank you again so much to everyone who joined me everyone who is watching regularly those those webinars so now I will share my screen okay screen sharing confirm and confirm okay so now switching okay just checking okay you're you should be able to see my screen now this is Domino's chart, this is dominance horoscope This is the chart first the topics we are going to analyze career talents skills In order to answer those questions, basically we need to analyze the whole chart or at least find some important areas in her chart. Also, I think that this time, we're going to focus more on the prediction part because I want also to go back to the time when she has conceived and to see actually what kind of indications were there during this time. Plus, of course, we're going to focus on the future. So a brief analysis of the natal chart. What's the most significant in this chart in my opinion, that's the basic style that Donna has. The basic style is a great aspect of configuration, very harmonious, very supportive, also kind of soft so this is not a configuration which will make you well strongly business oriented or capable of fighting or you know, overcoming lots of obstacles. Usually the basic styles A great configuration for artists or creative people. Let me show you what exactly do I mean so he or she has a conjunction between Venus and Pluto. Very close conjunction. They both make sextile Neptune Neptune makes six pounds Mars, which by the way is in conjunction with Jupiter. And those two planets Mars and Jupiter make Trine with Venus and Pluto. So this is like a small triangle configuration, which is called the sextile. We have two sextile aspects and one trying aspect. This is a great configuration which brings incredible gifts and talents and some kind of inner potential that this person has. The key point is the optics of the configuration in this case that's Neptune. Neptune is one of the planets of creativity and innovation. ratio and art basically well it can include different types of art areas like music like painting. Basically everything which is beautiful everything which is creative. Also, the other planets which are included Venus and Mars which are connected with an exact Trine. This is also aspect which is great for artists. Very often those people are great dancers. They can be they can do also something with their hands sometimes, and they can create something beautiful. So this be sextile. Here, Neptune, Mars and Venus is great for someone who is an artist. Pluto brings even more power to this combination can make For really passionate about those things, and Jupiter expands all of those things plus can add some ambition, some desire for success, and eventually can bring success as well. So my opinion is that this woman is very talented, has great indications to be an artist. Now, of course, it doesn't mean that it will come easy because first of all, the main or the dominant element in her chart is water. She has what six planets in water science. Generally for an artist, this is great, it brings you know more emotions. It makes people more intuitive, more creative, but the challenge sometimes is that those people are not well grounded, especially when Neptune is in such a key position such as trunk position plus the moon is in Pisces in eighth house, this woman may not be well grounded, not so practical not so in touch with reality, which is a very common problem or issue for artists, they may struggle with discipline with organizing their work or focusing for you know, long enough on something to achieve success. Sometimes this can bring possible laziness or you know, some kind of distraction like the person is uncapable of concentrating in only one direction. So, this might be one of the issues that she has too much water but on the other side She has also three planets in fire science, the sun, Uranus and softer are together in a very powerful standing on the fire. energy can help her to, to take action plus the ascendant is in Leo. What's interesting about this pendulum, Saturn and Uranus which are not friends, basically, these planets are completely different. And technically they're not in conjunction the orbits between Saturn and Uranus is 10 degrees which is not enough. This is you know, to our orbits, but because the sun is in the middle, it connects the Saturn and Uranus. So basically we have a stellium and from one side Saturn brings the needs or the need for certainty for security for stability, it can bring fear of changes sometimes it can make the person capable of restricting himself and you know, following some kind of foods which are suppressing himself and on the other hand, we have Uranus the planets of people who are you know, revolutionising things, people who need variety who need changes who are different from others. So basically we can see a very strong inner contradiction influenced by this stellium the sun in the middle between Saturn and Uranus. So on certain level, this may feel quite stressful. But on the other hand, this is what can help someone to materialize the inspiration. So, from one side, Uranus can help this woman to have this incredible, you know, exciting ideas or some kind of untraditional approach or whatever it is, you know, for artists. And then at the same time, she can materialize that she can put this into a concrete form. That's what Saturn can help her. So in this course Cuz I see a great potential. And also this denim is in conjunction with the cusp of fifth house. fifth house is the house of creativity. Plus Neptune is here as well. So in my opinion, this woman is a born artist. She's creative, she's talented, she has a gift. What she needs to work on is probably more discipline more concrete, having concrete goals, and to be capable of doing the needed work. Because if you are concentrated on areas which are ruled by Neptune, you may struggle with you know materializing them because Neptune is not a material planet. That's why creative people very often struggle with the material reality. They tend to have some kind of addictions or other ways to escape from reality. Very good. Come on case. So what she really needs to work on is to be more grounded to be in touch with reality to be more practical to work on her daily routines having you know the schedule the final goal. And we can see also north node in Aries in ninth house which shows her life's mission or task. Aries is a sign is related to being independent, being proactive, initiating things being independent, as well. And also ninth house is about our goals, our future, our belief system. So for now, I think that one of the most important things is for her to learn to define her own beliefs. So not to listen to other people what someone is saying or believing in, she has to create her own beliefs or values, what's important to her, and also to have a clear vision for the future. What is it that she wants to achieve? Let's say some goes for three years ahead. Another goes for 10 years. Because very often we are so focused on our current situation thinking about you know, how to handle with things, going back to our future and memories, and we are not paying enough attention to our future expectations and what we want to achieve. So For Non Us for dancer for Donald specifically, this is very important, I believe. And when it comes to her mother or a relationship or family issues, of course, the Moon is very important in this case, her Moon is in Pisces in a house. So we can see from this position that first of all, she can be very sensitive, very emotional, very fragile in some cases, and also, she may dramatize things more than necessary. You know, she may just see things from a very negative perspective and sometimes it can make her more pessimistic. Fears can also be quite intense with this position. But on another level, we can also see that there is a strong connection between her and her mother. I think that it's always for everyone. This is very important to solve the issues with our parents. Sometimes we cannot be friends with our parents. Sometimes we need to, you know, cut the relationship and move, you know, in our future, but it's always important to forgive them for what they have done. You're not usually always actually parents do what they are capable of doing. And some people are just not capable of being the parent that we want to have. And we have to accept that. And for everyone, I think it's important to well to accept the idea that the only thing that we are allowed to require from our parents is actually the gift of our life. If we get anything, something else, it's great, like love, like support, like you know, finances or other material stuff, that would be great. But if our parents were not able to provide that we still need to be grateful for the fact that they have given us the gift of life. I think it's very, you know, a very healthy way to handle with different situations. and here we can see the moon has a square with Uranus, which also brings well, emotional instability. Probably the mother, in some way has been emotionally unstable. And in some way this is also part of the mother and the father are always represented in our psychic and we need to put some conscious efforts in order to work with that. But forgiving her mother accepting her for what she is, I think would be really helpful for Donna about her future role as a mother because no one is perfect. And, you know, sometimes people just do what they can actually we always do. Only what you can All right, so yeah, it's visible and then there might have been some difficult situations with the mother because the moon is in a house because the moon is squared by Uranus. We mentioned that Uranus is in conjunction with Saturn. So it also means that Saturn squares the moon on directly, which is another challenging aspect, plus we have Scorpio on the cusp of fourth house, all of those things can be can bring challenges, abusive relationships, controlling mother manipulative mother, and that can really be true, but as we said, the only way to solve the situation and to set ourselves free is to forgive and to accept. So that's my advice for this for this situation and Now I would like to move to Well, let's begin with the transits. Let's look at the transits. And if you allow me if you don't mind, I would like to go back a little bit back to see the indications to show you the indications which were related to considering a first just to make clear which indications you need to analyze for example, if you want to find out when you can get pregnant or when you can have a child and so on. First of all the moon. For women the moon is the indication or the planets related to motherhood so the moon is always important. The other things on the other indications are fifth and eighth house. fifth house is related to our children. Literally our children rent and a cost is related to conceiving. So a cost also is very important. And keep in mind that conceiving, but also giving birth is something very specific, especially giving birth. This is you know, a state when there is a complete transformation. This is a very specific experience. And that's why eighth house is also included. So we need to find something triggering or moon, something triggering or fifth and eighth house. And if we can find all of the indications, of course, it would be great. So, is it clear Guys, can you please write in the comments if those things are clear. We have a question how do you read the end seemed Taurus is that the grounding influence for her creative career? Yes, that would be helpful she has Earth Science on the tree career houses that we yeah or size which can help her in this direction and also suggests that she needs some level of stability in this area. Okay, so I know that for women this will be an interesting topic to to talk about children and getting pregnant something wonderful for while most of the women know right let's see. So, what I know is that she is expecting her child during the sandbars. So, when is the possible conceiving? let me calculate so the symbol or talk or Well it should be approximately April or March if I'm not mistaken making a mistake some well let's say the spring of 2018 Let's go back to the spring Okay, so of course the the end of 2017 we see that Jupiter has made Trine with her Natal Jupiter. First of all Jupiter rules config cows, something we are interested in. Second of all Jupiter rules also eighth house and is in conjunction with the cusp of the eighth house. So this is a very positive indication that probably she has wanted to have a child or you know, she was more focused in this direction, possibly also bringing positivity events related to her home because Jupiter was about to enter fourth houses well actually the beginning of January 2018. Okay, then Jupiter makes another Trine with her Natal Jupiter around May June, the end of May and June we have the second Trine so also very positive indication for conceiving. And the third time it has happened is August August 2018. So rate indications. We can see that during this summer Mars has been retrograde in her sixth house so probably it has brought some kind of issues with your career or maybe she wasn't able to work so much. Or Well, yeah, another topic. Let's see. plus another thing is that the Triassic Neptune during the spring of 2018, the tragic Neptune has been in conjunction with the cusp of eighth house. Next Gen very often works in our prediction when we conceive. Neptune is a planet which can bring you prime pregnancy, Neptune triggering your fifth house Neptune triggering your eighth house, Neptune triggering your moon or the rulers of fifth and eighth house or planet staying in those houses. And keep in mind, not only the positive aspects of square can also bring your pregnancy in if you have a square on or an office position for example, we can expect that there might have been some kind of stress related to this event or sometimes it's unexpected or other scenarios. But Neptune definitely brings pregnancy. So as we can see a little bit before that Neptune has been in conjunction with Jupiter, and also makes conjunction with the cusp of eighth house. Plus it squares the sun. The sun is in conjunction with the cusp of fifth house. So basically, we have a very strong activation of our eighth and fifth house strong enough to expect that this is possible. Now you can also see by the way that Saturn is in fifth house. And this is one evidence that Saturn transiting certain house doesn't mean that nothing positive will happen in this area. Saturn transiting your seventh house doesn't mean you cannot get married. So Third, transiting your fifth house does not mean that you cannot have a child. Of course, it doesn't mean that you know, everything is a party and everything is fun. Probably she's looking really serious on that topic of becoming a mother of having a child. She may have some kind of worries, that's what Saturn can bring. And also, fifth house is not only children, but this is also entertainment, and having fun, plus, creativity and art are here. So it's very possible that she may have she might have felt stuck in her creative work, maybe uninspired or with no, you know, clear opportunities, about work about creativity. Also, there might have been less parties, less entertainments, but that's something very typical when you get pregnant. So actually, that's completely normal. So Saturn in her fifth house is not a problem for her to get pregnant. Plus, in this case, it's very important that Saturn doesn't make any challenging aspects. For example, if Saturn squares the moon or Saturn squares, the ruler of fifth house in this case we can expect some kind of challenges. But Saturn moving through your fifth house is not something bad. Okay, so, let me show you quickly also the progressions during this time so you can see what well what can bring what can bring pregnancy hmm here, April and May after that. First of all the progress Moon is in Taurus. This is about disposition for the moon. If you want to get pregnant cancer, Taurus, they're very feminine signs. They're great for having children. Plus, we can see the progress moon has made Trine with her sun and mercury. The progress son is in conjunction with the cusp of progress, the house and all of those things are very positive actually. And of course, the restaurant makes sextile with Jupiter. So basically we have a progressive be sextile which can bring, you know, some kind of positive events, including related to your relationship or, you know, other partnerships. So, I think this situation looks quite positive And what's interesting is that the progressed moon has been in conjunction with our NATO MC approximately around this period. So probably there was also some kind of change regarding her career and also progressed moon has made quincunx with her progressed Saturn which is the ruler of sixth house so probably there was a significant change in career around this time or you know genuinely about her worldview, her life direction and so on. So I think that it's quite you know, visible here the situation which is related to concealing. progressed moon in Taurus, making Trine with the sun with mercury Which are in conjunction with the cusp of calf. Plus Jupiter also brings you know abundance growth happiness opportunities. Okay, so now let's go ahead let's move to the current moment. So this is how her chart looks like during October so right now what we can see is that the transit Jupiter is currently making Trine with her Natal moon. This is a very positive aspect. This is a short aspect at the same time because Jupiter currently is moving really fast. So literally in a couple of weeks, I believe it was the eighth of November and Jupiter enters Sagittarius. But anyway this is great because currently Jupiter is in her fourth house. fourth house is always important for our family for you know our Home, it brings abundance very often if Jupiter transits your fourth house, it can either bring you a bigger place where you can leave, or it can bring a new family member or someone you have been living together with me move away. Just an example. So Jupiter in fourth house is great training her moon also very supportive. And also I want to mention something here. So we know that the baby is expected somewhere during December. We don't know the exact date. And even if we know you know, though, well when it's expected, it doesn't mean that it will be born on this day. But look, how interesting is that? The transit son is about to be in her fifth house around the period when she's about to have a child. It's a very common case. The sun or the ascendant of your child to fall in your fifth house. So, I would say it's more possible that the child will be born around the second half of December. When the son is already in fifth house, it's not a general rule, but very, very often. For example, I have Scorpio in on the cusp of fifth house, and Pluto is in my fifth house as well. The ascent of my daughter false exactly in conjunction with my Pluto in Scorpio in fifth house. And I have noticed similar indications in many cases. So the sun or the ascendant of your child can fall in fifth house. Okay, so what's happening during December that people When the baby is expected Let's start from the beginning of the month. So first of all, we see that Neptune is doing conjunction with Jupiter. Actually this this is positive aspect it's well for pregnancy. This is a positive aspect. But also Neptune squares for Saturn. Saturn rules for a sixth house so probably things related to career are complicated at this point or unclear or she's confused about her career direction that's completely normal and it has started some time ago. So this is not a brand new traffic. And actually, it's quite normal when you're expecting the child to cannot commit fully to your career. That's well all Women who have children can conform that. Also we can see Saturn makes sextile with her Venus and Mars. That's a positive combination which can make her partner more responsible Saturn making aspect with Mars, which is in seventh house can make the partner more responsible. The aspect with Venus basically is not so related to her child. So let's see. Are there other aspects Okay, around the middle of December, the transiting Jupiter is about to make square with Mars. Let's see. Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter, which is in conjunction with the cusp of a house. So in some way it's also related and the squares of Jupiter. Sorry, the squares from Jupiter are not negative. This is not Saturn, this is not limiting. Of course there are some specific things but even Jupiter squaring your moon can bring you pregnancy or having a child. So we are not worried. Okay, around the end of the month so from the 24th of December, the transits Mars will make conjunction with hormone for a couple of days, which can also bring a lot of action. If the baby's born around the spirit, we can expect that she didn't mention if this is About to be a natural birth or a C section but with Mars, sometimes it could be a C section or if not, then you know the work can be really fast. But anyway in some way this is triggering the same area. So basically there are no no bap or challenging aspects around the period when she's about to give work. Let's look at the progress chart as well. So this is the progress chart. Let me see during the same for, so is there something significant Of course The moon is still in Taurus. The moon makes a karmic aspect with Neptune which can also bring, while some kind of intense events related to home because Neptune is in fourth house, so it's quite intense actually to have a child. Let's see. Okay, and also the progressed moon will make sextile with the Natal moon. You can see it here clearly. So here is the progressed moon 26 degrees in Taurus and makes sextile or begins to sextile. This aspect will last approximately three months with the Natal moon which is in eighth house. So we definitely have the moon and eighth house activated during this time. So I would say very positive indications. Very happy you event for a while for every one. Now let's see what other things are about to happen in general about her career, about her life. With Saturn in your fifth house, we also need to well to advise the woman to try to let go of her fears. It's quite normal for women, especially if that's the first child turned out to be afraid. are they're going to be good mothers Is everything going to be okay with the child with the birth after that the taking care with providing for the family, and everything. The more fears you have, the more negatively it affects your child. I have seen this so many times. Women who are constantly afraid for their children, they attract something, you know, bad to happen, not necessarily something dangerous but very often those child are getting ill frequently or you know, have some kinds of issues. So them here, it's very important for the mother to release for fears, to you know, to open up for a new beliefs to try to be as positive as possible to try to you know, trust that there is a force which is protecting her. It's very important. Okay, we are moving to 2019. When Dawn is going to take care of her child, she mentioned that she is planning to stay at least one year before baby taking care of him. Okay, we can see during 2019 when Jupiter enters Sagittarius Of course it will make conjunction with our stallion. So this should affect her really positively. She may, she may find a new inspiration, even though she will probably take care of her child, she may still find energy or something creative, something related to her art. So I also would encourage her to, you know, to keep moving in this direction. becoming a mother in my opinion doesn't mean that you should forget about anything else. Actually, it's not healthy for you and for your child and even for the family in general, my honest opinion staff so with Jupiter in Sagittarius in conjunction with the course And of course she can feel more inspired to may start new things, there might be new opportunities, and she may really enjoy. The process of being a mother especially after Jupiter enters fifth house around March 2019. Then goes back to fourth house for a while. And what's interesting that around March 2020, Jupiter and Pluto are both entering sixth house in conjunction with the cusp of sixth house. We can see also Saturn is here, even Mars is here. So I would say that probably the spring of 2020 will bring some really significant change in terms of her work, daily routines and everything. And it's quite possible that she may start working more around this period so the spring of 2020 Okay, what's also interesting during 2020 Uranus is about to make opposition with her Venus and Pluto which are in third house. Now in the natal chart, Venus rules third house Pluto rules fourth house. These are the two houses which are active when you move to another place. And because Uranus is in ninth house, it's really possible that there might be an opportunity for her to move to a new place to change her home or even to replicate this connection. third, fourth and ninth house is very typical for okay So it's while there are really high chances for that you're in 2020. Now let's look also the progressions. Let's find out what's happening here. Okay, make 2019 the progress moon enters Gemini. After that the moon will stay in Gemini for two years and a half. This is a great period for learning new things for creating new contacts for improving her skills. Plus, we can see that the progress moon will make sextile with Mars, so we can guess that there might be some new opportunities for around May 2019. Well, not only me, but those who have June and July. And look what's happening here. If the progress makes opposition with Venus around the summer of 2019 this opposition sometimes also indicates traveling or learning something. Because look Venus rules to progress ninth house so probably, this can be a time when she may also decide to go back to school or to finish some kind of training or well to learn something on your own. Even though she's still taking care of her chart, that's an option. And let's see what's happening during 2020 2020 mercury makes sextile with her Jupiter This is a positive aspect both for traveling and for learning. So this will definitely be an option for her during 2019 Plus, progress moon will make opposition with Saturn, which is in conjunction with the cusp of fourth house this can also bring change related to her home or moving to another place. Okay, let me also look here the situation so yeah, I think that 2020 can Bring those new opportunities for her. Plus after all the progress Moon is in 10th house, so career can be definitely an option for her. Okay guys, so I hope it was helpful for you to see some indications related to conceiving to getting pregnant. I hope it was helpful for you as well. This analysis of chord chart now let me go back to you and look at your comments. Now Okay, we are back now Okay, so who have some kind of thoughts related to those topics? Someone else asks whether there isn't an escape. I contacted the person who we are analyzing the chart of. So if you haven't received an email from me, then it's not you. Yeah, somebody else confirms that. Their chances send them false in there for in their fifth house. It's very, very difficult. Okay. Do you have some kind of questions? Was there anything that you want to be clarified Oh and to remember to, to share with you the email now everyone can be a volunteer. Of course I cannot do the chart for everyone I'm picking up. While for some for those webinars, if you want to be a volunteer, you can send your birth details, including your accurate title part. It's very important to have this information, two main areas of your life that you want to be analyzed and the short description of your life situation. Let me write my email here Marina. Stars stars Doppler, you can send information to this email. And also don't forget you still have time to join our Jupiter in Sagittarius webinar and get the personal report. The link is below this video. And I will let you know about the free webinar about Jupiter. And has a question is Venus sextile Mars? Also as good for dancers? Um, no, it's not saying no. This can be a great ask our Venus sextile Mars Sorry, I thought it was mercury. Yes, of course that's great as well. Any aspect between Venus and Mars can be related to dancing even the squares so yes That's also great, of course, the conjunction as well. Thanks to everyone who joined me today. Thank you guys so much. I'm trying to be helpful. I hope I am. I'm planning some surprises. So I will keep you posted about some events during November, which are completely free by the way. And hopefully we're going to continue with our episodes about how to read the birth chart and make prediction with astrology. You're welcome to be a volunteer. If you want to have a personal reading with me. You can also sign up for one you can order from the link below this video. Okay, so thank you very much again, and I hope you're going to have a wonderful day. Thanks and bye bye

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