How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #6


Hello dear friends, Welcome to the next episode of How to Read the birth chart and make predictions with astrology. I'm Marina and I'm so happy that you are joining me in those educational series where I teach you how you can interpret your natal chart and how you can make predictions how you can prepare for the future. This time we are going to use the chart volunteer and I will show you how you can make prediction for the next 12 months for only 30 minutes. And of course, if you would like to get this reading done personally by me, you're welcome to purchase a 30 minute reading. I will put the links below the video. But if you want to do that on your own, that's perfectly fine as well and I will show you how you can do that. That, and basically what's the right approach? Now let me share the screen. Okay. So this is the word chart of our volunteer. And what we know about this woman is that she's currently unemployed, she's single, and she's interested to find out basically what kind of chances she has for a relationship and for a new job in the near future. So basically, I will show you how to approach that. The first thing that we need to start with is related with the progressions. Basically, here we can see the progress chart I always recommend to pay attention to the progressions, and in my opinion, they are even more important than the transits. Personally, that's my favorite method for prediction. Very important, especially for psychological issues, how you feel, what kind of emotions you're going through, what kind of atmosphere and environment you're experiencing. And of course, it also represents concrete events as well. I mean, the method the progressions primary, actually, these are the secondary progressions. So, the first thing which I always pay attention to the lunar cycle in the progress chart, basically what you need to find out is the position of the sun and the moon in your progress chart. And how are they connected? We can see here in our volunteers chart Sam is on the eighth degree in Capricorn and the moon is on the last degree of Sagittarius. So basically the moon is getting really close to progress, New Moon, basically conjunction between the moon and the sun in the progress chart is called progressing. That's a very big astrological event. We all go to those events once in 2829 years, not days, years. So these are major astrological events which can occur only a couple of times during our life, especially when we are adults. And you know, we can actually do something significant with those periods. The progress New Moon is a brand new start, that's a completely new period. And it marks basically a new beginning of 2029 your cycle so always pay attention when You have some of those events in the chart in your progress chart, of course, very, very important. What's important to know also, is that right before the progress, you won't. Actually, it's time to finish old stuff to complete to let go of the past. Generally, on this face when the moon is getting really close to the sun, basically, it's already in the dark face. The progressed moon here is invisible. This is not a beneficial time for friendly projects. This is another time when you're at your full potential to materialize things. Some people may feel depressed at this point. Others might be actually most of the people are really introverted during this period. They're more focused on themselves on letting go of the past making some real assessments of their lives. And that's completely okay. So if you're in the middle of the space, you shouldn't freak out, you shouldn't think that, you know, this is gonna last forever. And this is a temporary period. It's a necessary phase for all of us. And what we need to remember is to prepare for the new beginning, but to keep in mind that it's not here yet. So it's normal, if we feel stuck if we feel like nothing interesting or important is happening. And that's again, okay. And the big shift, actually, the biggest shift comes right after the progressed New Moon. That's the time when we are entering the new lunar cycle in our lives. And let's find out when this would happen in this horoscope, so basically, around July 2019 Actually exactly during July 2019, our volunteer By the way, I'm not sure if I mentioned this is the chart of a woman she has progressed New Moon during July 2019. So, this marks brand new start or her generally we can say we can advise or that she should try to avoid the important new projects. For example, starting your own business at this face not recommended. Even starting a relationship may not be the best choice. Of course, sometimes you know, if someone has financial issues, they just have to find a job. We cannot stop the person but we have to prepare him then probably what he's about to start will be short lasting it will be a short term solution, which can also be okay of course, as far as I know. This person doesn't have serious financial issues. And in this case, I would advise or I would suggest her to wait to wait at least until the summer 2019. Maybe even later, we are going to find out according to other methods as well. But starting from the progress chart, we can advise for to pay more attention to herself to take care of her emotions, to release the past, to prepare for the new beginning, but not to rush things too much, especially for starting our own business, not the best time until the middle of the summer of 2019. What's important also is that this progress New Moon is in Capricorn and also in penthouse in the in the progress chart, which means that it is related in some way to her career to her social realm. These are her social achievements. So after this progress New Moon Actually, she may have much more opportunities in terms of career and social success. So always pay attention to the sign of your progress moon and also in which house both in the progress chart and in the natal chart. So for example, we can see this progress Moon is in Capricorn 10th house. and here we can see the overlays in the natal chart. It falls in conjunction with the fourth house also important. So basically, we can suggest that it's important for her social success or career achievements responsibilities, but also it could be related to some kind of spiritual interests and things related to even traveling Or possible replication and immigration, also an option and not necessarily immediately after the progress, but it marks a new face in this area. So find out where is the next, or even the last progressing in your chart, which in which sign in which house in the progress chart in which house in the natal chart, it falls. And also you may pay attention to the aspects that the progressed moon makes with your with your natal planets, of course, and the progressed planets as well. So let me see. Yeah, in this chart, the new moon makes sextile with her Natal Venus. So another indication that this could be related to opportunities for traveling or maybe even for education and of course, for relationships and her personal life this is kind of a new positive beginning because we have a sextile positive aspect with Venus. So pay attention to the aspect with the other planets of your chart both progress and NATO. Okay So up until now we know that there is a brand new start around the summer of 2019 before that we can recommend the person to pay attention on his own needs his personality he's maybe he's helped his education possibly and after that he or she has much better opportunities for everything including career. Okay, let me see also are there other major asks Okay around the end of the year so around the end of October November and December of 2019 the progressed moon will make conjunction with progressed Mars which is in fact house and will make Trine with Saturn which is in the sixth house. This is a great combination for career even for starting your own business or finding a job when she can be you know, employed. This is a great combination. And at the same time we have a Trine between Mars and Saturn. So basically the progressed moon activates this long lasting positive aspect between Mars and Saturn. So I think that around the end of the year will be much more beneficial for career in starting your own business or finding a job or working for somebody Else. Okay, so here we have no stressful aspects, no challenging aspects. Now, of course, the conjunction between progress and progress Mars can sometimes bring possible tension in patients. So it's not only, you know, positive stuff, but of course, it depends on how you're using this energy. And Mars in Capricorn is exalted, which is also important. So I think very productive time, I would say, extremely productive. Now let's see, what kind of aspects Do we have between the progress planets in the Natal planets also very significant. Okay, so around the summer 2019 as we said, right around the progress in basically the progress moon we make sextile with her Venus So July August tempered those couple of months might be very positive First of all, for her love life for possible relationship or maybe attraction toward someone else. And because Venus is in ninth house and also rules ninth house in the natal chart, this can be a great time for traveling as well. And for education, learning something new improving her skills are traveling or as we said, if the woman is interested in eradication or immigration, this is also a positive time. Okay, and we said around the end of the year, the progressive makes Trine with Saturn. Okay, so let's see what's going on in the transits. So we can you know, get clearer idea. So here in the inner circle, you can see the birth chart, the outer circle shows the chances. The first thing that you should do when you're interpreting your own chart trying to make a prediction for the next one year, or maybe doing it for someone else, is to find out whether you have aspects between the outer planets in your personal planets. I mean, the outer transiting planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, these are the planets which can bring the biggest shift in your life. So very, very significant. Um, let's see and I'm talking here mostly about major aspects so we can see that Neptune makes Trine with the moon which is very interesting. The moon is in sixth house it also rules sixth house, Neptune is in second house. So this can be very interesting for learning to take care of her health, learning to take care of her diet or even for some kind of inspiration to help to support others this is a very positive aspect also which can increase the intuition but as we said this is a positive aspect. So we are happy to see that. lifter will make one challenging aspect with mercury. We have a square between Neptune and mercury. This happens during the end of April, May, June, July. Oh goodness and fourth of September. So that's an interesting aspect but challenging one, which may bring possible misunderstandings possible confusions possible illusions. So, we have to recommend we should advise the woman to be more careful in terms of decisions and plans that she makes. In terms of friendships, this aspect may bring some kind of disappointment, some kind of possible lies in terms of her love life, sometimes this aspect may bring possible disappointment or extremely emotional love when you're willing to sacrifice something for the other person or sometimes the situation can be complicated, like possible love triangles or those type of messy personnel situations. The other thing which is important is that mercury rules a cow so we should recommend the woman to be very careful with financial decisions. Not the best period for taking credit or investing too much money in something. I would recommend her to avoid that during the whole year. Okay, let's see are there other aspects around October Neptune make Trine with the moon again. So basically that's how the year ends. So Pluto and Uranus won't make major challenging or other aspects which are personal planets only Neptune makes one positive and one challenging aspect. So we already mentioned that the next thing that we should do and of course you should do that for yourself is to find out what's going on with Saturn and Jupiter. The two social planets are also important and also can bring serious changes. First of all, we can see them Saturn is in Capricorn in her 12th house during the whole year and the most important is that it will make opposition with the moon which is in sixth house and also rules sixth house. So first of all this position may bring some kind of isolation. She may feel a little bit lonely or emotionally frustrated, emotionally stuck. And that's again completely normal. This is a face which will pass also because the moon and six house in this horoscope are related to her career. I think that this aspect this opposition will bring challenges with starting a new job. So let's find out when this will pass. Basically during the end of January and February, Saturn makes opposition with the moon so kind of a challenging aspect, then it passes around the second half of February. Meanwhile, also, Saturn squares Pluto, the ruler of the 10th house another indication that this might be a tough period for starting a new job or even if she starts probably won't be satisfying, it won't be fulfilling. Okay, and then around July Saturn squares Pluto again and around the end of July and August, Saturn makes opposition with the moon and also during October and November so basically during November Has the last challenging aspects Saturn makes the last opposition with the moon and the last square with Pluto which is the ruler of 10th house. So in my opinion after that, so from December, this woman will have much better opportunities for starting a job or her own business or things will, you know, start to be easier in terms of this area of our life. So, for example, if Saturn makes challenging aspects, opposition, especially the opposition but also the square with the ruler of your sixth house, or 10th house, or makes those aspects the planets which are in sixth and 10th house. Generally this is not the beneficial period for starting a new job. Very often people may quit or may feel really stuck in terms of their career. And their growth. Not always, of course, not everyone loses their job on those aspects but they mark some kind of challenging event or circumstances or emotions. So, as we also saw in the progressions she had some positive stuff happening around the end of 2019. So, basically, I would say 2019 the end this December is the best period for a new job. Also, we can see that the transiting lunar nodes are in her 12th and sixth house also pay attention. Where are the lunar nodes track the trails in lunar nodes in your chart, the north node is in sixth house during this year, which also suggests that you should focus more on practical stuff, doing concrete things may be helping others maybe even taking care of her health. Also, we should see that this opposition Between Saturn and the moon in sixth house may also require more attention to her health. Very important, and with the north node here, a great time to start a new regime break time if she wants to lose weight or start some kind of diet, very positive aspect and actually, that's what can help her to handle with this opposition between Saturn and around the end of the year around December. Basically, the lunar node the north node will be very close to the cusp of her sixth house. This can also put the beginning of something new in terms of Career Career, and work and responsibilities and daily routines. Okay, so let's see what's going on with Jupiter during 2019 also, you should do that in your chart. So basically Jupiter makes money junction with Mars around the beginning of 2019 Mars rules third house so, positive period for traveling at the beginning of 2019 then Jupiter enters 11th house and will make conjunction with Neptune and Mercury interesting combination Hmm. So, Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune actually can bring positive stuff in terms of her financial situation because Neptune rules second house mercury rules fifth house so for love or for creativity or for some kind of inspiration This is also a positive aspect. It see and the same combination repeats around the story. Summer, June July and then again around September and October. So, basically these are interesting periods for socializing for communicating with other people potentially for love. This may also be interesting however, we saw that Neptune makes the other stuff. So, there might be some kind of situation which may require certain sacrifices, but it may still be emotionally quite intense. Basically, these are the aspects of one more thing that I also want to talk about is the solar return chart. This is one of the most interesting methods for prediction. I will try to you know, give you some basic advices but, of course, requires Well, a lot of knowledge and experience how to interpret that. Let me see so I'm not sure how much of that you're seeing because of the camera here. But anyways, here we can see her solar return chart for 2019. The most important thing that we should start with is the ascendant. The Ascendant is in Libra and we can see also, Venus is in Libra in exact conjunction with your center. A very interesting aspect for relationships or love for harmony. And also in the horoscope of a woman, I would say also time to take care of her self of your feminine energy, including her appearance. I think that this should be one of the major topics of the Year for this woman, too. reconnect with her feminine energy to bounce her emotions. for ourselves to, to find a way to feel more attractive, and after that, she will have much better chances to, you know, to feel comfortable with others to attract what she wants. So, really positive really strong position Venus is in Libra very, very strong sign position in the natal chart, we can see that it falls in for ninth house. I mean, the solar returned Ascendant, together with Venus. So another indication that this is a great period for traveling and learning new things. I mean, the whole year. Let's see also the sun and Jupiter are in second house very positive position for finances or for resources for taking care of our own energy, feeling more empowered, very positive positions. Well okay, let me We see also Neptune is in fifth house in the solar return chart so Neptune can bring club can bring incredible, incredibly strong emotions so, for creativity This is also great. Alright and this solar return chart will affect her after November 2019 we can see the ascendant is in Capricorn Saturn is in conjunction with the ascendant Mars is in conjunction with the cusp of 10th house Uranus is in fourth house so this can be a very transformative period. Also, the solar returned Ascendant falls in 12th house so here we can talk about more changes, possible change of home or even traveling or relocation. But also, I think more opportunities for start starting some brand new or something important in terms of career. So, basically, that's the way to approach or to make prediction for a whole year let me summarize that just let me stop the share me, okay. All right. So, let me summarize all of that what we have just done so that you can do that on your own if you would like to, of course, in terms of your own chart or the chart, your close, close people. First, I usually start with the progress chart I pay attention to the lunar cycle in the progress chart, when is the next new progress New Moon Of course, each of the phases has For interpretations as well, this is extremely important. The aspects of the progress moon during the whole year are also extremely important both to the progress planets and to the Natal planets. Other major aspects are also significant as well. And after that, you can analyze the transits starting from the outer planets, the transiting outer planets and your personal planets, they can give you the most significant information and the biggest changes are marked by those aspects. Also the social planet Saturn and Jupiter show important transitions and changes and certain periods as well. And after you analyze all of that, you can analyze also your solar return chart. Basically, some of the major things you should start with are the solar returned Ascendant, the sun Position planets in first house, where does the solar return ascend on false in the natal chart, all of those things can also give you more information, what the year can look like, what you should focus on how it's more likely to feel, which are the major topics for the year as well. So that's the basic information. I hope it was helpful. Of course, if you need support if you want to receive that, personally from me, you're welcome to purchase a 30 minute reading. The links are below the video. So that's the most important. Thank you very much for watching this episode of How to Read the birth chart and make predictions with astrology. I'll see you next time on more stars.

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