The 3 Major Steps in Relationship Astrology

Love, compatibility and relationships have always been one of the most interesting areas we can explore with astrology.

So, it’s good to know what we can learn with it and most importantly how.

There are a few approaches we use in relationship astrology. They are like separate branches which allow us to see the whole picture.

1. Natal Chart Analysis

First, we need to analyze the individual chart – the purpose is to find the emotional needs, life scenarios and patterns in the romantic area for the individual person.

This is a very important step, which sometimes people forget.

Everything starts with the personal horoscope. It reveals the type of partner we can have and the lessons we need to learn in the area of relationships.

The most important indications we need to analyze are:

  • Venus – the planet of love
  • 5th house – the house of love
  • 7th house – the house of relationships
  • For women – Sun and Mars – the masculine planets
  • For men – Moon and Venus – the feminine planets

You can learn more about it in this article (Link: Indications for Love in the Birth Chart)

2. Synastric Analysis

This is an advanced technique which allows us to explore the compatibility between 2 people. We can do that by exploring the connections between their individual horoscopes.

Some of the most important indications are:

  • Overlays – which houses are triggered by the planets of the other person (Example: The Sun of the men falls in the 7th house of the woman – that’s a very good connection).
  • Planetary aspects – we need to analyze the aspects between the planets of the women and the men.

We need to pay extra attention to the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mars. Positive connection between them are very supportive and beneficial.

The most challenging aspects are those of Saturn and Pluto. Uranus and Neptune can also make things complicated.

  • Compatibility chart (composite) – this is the last piece of the synastric analysis. The composite chart is a mutual chart of the relationship which is calculated by the individual charts of the partners (there are 2 major variations in the calculation approach).

This horoscope also reveals the dynamic in the relationship and possible scenarios.

The most important indications for analysis are the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon, 10th and 4th house, etc.

3. Love prediction

The purpose here is to explore what’s the potential future. This is a complexed task which requires using different predictive techniques to define the tendencies for the future.

The major methods are:

  • Solar Arc Directions
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Return Charts
  • Transits

By exploring those predictive methods, we can pin point the most harmonious periods for love and marriage. The main things we should focus on are:

  • 5th house
  • 7th house
  • Venus
  • The Moon and Venus for men
  • The Sun and Mars for women

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