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In this post you will learn why knowing your exact time of birth is so important and what you need to know about birth time rectification. You can watch the free webinar below and read the summery below.

First let’s find out why your exact time of birth is so substantial for the accuracy of your horoscope. Here are the things which can change:

  • Signs on the cusps of the houses – knowing the sign on the cusp of each house allows you to define the possible circumstances in regards to the life areas which this house represents. If the sign is different then the ruler of the house will also be different. Usually, this shift occurs when the cusp of the house is in the first/last few degrees of certain sign. Sometimes one-minute difference in your time of birth may change some cusp signs.

  • Position of planets in houses – it is crucially important to know the exact house position of each planet. Those position may change, especially of the planet is in the beginning or the end of certain house.

  • Aspects between the planets and the cusps of the houses – this is another thing which is very important for the right interpretation of your horoscope. For example, it would be one case if Saturn squares the cusp of your 4th house or Venus has a trine with it. Those aspects also might be different if your time of birth is not correct.

  • Degrees on the cusps of the houses – it takes approximately 4 minutes for the shift between one degree and the next one – for example between 2nd and 3rd degree in Taurus. This can be important if you are using certain system for degree classification, like the Egyptian.

  • Position of planets in signs – this is a rare but also possible case. Usually, it can happen when the planet is in the very last or first degree. Most often it can happen with the Moon, because it is fastest planet.

All of the reasons that we’ve discussed so far are related to the correct interpretation of your natal chart. However, the exact time of birth is also very important for the accuracy of your prediction. How is that?

  • Solar arc directions – this is the most important method, which can “allow” or “forbid” certain events. If certain event is not indicated as possible according to this method then it won’t happen even if the other methods show it is possible. The challenge with this method is that it is extremely time sensitive. 4 min difference in your time of birth can change the period of certain event with one year. This is also the main method which we use for birth time rectification.

  • Progressions – an inaccurate time of birth will change the period when you have an ingression of the progressed houses from one sign to another. If you don’t know what it means you just need to remember that those shifts are also very indicative for significant changes in your life. The aspects between the progressed planets and your natal houses will also be different.

  • Transits – this method is not so time sensitive. The most important which can be different is the period when the outer planets make aspects with your natal cusps of houses. These are also very significant events, which we shouldn’t neglect.

I hope that I have convinced you how important it is to know your exact time of birth.

Next, I will explain what you need to know about the birth time rectification. Unfortunately, this is a very advanced technique, which can’t be explained in one article, but I will show at least the right approach.

  • Appearance – first we need to assess the body structure and most importantly the face of the person. Here we use the help of the physiognomy, which is a science explaining the connection between the planets and our appearance. Generally, if certain planet has an aspect with the Ascendant it also “leaves marks” on our face. For example, Mars affects the chin and makes it stronger and more angular. The Sun can make the nose and the forehead more specific, etc. This method is also helpful if we are not sure about the sign of the Ascendant.

  • Quality assessment – this can be done if we don’t know the exact sign on certain house cusp or we suspect that a planet might be in a different house. In order to do that we need more information about the life of the person. Sometimes we can skip this step.

  • Life events – this is the most important step, which allows us to make the final conclusion. Here we need to know the dates/periods of important events, which have already happened. The most common events are: marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of close people, accidents, traumas, surgeries, graduation, birth of siblings, emigration, new home, new job, etc. 

The main method which we use is the solar arc directions. Based on that we can define the most accurate time of birth. The general rule is that if certain event has happened in the past, during this period the houses related to this event have been active. For example, marriage is indicated by 7th or 10th house, birth of a child by 5th and 8th house, etc.

Who needs a birth time rectification?

  • Everyone who doesn’t know their time of birth or the only thing they know is that it was early morning or in the afternoon or something like that
  • Everyone who’s time of birth is suspiciously exact – like 4 pm or 1:30 am. Of course, there are people who are born exactly at 4 pm, but very often the time of birth is rounded, because it’s easier to remember
  • Even if you have it written in your birth certificate or your mother claims to remember exactly, it is still recommended to have a rectification, because sometimes the clock which has been used might have been incorrect. Also, the astronomical time sometimes is a little different from what we use

In conclusion, I would like to say that everyone who is really interested in astrology and wants to have an accurate interpretation of his birth chart and prediction, needs to have a birth time rectification.

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Hello dear friends, welcome to our webinar about rectification and time of work. This is a very interesting topic and I want to share with you some tips and advices. And also to explain why it is so important to know your exact time of birth. And basically what you should do if you don't know the exact time of birth. Meanwhile, we are also going to have a q&a session so if you have any questions, you can ask them in the chat. So first of all, the time of work, why we have to pay attention to that. The reason is because first of all, For some methods of prediction, this can be extremely important. So if you really want to have an accurate prediction using some specific methods, like for example, the solar arc directions, you really need a very, very accurate time of work. And I will show some examples what, what do I mean by that I will share my screen probably, to show you. But if you want to be really precise, you need a very accurate time worked, first of all for the prediction. And also in many cases, you may notice that, for example, the cusp of certain house is at the very end of certain sign or maybe in the very beginning of the sign the last few degrees or the first few degrees which means that If you change the time work with sometimes 510 minutes, sometimes even a minute can make a difference, then the sign on the cusp of this house will change, which also changes, you know, the rulership, which planet rules this house. And this can really change the circumstances and the interpretation of this house and the area of life, which it represents and many other things. For example, in my horoscope, I have this issue because in literally a couple of minutes, the signs on the cusp of my third and ninth house were changing. And you will notice the same in your chart in some cases. So it's very, very important to define that. First of all for the interpreter. The qualities related to this house in this life area, the rulership, which means that you know which planet is responsible for this house, this also affects the prediction. Let me give you an example here. Let's say that on the cusp of your fourth house, you have the last degree of cancer or the last few degrees, let's say 28 degrees of cancer, but you're not really sure about your time of work. And if you work with this chart, when where you have cancer on the cusp of fourth house, it means that the moon is ruling this house. But if the time of birth is a little bit different, and the cusp is in first degree of view, it means that the sun will rule this house. And so in the prediction for example, if You would like to analyze circumstances about family and home or maybe potential for settling down or even replicating, you should pay attention to the sun and not so much to the moon. In this case the moon is always related to home and family. So, maybe it was not the perfect example but I think that you get what I mean you really need to define which planet is the ruler certain house. Okay, so also, let me remind you that we are having a special webinar about solar return charts, it will be on the third of March, I believe, you can check the information below. So I will explain more about this webinar, probably at the end of this one. So if you would like to join And learn more about interpretation of prediction. And by the way, the solar return chart, that's one of the beauty of this method is that it is not so sensitive about the accuracy of your time of work. So that's why this is one of the, you know, favorite methods for prediction. I will explain more at the end of the video. So, first of all, how to start with, you know, defining your time of work. Of course, it would be great if you have a birth certificate, or if your mother remembers correctly. But you will notice that very often our mothers say that, well, you were born at, let's say, 8pm or you were born at 9:30pm. And the truth is that very often, we are not born exactly at 8pm. But you know, that's how people remember birthings By the way, here in India, I have noticed that they pay some extra attention to that they're very precise with recording their time of birth. But in Europe, and in us, I have noticed that it's not always so accurate. So of course, it would be great if your mother has a concrete idea or memory about this event. And also if you have a birth certificate, because it will give you the starting point about how to, you know, define concretely the time of work. But there are many cases in which the mother doesn't remember or let's say she says, Well, it was during early mornings. Because you know, child work is a complicated process. And sometimes, you know, women don't have a clock in front of them or sometimes they lose consciousness or you There are so many, you know, scenarios or sometimes, you know, we are asking them when we are 30 years old and they honestly don't remember. And the answer that we can have is, for example, early morning or in the afternoon. In this case, of course, it would be more complicated to define your time of birth. But of course, it would be even more important because if you have a timeframe of let's say 234 hours, you may not even know your Ascendant or other things, which are important. So, in this case, you definitely needs to rectify your time of work. And how we do that of course, there are certain astrology techniques which will help you with that. First of all, first of all, we use the appearance of the person Especially when we are trying to define the ascendant because your Ascendant the sign, and also planets which make aspects with your Ascendant very often day, not very often, they always actually leave certain marks on our body structure, and especially on our faces. This is a different science, this science is called physiognomy. And it's extremely interesting by the way to observe, you know, the lips of the person, his chin, his nose, the eyebrows on the forehead. It's it's just a different science, which is very helpful when you are trying to rectify the time of work. I can give you an example. Okay, it's a little strange, but let me show you My notes. So if you look at my notes here, it has this, you know, it's not a correct form. I'm not sure how exactly you call that, but I think that you can see it. It's very specific for my notes. And this is an indication we have these very often if the sun has an aspect with your Ascendant and in my case it gets the sun is in opposition with the ascendant. Or, for example, if you find people with a very strong chin, with you know, angular chin, and you know, it's very, very correct, precisely formed. Usually, this is an indication that Mars is either ruling the ascendant, meaning you know, the ascendant is in Aries or Mars has an aspect with your ascendant in my case, I cannot show you that because Goes Mars doesn't make us think with my Ascendant. So I'm not an example of that. Another thing is, for example, the lips. For example, if Venus has an aspect with your Ascendant very often, you know, the lips are very specific, they're very beautiful, and they look like a ball here, you know, there is a very interesting line of the upper lip. So this is the first step, it's very helpful to, you know, look yourself at the mirror, or if you're rectifying someone else's chart to look at his face, and to observe. And if you find For example, let's say you see that you know, the person has this type of nose. So you are searching for some aspects between the Sun and the ascendant, or, you know, the strong chain or the angular chin. This is always also indication that Mars makes so that's The next step you analyze the structure of the body and the face after that, so basically the main idea here is first of all to define the, the ascendant of the person, what's his Ascendant. After that, the next step that you can use is to use um, basically to evaluate the qualities. Or let's say that you hesitate, you are not really sure whether, let's say the person has Capricorn on the cusp of second house or Aquarius on the cusp of second house, you know, the time is in the middle, so we are not really sure so here we have to ask ourselves some questions. For example, how does this person earn his money? Is his financial situation stable for example let's say if Capricorn is on the cusp of second house usually there is more stability sometimes the person you know might be more afraid the four D or something like that you may earn his money with hard work. So we are analyzing that. On the other hand, if the person saw you know, financial situation is more unstable or he's earning money from you know, strange or different ways of sources of income, or let's say that he's a freelancer, this might be an indication that where you are is on the cusp of second house and you can do that this with all of the houses. fourth house represents family for example. You can analyze the sign they are or fifth house represents love and romance and children. So this is kind of a you know, quality assessment. Okay, so basically, that's the next step. And after that, the most precise thing is when we are using the solar arc directions. This is the most advanced technique for first of all for rectification of your time. And also for prediction. Of course, I cannot teach you you know about everything that you need to know about this method because, you know, it will take us literally days and also you need some background, but I can give you some simple techniques that you can use and apply this method. So, that's the next step we use the solar arc directions to define the exact birth time. And here what we need is this of important events, which has or which have already happened in the life of this person. So as we can understand, it would be very difficult to make a rectification of a child because usually children don't have so many significant events, you know, unless somebody has died in the family or there was a divorce of the parents or maybe around occasion, but other than that, usually, you know, children don't have significant events. But you know, usually the older we get, the more events we have. So, the perfect or the best event for birth time rectification is marriage, official legal marriage, it doesn't matter whether there was a big celebration or you have just signed up. Or you know, short marriage is also something different. Legal official marriage, this is the best event for activity There are certain rules which we apply in this case and this is a very good starting point. Other events that you can use for rectification are unfortunately, the negative events that have close people is always indicated in this method always, you cannot have that have closed for so for example, a parent, a grandparent, if a house in your chart is not activated in the solar arc directions, it's just impossible. So, these are some of the events that we can use as well data flows people. Also all kinds of traumas, car accidents, surgeries, broken bones, something concrete usually is better. I mean, for example, let's say that, at some point you're suffering from for Usually this is not a very good indication because this is not something concrete that we can measure where exactly it has started and when the end usually it's not marked, it's not like a, you know, concrete event. But on the other hand, let's say that you have certain surgery, we have a concrete date this event, and this is a very good event for duplication. Let me see what else word of siblings also very good event. Birth of children. This is a great event for rectification. revocations immigrations, to graduation of university, starting a job or leaving a job or getting fired. These are also events which you can use. Let me see. So basically everything which is For everything which is measurable, and which has a concrete starting point, those events we use for the precise word time rectification. And let me explain what's the general rule of this method. So basically, in order to have certain event, you need to have the houses which represent or are related to this life area, they need to be activated. For example, child child work. The houses which are important for this event are first of all, a house because it represents pregnancy, conceiving, and this transformational process of the body of the energy and everything. And also fifth house, because that's the house which is related to children. So you cannot do Give bored if your fifth and eighth house are not activated in the solar return, sorry, in the solar arc direction method. fourth house would be also good if it's activated, because you know, there is a change related to your home to the family environment. But sometimes women leave their children for adoption. So, for example, in this case for cows is not necessary. We only need 15 acres. Or for example, let's say that we are trying to find whether marriage is possible. Marriage is represented first of all by seventh house, because, you know, these are our serious relationships, our marriage, and also 10th house, this is our status and especially for women, you know, it's very important. So we need to have seven And or penthouse one of the houses activated. Of course, there are specific ways to do that, but this is the general rule. And let me explain also something else about the solar arc directions and basically how they work. The solar arc directions give you permission for something for example, if you have all of the indications necessary for marriage, seventh house 10th house activated the rulers of those houses the sun, and you know, everything is okay. It means that marriage is possible. And after that we need to find confirmations in other methods. But if in the solar art directions, you don't have this permission, none of the other methods really matter. You may have beautiful progressions, you may have the best transit It won't be enough to have the concrete event to materialize this event. So that's why we always use those indications or this method for prediction and for rectification, so, if you don't have the needed indications in the solar arc directions, marriage is not possible or birth of a child or whatever or also of course, the negative indications as well. So, let me now let me show you actually, I can share my screen to show you some examples. And basically how you can apply this method which is the easiest way to use the solar arc directions basically, so are our directions mean that for every year Which has passed after your birthday or basically the number of your current age. Let's say that you are right now 30 years old, you have to add this number to the degrees of each of your planets. I will show you exactly how you do that. Okay, so hopefully you see my screen now. I will pick up a random chart, which is basically of the current moment. So this is not the real chart of a real person, but it's it doesn't really matter. So okay, look at this beautiful chart. For example, The sun is in seventh house you can see here so the cusp of seventh house is 22 degrees in Aquarius, and the sun is on the 28 degrees. So basically, what we do is move the sun. So basically we have six degrees difference. If we add one degree for each year of this person's work of this person's life, it means that approximately at the age of six, the sun is in conjunction with the cusp of eighth house. Or, for example, let's see here. Mercury is one degree away from the cusp of eighth house. It means that when the person is one year old mercury will be in conjunction with the cusp of eighth house. So for example, This is a time when we can assume that there might be something related to the health of this person happening, or maybe something related to, in some cases, even family members. So basically this will activate a house. Or let me give you another example. Here, Jupiter is 21 degrees in Sagittarius. And the cusp of fourth house is 13 degrees in Scorpio. So let's try to find out when Jupiter At what age of this person Jupiter would be in conjunction with the cusp of his fourth house. So the general rule again, I repeat this one degree equals one year. So let's make a fast calculation. So here we have 13 degrees in Scorpio, so 17 degrees from the Scorpio sign, plus 21 degrees, it should be 38. So at the age of 38, approximately, Jupiter is in conjunction with the cusp of fourth house. So, around this age, this person may experience an important change in terms of his family, his home, and probably even the topic about children because Jupiter rules fifth house stays in the fourth house. And basically here we are going to have a connection between fourth and fifth house. So this would be a very strong indication for possible marriage or settling down or any other important change related to finally or let's let's check for something Else okay here let's take the moon so the moon is 16 degrees in cancer let's try to find out when the moon will make conjunction with the ascendant. So 14 degrees from the cancer sign, plus 22 from the Leo sign 36. So around the age of 36 the moon will be in conjunction with his Ascendant and since we see that the moon rules his 12th house, for example, this could be an indication for possible immigration. And look how basically those periods almost overlap. The morning conjunction with the ascendant and Jupiter in conjunction with the cusp of fourth house. So if this was a real person, we can really say that between the age of 3638 there will be a major change in his life, probably related To family home, both people relocation and those type of things. So that's how this is the simplest way. Try to count. When each planet will make conjunction with any house, it doesn't really matter, all of them are important. So for example, it would be interesting to find out when Neptune from a house will make conjunction with ninth house but also with 10th house. So you can do that with every planet in every house. This is the simplest way. Now, the more advanced basically way or actually, the real way to use this method is not to include only the conjunctions but every possible aspect. So every aspect between a planet and a house Let me see, this could be done manually. But honestly, it's a lot of work to do that manually. I have special software for that purpose. For example, here we see aspect between the planet and the cusp of the house. And also the cusp of the house, the solar arc directed or the moved house and the planets. I know it sounds a little bit complicated and to be honest with you, it's not a simple technique, but I'm trying to show you basically what the real topology looks like. And, of course, I'm trying to show you which are the simplest way to apply that but I want to show you also which are the more in depth possibilities to use this method. So bear with me if you really want to understand you know, The deeper meaning or the huge opportunities of astrology. So, let's move this. You can see here I'm basically trying to show you how the solar arc directions would look like for a certain period. Let's say that this person is trying to eat or would like to get married. Okay, so for example, let's take this er This is approximately the person is let's say 26 years old. And this is how he's solar arc directions look like for example, here is something important Venus in conjunction with fifth house, Saturn squares, fourth house. So look, each of those small samples basically show a different aspect. Here we're using both major and minor aspects. So we are working with many aspects, I think they were approximately 15 or 16. I don't really remember but it's not important. We use all of the aspects and they can all represent certain significant life change related to different areas of this person's life. For example, here we see Venus has a Trine with the cusp of third house at this point. So we can assume some kind of change related to traveling or maybe education or something like that. Uranus also has a square and a half with the cusp of third house. So also we can assume that there might be some kind of instability or drastic change, let's say in his education or something like that. Let me show you also in the birth chart, what it says actually didn't mean about the time sensitivity of the methods so Okay, let's say that the person has or his mother says that he is born around 4:30pm. So, this is how his chart is looking like at 4:30pm 30 degree in Aries is where his 10th house is. But if we move to time with a couple of minutes, so at 434 people PM, the cusp of 10th house is already in Taurus. So, Leo Literally you can see sometimes it's a matter of one minute, and the cusp of the house changes, the sign on the cusp of the house can change. And sometimes this can apply to your Ascendant, which can be very, very important. In other cases like this one, for example, it's very important to know, which is the exact sign on the cusp of your 10th house, or maybe on the cusp of your sixth house or any other house. So basically, sometimes literally in a cup. In a very small timeframe, we can have some significant changes, or let's say, a planet moves from one house to another. Like let's say here, Venus is in sixth house, with this time of birth, but if the person is born a little bit earlier, then Venus would be in his fifth house. So basically, you can do that with every planet and with every Every house. So let me check here your comments to see. Yeah, someone shares when I met my wife, Venus was in exact conjunction with my seventh house. Yes, this is a very, very typical example. For example, I gave birth to my daughter when Venus made conjunction with the cusp of my fifth house and Venus in the natal chart is in my fifth house. So it's always interesting to to observe those things. Yes, yes, Ellie, this is the solar arc directions method. Very, very precise method. And again, as I told you For this method, it's extremely important to have a very accurate time word. It would be the best scenario is basically, you have one, two minutes, you know, timeframe. But the more exact the time of word is, the more accurate your prediction will be. By the way, the exact time of birth or the positions of your houses may also be important when you're analyzing transits as well. For example, the degree or the position of your natal planets won't change in let's say, in a matter of 1020 minutes or 30 minutes. Sometimes it can, but it's a very rare case. Usually, you know, the planets will remain in the same size. But as we said, the cusp of the houses might be different and if you are analyzing trends From the outer planets, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune it would make a very big difference if the cusp of the house is a little bit different from what you're using because you know the outer planets are moving really slow. So let's take let's take an example of right now let's say here Uranus is on the very last degree in Aries right now the 30 degree. And in our example, which we just analyzed, let's say that you're not really sure whether the cusp of your 10th house is at the very last degree of Aries or the first degree in Taurus. So it also means that you will not know the exact time when Uranus will make conjunction with the cusp of your 10th house, which is also an extremely important astrological event. So when we are analyzing aspects Between the outer planets and the cusps of our NATO houses, it's also extremely important to have an accurate time of birth. That's why I recommend everyone to have a birth time rectification. Even if your mother says that, you know, I'm sure that you were born exactly at 4:30pm. Even in this case, I recommend that because there are different indications which we cannot control or which we don't know about. For example, do you know if the clock that this woman has watched has been accurate, it's absolutely possible that the clock at the hospital might have been incorrect, let's say two, three minutes, this is one option or sometimes you know, there are other events which are more kind of astronomical, you know that you know the exact time of Burke might be a little bit different from what you have. So on the clock and even in my case, when I gave birth to my daughter, I was absolutely sure you know, the clock was in front of me. I know the exact minute. But after that, when I'm trying to find out certain events, I've noticed that probably the accurate time is one or two minutes different from what the hospital clock show showed me. So this is very, very helpful to have if you're really passionate about astrology. For example, if you would like to use it for yourself, I mean, to have an accurate natal chart and to analyze transits progressions for yourself. This is always very important to have it rectified. Or even if you're consulting a professional astrologer, it's also very important and by the way, there are some people Soldiers who don't accept to you know, analyze your chart unless you also rectify it by them. So, this is very important. Okay, I will read your comments in a little bit. So as I promised also, we are going to have a q&a session. So if you have some questions, you can leave them in the chat, I will try to answer as many as I can. Before that just let me share with you a little bit about our upcoming webinar on solar return charts. So the beauty of this method is first of all, if even if you don't have a very precise time Word, this method will still work for you. It's just not so time sensitive, like, for example, the solar arc direction. So this is one thing which makes it so useful. The other thing is that it gives you so much information. Honestly, sometimes it could be confusing if you don't know the right approach where you should start your analysis from, because you need to analyze the chart on its own the solar return chart. And also you need to analyze how it connects with your birth chart. And if you don't know how to do that, it might be confusing, but that's why we're having this webinar on the third of March. So you can join us if you want to the link is below the video. And basically, I will share with you what's the right approach, because there are many questions when we talk about solar return charts. If you're not familiar with this method, Basically, this is a simple way to for prediction using basically the time when the transit Saturn returns to its Natal position like in your birth chart. Usually it's on your birthday, but not always, sometimes there might be small differences. And for that exact moment, let's say your son is on the 15th degree in Capricorn, or in cancer, it doesn't really matter. And 15 degrees and let's say 34 minutes of the degree. So each year around your birthday, you need to calculate a horoscope for the time when the sun would be in the same position. And basically, you have a different new chart with a different Ascendant, with basically all of the planets in different size and it's something which affects you for More than one year. I will say we are going to discuss that during the webinar. The next question is also for which location you should calculate this chart because nowadays many people live in different places they relocate and travel many people want to use the method also to change certain indications all of that will be discussed on our webinars so if you're interested please find more information below the video. Okay, let me see some of the comments Okay, somebody says late degree Pisces but my Aries predictions are always more accurate is this due to house system it block ciphers. If your time of birth is not rectified, it may also be because the cost of the house might be in Aries. So, that's the first thing I would recommend. I also use the platypus house system by the way. So in my opinion for personal charts, the block to lose house system works great for general predictions when we are you know, making general prediction for everyone with the sun or ascendant in Aries or in cancer or each side. We have no other option than using the courthouse system. But if you're calculating birth chart for yourself, knowing your time of birth. Of course, you I think at least that it would be better to use the plus to scale system with some small exceptions depending on the place where you are born. Mm hmm. Interesting question Ascendant of the solar arc chart in conjunction with the Natal Uranus. So of course this first of all you in order for this method to work you need before that to rectify the birth chart, but let's say that the chart is rectified. Of course it represents a significant personal change with yourself with your appearance, sometimes with your health. Here, the most important question is Where is Uranus in your natal chart? Is it in 12th house or in 11th house or in first house or in second and also which houses are ruled by Uranus in the chart? This will also show you what kind of change you can expect Okay also progressed MC in conjunction with the sun, do you mean progressed or solar arc. But in both of the way in both of the cases, this is also a social change probably related to career in some cases to your social status for women, by the way for women, if the sun makes conjunction with the cusp of seventh house, or basically any of the cardinal houses first seventh, fourth or 10th house, this is one of the greatest indications for marriage. So the sun in conjunction with first fourth seventh or 10th house major event usually for women Mm hmm. Evil shares my Ascendant is two degrees cancer and moon in the 11th house in Taurus. I think my birth time is accurate because I see the change when Uranus aspects my Ascendant my appearance is different. Yes, that's very good. That's very good if you observe that the transits are working correctly with your natal chart, for example, the the outer planets or maybe a Mars usually is also very noticeable. For example, observe when Mars makes conjunction with your Ascendant or with the cusp of your sixth house or a house. Those might be some periods when for example, you need to be more careful with your health. Or something might change. So this is also one way, but honestly, it's only a way to confirm but it's not reliable. I mean that even in this case you haven't Orbis. So sometimes the time of work might be four minutes before or after that, and the Orbis is still accurate. So yeah, yeah. Evil finds the video. Interesting. Thank you so much. I know that it's, it sounds complicated. I know that but I just want to show you what kind of options we have with astrology. What's the Orbeez that we use? Great question, Ellie. For every planet in every house, except for the sun and the moon. The orbits is one degree For the moon, the orbits is one degree and a half and for the sun to decrease that's what I'm using. Okay. After I'm trying to understand your question my father doesn't know he has a lot of problem with building construction in neighborhood rejection to sign project. I think this is fourth house matters and eclipses have triggered it. Could I be right? I'm not sure what exactly you don't know. I mean, you don't know About his accurate time word. Or of course, the eclipses are very important, but they are not a reliable method to you know to rectify a birth chart. So first you need to have the concrete chart and after that you can interpret the eclipses will the solar return webinar consists of how to predict things, timing of events. Of course, we are going to talk about prediction. Yeah, that's the main thing or actually the only thing that we are using this method for so we are going to talk all about prediction on this webinar. What would be on the appearance difference between a Pisces Ascendant versus an Aries Ascendant? I'm really interested in rectifying my chart. If you want your chart to be rectified by me Of course you can do that. I think that the links for that are in the description below. Or you can always go to my website, Mars stars dotnet and you will find all of the readings and including the rectification. Pisces and Aries makes a lot of difference. How to describe that biases, generally the element of the ascendant is very noticeable biases they are softer, they are more gentle sometimes. You know, especially in the eyes, there is a specific magnetism there very often you may not Is that you know if they are, they may look like they can cry every minute. For example, my Ascendant is also a water sign my Ascendant is in cancer. And you may notice that you know, the skin is very thin usually, you know, it's more pale. The area's Ascendant they are they have sharper edges, usually, the nose, the chin can be more noticeable. But here again, as I told you, sometimes certain planet can make an aspect with your Ascendant which can change or may leave certain marks. For example, let's say your Ascendant might be in Pisces, but if Mars has, let's say, a square with your ascendant in the natal chart, we will also find certain Mars indications on your face. Which house curse would be used for divorce in solar arc Chrissy asked Chrissy the same like the marriage absolutely the same seventh and then house It doesn't matter if the change or the event is positive or negative. Basically what matters is which life area is related to that. So marriage and divorce are both affecting your personal life. seventh house because you know, those are your relationships 10th house because that's your status. So the same Of course you need to find Mars, or Saturn or Uranus or Pluto, making us With those houses to have, you know, a divorce, but keep in mind that the challenging aspect also indicate opportunity. For example, let's say that you have Aquarius on the cusp of your seventh house. So it means that Uranus rules this house when Uranus makes a square with your seventh house, in the solar arc directions, this might be an indication for possible marriage as well. Even if the aspect looks like it's challenging, it can still show an opportunity for change. And divorces may happen even when you have a Trine or a sextile or another positive aspects. So here, the nature of the aspect may show some events for example how things happen, but it's not necessarily an indication whether it is event is positive or negative. If we consider that, for example, the divorce is negative, sometimes actually, people are happier when they get divorced. So you know, they have trines with their seventh house. Are there any online sites you could recommend to help with bird time replication? No, honestly, I wouldn't recommend you to do that. This is a very advanced technique. And you will find also many astrologers who don't offer this service because honestly, it's complicated. And even professionals sometimes cannot. You know, they don't do that. So you cannot expect that a software will do the work for you. Because you need also more you need to explain perience with this method you need also intuition By the way, and to know you know how to approach the process. So, unfortunately, there are no software's which can, you know, substitute the person. Another great question from Eva, do you use only solar arc directions for certification or more methods? Very good question. So, I always start with the solar arc directions. But sometimes you may find that let's say you have a time frame. For example, I have found that let's say the person has given me five events. And I have found that the time of birth is somewhere between just an example 511, BM and five, let's say 16. So I have let's see Five, five minutes timeframe. And you know, the solar arc directions work for the whole timeframe. Sometimes it happens. In this case, in order to be more precise and to find out where exactly is the accurate time or at least to make the timeframe smaller, then I use secondary progressions using those same events and the cusps of the houses, but only after the solar arc directions. So again, the general rule is, if the solver our our directions don't allow the event to happen. It doesn't matter that for example, the progressions are showing this but the progressions, secondary progressions can be used as a way to be more precise if you have a larger timeframe let's say four or five minutes and you want to be more precise after that you can use this method now thank you Chrissy. Okay, let me see. even asked some astrologers Look at the face fortification because this is help. What do you think about that? even maybe you have joined us later. Maybe you haven't watched the beginning because that's what I explained at the very beginning of the webinar. Are that if you are not sure about the ascendant of the person, or you know you have other questions, it's always helpful to have a picture or to look at him in life, you can contact him to see the face. So yes, this can be very helpful, especially if you are not sure about the sentence. Sometimes it's not a problem. Let's say the person has a 30 minute timeframe. For example, his mother says I'm sure that you were born between four and four 4:30pm. And during this timeframe, we find that the ascendant is the same, but it's may still be helpful because some aspects between the planets and the cusp of the ascendant might change. But in other cases, we may have a shift for example, the ascendant makes an ingression from one side to the next. So yes, I I recommend also using or analyzing basically the face. Another wonderful question What about planets in the 12th house which are in conjunction with the ascendant? Do they affect the face as 12th house is a more separate, set secluded house. It doesn't matter, they will also show on the face, the orbits here. If we are talking about conjunction between a planet and the cusp of a house, the orbit is five degrees. And it doesn't really matter whether For example, let's say that Venus In conjunction with your Ascendant Venus can be in conjunction with the ascendant in first house or in 12th house but still very close to your first house. In both of the cases you will notice this Venus, it doesn't matter that it's in 12th house for other things about interpretation of your Venus and you know the houses which are by Venus, this will be important but specifically for your appearance. Venus will be visible in both of the cases. Okay, guys, so it's almost an hour. So our time is almost up. Thank you very much for joining me today. I hope that it was helpful for you. I know that it's, you know, a huge field of knowledge and it may sound a little complicated, but it's very important and it shows you great ways actually how you can understand astrology better. So my advice would be to rectify your time of birth by a professional astrologer those software's and websites Honestly, I don't believe that they can do a good job. You can do that with any astrologer you find you know, a trustful Of course, that's your personal choice. If you want a rectification done by me, you can do The link is below the video or you can go to my website, Mars stars dotnet. And also, don't forget about our webinar about the solar return charts. They're also very, very interesting. Yeah, definitely pay attention to the solar arc directions. They are very important. And sometimes you know what I have found that sometimes in the transits, and in the progressions, you don't find anything so significant happening. But then you're wondering, for example, well, how is this person married during this time, there is nothing so significant. Nothing so special with his Venus or his moon activated. You're wondering, you know, the person has married during this time. The answer in those cases is in the soul. directions something has triggered them. So, yeah, analyze them, it will be very helpful. Okay, so thank you very much guys for joining me. If you want to find more information about astrology and personal development and other articles and stuff, you can always go to my website Marsters, dotnet. And if you have some kind of suggestions or ideas about anything that you would like to see more of, whether this would be a video or an article, or training, you can send me your suggestions to my email, Marina at Mars stars dotnet or you can just find the contact form on my website, then send it from there. If there is something you want to see me More or something concrete, which I haven't talked about, you can send me your suggestions, I will do my best to answer your questions to make more of those videos or trainings or whatever you want. So thank you very much. Again. Also, by the way, don't forget to sign up for my email updates. When you go to my website, you will find the button is up there. It's very convenient. And in this way, you will get notifications for promotions, things which I don't share anywhere else like coupon codes or other events. And whenever I publish something new and interesting, and I think it would be helpful for you, I will send you an email as well. So thank you very much again, I wish you a wonderful day.

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