3rd Prenatal Matrix – The Warrior Mode

Do you feel as though life is a constant battle? It's like everything and everyone is against you and you can't trust anyone. This is the warrior mode and it's the most typical one for people who are affected by the 3rd matrix. In astrology language this is Mars's matrix.

This episode is part of the series about the prenatal matrixes (episodes 3 - 7). You will learn about the 3rd prenatal matrix - the possible birth circumstances which can activate it and what kind of issues it can bring later in your adult life.

By understanding this concept, you will be able to realize what's required from you, so that you can move forward to the next level of your personal growth.

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You will learn

  • The specific birth circumstances - fast labor with possible traumas and a lot of blood
  • The importance of moving forwards to the 4th matrix and not regressing to the 2nd one
  • The major challenges - it's exhaustive, lack of compromises, feeling unsafe, fight mode
  • This matrix is easier, because there are possible actions the person can take
  • The possible solutions - need to keep going without giving up, hard work, learning to cooperate with others



Hello, dear friend. Then the welcome to episode number six. We are still talking about the prenatal matrixes, and this episode is all about the Third Matrix. Make sure to listen to the previous episodes, especially episode number three, which is the phone the Asian of this concept. So the prenatal matrixes has been discovered by Stanislaw Gruff, who was very untraditional scientist and researcher with some very strange methods. But the truth is that his discoveries are incredible and we can definitely use them in our work. And we can help people toe understand better why certain things are happening in their lives. And the Third Matrix is the one which resonates with the part of the lasers that which is the birth process. Actually, our baby is Juve. Interest apart very fast for so and also new sums possible is Thomas, or something alike related to blood. A. For example, the mother has lost lots of blood during the labour, or there was some kind of accident which has traumatized the baby or the mother, and also if it has happened really fast. The whole labour process was really, really fast. Then this is the third Matrix. And in astrology we connect this to Mars. Mars is the planet which is resonating. Quit the third Matrix and the way that we can really understand how to change. This is first of all by bringing more awareness. So explore what has happened during your actual birth. And as we have talked about it already, the actual process of our birth creates an imprint off other things that happen for you for us when we are adults. And if we explore more this part of the labour, the actual time that the baby moves to the birth que No. So this is a difficult time. This is a period which requires lots of efforts from the mother, but also from the baby. So if we go back to the second Matrix, this was the one with contractions, so it was very difficult. It was very challenging, but there was no exit available. Well, the Third Matrix is the one which offers the exit, which is the birth que no, but it requires work. It requires lots of effort to be ableto go to pass through this. So people who live in the Third Matrix are people who are generally seeing life as a constant fight. Life is requiring you to be constantly aware off any possible danger. You can see the outer environment is an enemy, and it might feel also a very unfriendly So. But the truth is that the Third Matrix is easier than the 2nd 1 It's requiring more efforts, but at least we see that there is something we can do. So from that perspective it looks easier. Or at least it feels easier. But it requires hard work, much more efforts and really the ability to learn toe overcome those obstacles. So in the second Matrix, we learned to accept the limitations, the boundaries, and just to acknowledge things as they are in the Third Matrix, we have to learn to make the needed changes. We have to learn to take action and move forward so that we can be born or move forward so that we can achieve what we want to. So this matrix might be, as we said, easier than the previous one. But there is also a risk that we may regress. Remember that every matrix is also giving this chance to go back to regress. And that's not something that we can. We want to do so during the TERT Matrix. If you are there, make sure that you don't give up and you don't regress back to the second Matrix, in which you feel like you are helpless and you have no exit. You don't have any solution. You have to keep going. That's very important for the Third Matrix. And the other thing is that by bringing more awareness, the person may recognize that his idea, his perspective of seeing the world as a field for constant fights is on Lee his own representation. And this can really help because one of the lessons for people living in the Third Matrix is to learn to cooperate with others because they may have the subconscious idea that everyone or everything is kind of an enemy, or at least it. They're not friends, and it's kind of, you know, having the mindset of the single player. So people in the Third Matrix need to learn to cooperate with the outer world to see that they can receive eventually some support from the outer world, and it doesn't mean to be become passive or tow. Avoid the actions? Not at all. But it's more a question off changing the mindset. And also another thing. If we go back toe the metaphor about fairy tales, remember that the first Met matrix, the Neptune Matrix, resonated with the beginning of the fairytale. It's all OK. The princess is fine. It's great. Then we had the sake of the Matrix, which brings the challenges. For example, the princess was kidnapped or something terrible happened in the castle. The Third Matrix is the one in which the hero goes on the mission. His journey begins the journey of fighting against the enemy. Or, you know, whatever challenge he needs to overcome. That's what we need to do. If we are in the Third Matrix, we have to find our own mission and go for it. We should not go back. We should not regress into the powerless state in which we feel like we are limited and there is nothing we can do. We have to keep going. And, as we said, the way to understand if you are living mostly in the Third Matrix is one by exploring your birth. So if it was very fast, if there was some blood, some, um, some kind of trauma for the baby, then chances are this person is mostly living in the third Matrix, also in the horoscope if we find that Mars is accentuated very strong, or there are some specific positions also, which can show that the person is living in the third Matrix. So basically, if you don't have any information about of the actual birth, your horoscope can be your guidance to see well, which is the Matrix that's impacting you the most. But remember, we have the opportunity to change. The Matrix is. Hopefully we'll move ahead to the following matrix, and we won't request. But remember, you can not skip, so you cannot move from, for example, matrix to two matrix. For because Matrix for is the ultimate outcome, we are all going for its deliberation. It's the freedom, but the door that opens this opportunity is matrix three. So it's overcoming the challenges. It's finding your mission. It's just doing the needed work. But while you were doing all of those things, you also have to work on your mindset and to recognize that not necessarily everything in the environment is against you. It's not about, you know, using too much power when it's unnecessary. It's not about confronting people when you don't need to. You just have to keep your focus on the important things. So I think about it. It's so interesting. Um, some personal thoughts. I'm kind of affected by second and Third Matrix for sure. My labor I was born later than expected. Over do, which is an indication for matrix to, um But also, I have accentuated Mars in the chart. So I'm kind off, you know, in the middle. And this may also happen. You may seen once horoscope for in his life or analyzing the bird circumstances that he might be switching from one matrix to another. And this, you know, when you realize that you become so much more aware, I remember, like, um, years ago, I guess, um I always have this expectation that, you know, something might happen. Someone may do something. You know, I was very sensitive. Okay. How is this person treating me? Is he friendly? Is he to root? I was like, too sensitive about you. know what other people are doing it. I was constantly, like, prepared for a fight, figuratively off course. But you know what I mean for those type of discussions? Or maybe I would get upset so very often. That's what happens in Matrix three. So you are. It's very difficult to trust the outer world, and you might think that others can hurt you, that you might get some how traumatized by something. And again if you go back to the birth process, it really makes sense if the most significant thing that has happened during the labor is some kind of trauma or there was lots of blood or it happened really fast and the baby didn't have the time to prepare for this off course. It's a lot of stress, and, of course, it's being recorded in the brain. And a later on you are just seeing the world from this filter. So it's an amazing work on. You can learn so many things about yourself and your life and how you can make it better by applying. The concept about the Matrix is and the next one, The Fourth Matrix is the best one. The greatest one and the one that we are old dreaming about. It's the freedom and deliberation, and we are going to talk about it more so, Yeah. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I hope I have inspired you and brought some interesting information that you can use. And I will see you in the following episodes. Bye bye.

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