How Your Birth Affects Your Whole Life

Do you know that your brain is designed to record every experience you've been through starting from the prenatal period and your birth? Based on that it creates models that later define a huge part of your life experience. By bringing more awareness to this connection you can find what you need to work on to release the potential blockages and have a better life.

This episode is part of the series about the prenatal matrixes (episodes 3 - 7). This is the introductory one in which I will present you Stanislav Grof's theory about the 4 prenatal matrixes and how each of them is also affecting your adult life.

You will learn how by exploring the actual circumstances around your birth you can pin point the potential issues later in life.

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You will learn

  • The 4 matrixes and their connection with different parts of the birth process
  • How we resonate with one of the matrixes
  • We can "move" from one matrix to another - forward or backwards
  • How the 4 matrixes define our spiritual growth



Hello, dear friend. And welcome to the third episode in which we're gonna talk about something very interesting. We're going to discuss how the way we were born affect our whole life. And there are many researchers on that. And I'm absolutely sure that it plays a crucial rope the way we were born, but also the prenatal period. What has happened while our mother has been pregnant? What was the exact process of our birth and the circumstances? All the emotions. It plays a major rope and you might be thinking, Well, how is that possible when we don't even remember those memories? Well, our brain is designed in a way that will help us survive in all kinds of challenging circumstances, and the way to do that is to record everything that we have been through. And that's part of the subconscious memory. It's not something that we need toe have direct access to, but one thing is for sure. It really effects your life, and the way it works is that it actually creates something like a filter. So everything that you have been through during the prenatal period and the process off your birth is, after all, affecting your life. And this is gonna be a series of episodes. So this one is the introduction, everyone in which we're going to talk about the pre NATO matrix ists and then they're going to be a couple other episodes in which we're going to discuss. Each of the Matrix is more in depth, so make sure to subscribe and toe listen to the other episodes. So how exactly does it work? How was it this coward and who is the person which has worked on that? Well, there are actually many people who work on this area and they are researching, but the one which I want to introduce you to iss Stanislaw Gruff. So he comes from check. And he is a researcher who is very untraditional. He has used very strange methods like hello, tropic breeding and even LSD. And let me make something absolutely clear, clear. I don't recommend using any medications or drugs for whatever reason, to become more aware of what's happening or to become more inspired. I just don't recommend this it can be extremely dangerous. And honestly, even with the specialist ice, I'm still not a fan of this work. But by using LSD with his patients, Stanislav Growth has worked and has researched what is happening during the birth process, and many of his patients actually have remembered those memories. And that's how we have certain findings. So even though I preach, I appreciate this work, and I think it can be very helpful to know about this concept about The Matrix is I absolutely don't recommend taking any type off drugs. So with Hiss works, the news left Growth has found that there are four major matrixes, and basically you can look at them as four different periods for stabs or for species in the birth process. But the truth is that even in life, we still experienced those different stages, and we're still kind of living in one of those matrixes. So if you are brand new to those stuff, it might sound really strange. But it's amazing how it can work, and you will see that it really makes sense. So the four matrixes are very different from each other. The 1st 1 which he discussed is the matrix, which is related to the process or the period when the baby is in the womb, in the belly of the mother and it's a bliss. Everything is perfectly comfortable. Everything is secure. It's saved there. The baby feels loved and it's all great. There are no efforts that are required. There is no confrontation or fight with the outer world. It's just great. The Second Matrix is the one where we are introduced to some kind of challenges, and this is the Matrix in which we face with some severe obstacles. And if we find the relevant period during the birth process, this would be the period in which the contractions has started. So this is the beginning, off the birth process and the birth. Keano is close, so there is no accident yet, and it's becoming very uncomfortable, and basically the baby starts feeling the boundaries. So in the first Matrix there are no boundaries. It's all one. It's all connected. We don't feel pushed, but in the second matrix, the one in which we start to experience contractions, this is the outer environment, which becomes a fairy uncomfortable. For us. It's no longer friendly it's no longer safe. It's no longer the bliss. So this is probably the most challenging matrix because, as we said, there are lots of challenges. But there is no exit yet, and the Third Matrix is the one wich is about taking action or overcoming those acts of those obstacles. If we look at the birth process, this is already the period in which the baby starts moving to the birth. Keino. So the birth kennel is open. There is an exit, but it requires lots of efforts. There is put, there is lots of tension. There might be pain, but there is an opportunity to move forward. So it might sound like, Oh my God, it's, well, awful. But actually this matrix is easier than the previous one. Because you have some options, there is something that you can do. Yes, it requires lots of efforts, but you can move forward just like the baby when it's moving through the birth. Que no, it's like, you know, it's what the nature process is, and it's about to get four. So this matrix is about learning toe overcome the challenges and the Fourth Matrix is the Matrix, which brings us to freedom. Oh, are in the labour process. This would be the actual board, the the step in which the baby is already out. So there is an open space. The whole world is in front of us. It's a liberation. It's a time when you are open to everything that's available outside. So of course, this is Ah, great matrix to be in. And here is how it works. So we really need to analyze or to explore what has happened during the actual board for the individual, the one which we wanna work with. And we have to understand what has happened during the labour. Was it an easy and nice bird? Was the period with contractions too long and too ah to challenge too challenging. Or maybe during the exact labour there were some kind of complication. So all of that will show us which of the Matrix is would play the most important row in the person's life because it creates like an imprint. So every one of us is kind of Prentice post toe. One of the Matrix is and the truth is that very few people leaving the fourth matrix, which is about the freedom and the liberation. Moore's most people are in one of the previous Matrix is the one with, Well, it looks like a bliss, but actually it's one which it doesn't allow you, and you don't have actually the motivation to take action. This is the first Matrix or the 2nd 1 which is all about the challenges in the restrictions but no outcome, no visible exit and the 3rd 1 which is actually about overcoming those challenges. So we are more or less living, and we are kind of resonating with one of the four matrixes, mostly with the third. But let's say that there are people who are in the Fourth Matrix as well. But here is what happens. So we are not necessarily stuck for our whole life in one of those matrixes we can move forward, but unfortunately we may also regress. We may go back, and here is another thing. You cannot skip the order, so you have to move from one matrix to the other and then the other, and then you get to the fort. So, for example, you cannot move from matrix 12 matrix, for it's just not working, but It's very important because when you realize what has happened during your own birth and how it effects your alive, this awareness can really help you to change things and to see what's expected of you. What kind of blessings do you need to learn? And eventually, what's the future step? What you should try to achieve. So it's a very interesting work, and many people have researches in this area. It's not just a new slow growth, but he's kind of, you know, the father of this concept. And he explores also how of this concept is also relevant in fairy tales, even in religion. This are, you know, like archetypical states, and we are all affected by that. So make sure to research to find a much information as possible about your own birth, and this will really help you to see you know, what might be the blind spots that you are not seeing in your life right now. What are the lenses or the filters that you are looking at looking from? And, yeah, it's an amazing work, which brings lots of opportunities for us to make those changes. First of all, by bringing the awareness off what exactly has happened. And even if you don't have much information about your own birth, you can still get a clue about it by looking at your horoscope. For example, the horoscope can show us in which Matrix one is more connected to, and also the potential to move forward were sometimes even two to regress to a previous state. And here is another thing that also, whenever you start something or generally in concrete life areas, we're also going to the different matrixes. So it's kind of a process, which we are following more or less so in the following episodes, we are going to talk about in depth about each of those matrixes and how you can actually understand based on the circumstances around your birth, whether you are in this matrix or you resonate more with another, and also you will learn more about the process to move forward, and it's an incredible opportunity to really make a change in our lives. So in which matrix do you live? That's the question again, let me quickly remind you, let's have a quick review. So the first Matrix is about eternal bliss, or you know what the one in which you just want to feel comfortable. You don't wanna have too much responsibilities. It's all about the comfort. The 2nd 1 is the one in which you are. You feel pushed by circumstances. You feel like things are too difficult, like you constantly have to fight. There's lots of negativity in the 2nd 1 The 3rd 1 is about the fight. It's about of the being a warrior, actually learning to overcome things to move forward. And the 4th 1 is deliberation to freedom, the one which shows you all the opportunities available on. And of course, this is the best one Tau Bay in. But it takes time to get there, so make sure to answer those questions for yourself. And in the following episodes, we're gonna talk about each of those matrixes and other interesting information that you can use. Thank you so much for listening. It was great to be together, and I'll see you soon. Bye bye.

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