4th Prenatal Matrix – Liberation

Do you know people who are capable of seeing the opportunity in every situation? They have a genuine belief in the positive intention of the universe and they get easier through the tough periods in life. Those people are a small portion and if you are one of them - congratulations! You are connected to the 4th matrix. In astrology language this is Uranus's matrix.

This episode is part of the series about the prenatal matrixes (episodes 3 - 7). You will learn about the 4th prenatal matrix - the possible birth circumstances which can activate it and what kind of circumstances it can bring later in your adult life.

By understanding this concept, you will be able to realize what's required from you, so that you can get to the highest level of your personal growth. 

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You will learn

  • The specific birth circumstances - typically easy and fast, very often prematurely
  • The major challenges - few people are there and it might feel lonely; feeling misunderstood
  • This matrix is the ultimate goal for everyone. Life is an adventure and it's also full of opportunities
  • It doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but even when there are challanges, the person has a positive attitude



Hello, dear friend. And welcome to Episode Numbers seven. In this one we're gonna talk about the fourth, prenatal matrix or also the best one. So this is like the last part of this series, and I hope you have listened to the previous podcasts about the introduction about the General Foundation. And also the other tree pre NATO matrix is that this is based on the work abstinence love growth, who is a very untraditional scientist, but one who has had some major findings, which allows us to understand why certain things are happening in our lives and how our birth, our own birth, defines many things in our lives. So I will explain what does the Fort Prenatal Matrix represent, which are the ways which are the indications that show if someone is generally connected to this matrix and also how we can get there? Because this is the ultimate goal for everyone. But this is the matrix, which is a symbol off the freedom, the liberation. This is the matrix, which allows you to really do the things that you want to express your full potential and also to feel like the world is a nice place to be. And don't think that this is kind off. You know the perfect thing and there are no challenges there. But there is a major difference. When you were in the Fourth Matrix, this is the way you look at. Things is different, is different than normally. You just see everything as an opportunity. You see the open space, the space that provides so many opportunities. So let's start with the technical stuff. So how do you understand or which are the bird circumstances that can show if someone is connected to this matrix by birth. So usually those are birth processes which are not happy, not difficult. They are fast, but very often they can also be premature. So if the baby is born in the seventh or the eighth month off the pregnancy, very often this can show such possibility that the person the baby is connected to this matrix. So if you remember, we used also the birth process and we separated the different parts of the process and connected them to the matrix is so the 1st 1 was before the start of the board. Basically the time when everything is perfect for the baby, it save. It feels comfortable. The 2nd 1 was when contractions are starting, so it starts to feel very uncomfortable, stressful and unpleasant. Then we have the TERT matrix, which is connected to the grosses when the baby is already in the bird Keino. So it's already moving ahead, and it's closer through the actual birth, and the fourth Matrix is the actual birth. Actually, it's the time when the baby is already out and it takes the Firth the first breath. So the Fourth Matrix is the one which opens you of the whole world, this world of possibilities, the world in which you are free and you see things in a much more open and positive perspective. So even if we use the birth as a metaphor, it really makes sense how it resonates with each of those matrixes. And if we use astrology, which can also be very helpful, especially if you don't have information about your own birth, then the planet, which we would connect to the Fourth Matrix would be Uranus, the planet, which brings freedom and opportunities and also spiritual growth and makes things so different. So I won't go into details about the astrology part. But there are certain indications, and they include mostly urinals, which can also show you if someone is more connected to this. For matrix and off course, We also have to keep in mind that if someone is born with this fourth matrix connection, it doesn't mean that by day one, everything is like perfect in his life and he has complete freedom. It's not how it works. And even when you are in the Fourth Matrix, you may still have the challenges you still need to do some stuff. That's what the Earth experience is all about. But the perspective is very different. You don't see things as punishments. You don't think that you are a victim. That's very important. You don't feel like nothing depends on you, and it's just, you know, a different mindset. So even people connected to the Fort Matrix by birth may still need some time. They might absolutely have challenges in different areas of life, but at some point things are much different and they realize in overall it's easier for them to have this mindset off, you know, feeling positive. And, you know, having this inner belief that it all makes sense that there is a deeper meaning in all of this experience, even if we cannot name it, even if we cannot satisfied the rational mind and give like concrete explanations. It's deeper than the rational minded somewhere more connected to the heart or the subconscious mind. And you just know that there should be. And you believe that there is a deeper meaning and that's which is very often missing, especially in the first and the second matrix. When someone is living there very often, they may feel helpless. They may feel like their victims. They may feel that well, what's the point? It doesn't make sense. Why should I even bother? And in the TERT matrix, it's kind of starting to change. But in the Fourth Matrix, you really know this with your heart. Okay, so another thing that if we also use the metaphor about fairy tales, remember I told you that even in fairy tales they follow those archetypical steps. Number one was everything is perfect. The princess is fine. It's all amazing. Number two or the second Matrix thinks are messed up. The princess's kidnapped or something terrible happens. Number three. The Third Matrix is when the hero goes on the mission. He has to fight with the dragon. He has to go through Forest Mountains, whatever, and he has to fight with something or someone. And then the fourth Matrix. That's the end. That's the positive outcome. The hero has saved the princes, or the castle is OK or the village is saved. Whatever. Different stories, different missions. So you can also understand how, when you are in the Fourth Matrix, you feel like this is kind of a victory. And it feels so liberating because you also half the experience behind your back because you might be wondering, Well, what's the difference between the first and the fourth Matrix? Because in the first Matrix, you also don't have. You know this tension. You don't have this pressure on you. And the major difference is that when you are in the Fourth Matrix, it's not just by chance it's not, you know, because you are lucky. It's because you already have the experience off the previous matrixes, and that's what helping you to feel like you have this foundation. It's not too random. It's not just because, you know, that was your chance. You got into this matrix And my point here is that this experience that the first tree matrixes are bringing are very important. They're very important for us to feel like we have grown, that we have developed that we have evolved and another thing which I also want to talk about, which is actually very important. So does it mean that if you are not born with this for it matrix, you will never get there? Absolutely not. The truth is that very few people are there. Very few people are there, especially from their birth. But we can get there. And of course, the you know, most important question is OK, so how do I do that? And how can I do it faster and easier while my friend, The truth is that in order to get to the fourth Matrix first you have to go through the previous three and you cannot skip one that those are the rules. So first you have to live in the first matrix. It's, you know, all passive there. It's easy but it may feel kind of meaningless also. Then you get to the for the the second story, the second matrix. And there you feel the pressure. You feel the contractions. You feel like you know somebody require something for you, but you don't have any concrete steps yet. You don't have the exit. The door is not open yet. Then you get to the Third Matrix, which is all about opening up the space and moving through the corridor and overcoming all of those challenges. And it's still it still feels like a struggle. But there are actions that you can take, and that's the most important and bike going there by moving there. Eventually you get to the Fourth Matrix, which is the one bringing the freedom and deliberation. And yes, it's a process. And yes, it takes time. But you know, one of the most important things for a meat generally is to have clarity to know. Okay, what's happening? Because if you are not aware of those processes, it might feel, well, so difficult, like okay, I'm a victim. I don't know what the heck is happening, and it's all terrible, but if you have the awareness that everything is a process and there are different levels and you're just moving through them one by one. It's so much easier because you have this awareness and you also know what you what's expected of you, what you should do. So awareness is always something that is very, very helpful. And another thing is that when you are in the fourth Matrix, it doesn't mean that, OK, there were no challenges of air at some point, we may feel again like there is another step in front of us that we should make, and it may feel kind of going back to matrix want. But it's never the same because first you have all this awareness and experience. And also this is like a spiral, even if it feels like okay, it's again a level one. It's, you know, on a different Well. What comes to my mind is a metaphor. With video games, you know how they're different levels there. But there are also different worlds. So you're in world one and you get through, let's say four levels. Then you go toe world to and again. There is level one, so you may look about it in the same weight. You are moving through the different levels, and even at some point it might feel like a gay. I'm again, you know, on the starting point, but it's never the same. It This is a spiral. So you have grown. You have the experience you have evolved and with even though it looks like it gets difficult, because this is also what happens in video games and life as well. But you already have the skills you already have. I bet their knowledge, and even if it looks like it's more difficult, you are more capable of handling with that. So don't think that. Okay, maybe I'm being punished. If suddenly you you start having challenges again, or that there's something wrong, you will always be able to keep this mindset in this perspective, that life is an opportunity and it's so important how you look. But thanks. And that's like the biggest gift of this fourth matrix that you see everything as an open space and you don't feel like a victim. You don't feel like you are weak that you know you can lose what you have any minute, and it's just an adventure. It's just, Ah, very positive growing experience, and that's what it really is, actually, and it feels so much different there. And you know what happens? What happens is that when you are there, you are so grateful to your past self who has cotton to the previous matrixes, too. The period when you have felt stuck, you have felt the pressure like you're in the corner, you don't have any possible action to take. And yet you have moved through that. Then you have been through the dirt matrix, which is about fighting and leading battles and overcoming things and getting stronger and stronger through actions which eventually gets you in the Fourth Matrix. So the truth is that if it was possible to, you know, skip the difficulties, if we can move and jump directly to the Fourth Matrix, it wouldn't make the same sense we won't be able to appreciate it. We won't be able to see the positive there. You know, this is kind of ah, very common situation, things that we have without efforts. First of all, we lose them much easier. We don't appreciate them and they don't really bring us this satisfaction this fulfillment. And of course, the opposite is true as well. Things that you have fight for things that have required lots of f words. They're so much more valuable toe all of us. They bring us the meaning. They they literally allows us allow us to grow and to become better people in so many different ways. So if you're not there yet, if you're not in this point where you see everything as an open space and the opportunities and the positive intention in everything, that's fine. But what I would like you to do is just allow this idea to co exist in your mind. Maybe at some point you would still have the doubts, the negative thoughts, um, even thoughts like, Okay, it's all terrible. I'm helpless, whatever, but allow the other ideas to co exist. Okay, maybe I feel bad about my life right now, but there is also possibility that in the future it would be so much different, and I will grow because of the challenges I'm going through right now. So don't hate the challenges. Don't try to resist the process. And the truth is that when we are capable off loving accepting, appreciating the difficulties. It gets completely different. Everything changes. So it's kind of Ah, alive time, bro Sis. And if you are open to the concept of incarnations, which I believe you are, then you can understand that this is not just something we're going through right now. This is something that we have started before, and we are probably somewhere along the road. And there is also so much in the future that we can learn that we can become, and it's all exciting. It's all so, so interesting, you know, having this gift, the opportunity to change so many things and to go through all of those experiences. That's how people in the Fourth Matrix think that's how they feel. But again, I want to remind you that it doesn't have to be so perfect. And even in the Fourth Matrix, there could be some challenges and a common threat. There could be that it may feel kind of lonely there because not many people are there yet and you may feel misunderstood. You may feel different you sometimes if you even bad about other people. But the truth is that ha Well, yeah, there are many cases in which we want to help others, especially if it comes to our own Children. And we see how they're struggling in matrix one or through, and we want to help them desperately and, you know, if possible, we want to do their work. If you are apparent than chances are, you have taught this way. But the truth is we cannot. This the only person who can do this is themselves. And yeah, those are some of the challenges. It might feel lonely there, but it's It's a magical experience to have this mindset that you know the world brings you endless opportunities and you're there to learn. This is also very important in the Fourth Matrix, and this is kind of a Uranus favorite thing. It's about spiritual growth. It's about becoming better. It's about a learning, more learning, valuable things. So, yeah, it's a great place to be. And even if you feel like a some point you're going backwards and it feels difficulty can't remember. It's never the same. You have already crossed one line, and you're about to become better and better. It's not going backwards, so this is the last part off those Siri's the introduction about the fourth Bring NATO matrixes. It's so important to be aware of those circumstances around our own birth and in future episodes, I'm gonna provide more information about techniques which we can use to work to explore this things. And it's all about growing. It's all about bringing more awareness and using the right tools and techniques to here whatever needs to be healed and also to move forward. So I hope it was helpful for you and I would love if you can go and leave a review of this podcast, it really makes a difference for me. And also I will make sure to read every single comment. So please go and leave us a review and I will see you very soon. Bye bye.

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