Advanced Astrology Training Program
Level 1 - Natal Astrology

Learn Astrology!

Help people!

Get well paid!

Who is this program for

  • psychologists, coaches, healers, etc. who want to stand out and offer more value to their clients
  • people who want to become professional astrologers
  • everyone who's passionate about learning more about themselves

Here's what you'll get

  • 38 live online lectures
  • Presentation for each lecture
  • Transcript of each lecture
  • Membership area on the website where you can find all materials
  • Lifetime access - the lectures will be recorded and you can watch the replays anytime


  • Special bonus for the first 20 participants - birth time rectification /available immediately for full payment option and after the 5th payment for the payment plan/
  • Get featured on my social media profiles - the best student(s) will be interviewed and promoted through my accounts (completely free). This opportunity will give you exposure and allow you to build up your own highly engaged audience.
  • Bach flower remedies and Astrology training - 14 prerecorded webinars - you will learn how you can help people even more by choosing the right essences that will help them overcome psychological and emotional issues.
  • Planetary Cycles and Life Stages - prerecorded webinar
  • Planetary Symbols and Glyphs - prerecorded webinar
  • Learning Astrology - Benefits and Principles - prerecorded webinar
  • Child-parent Relationships - 2 prerecorded webinars
  • The 12 Secret Faces of Each Zodiac Sign - eBook


  • Beginning - October 10 2020
  • Ending - June 2021
  • Live lectures - Saturday at 11am ET (may vary occasionally)

What makes MarStars Astrology Academy so special

  • You will learn a complete system that will teach you how to put everything together
  • The program is practical, organized and structured (Capricorn style) 
  • There are many examples and concrete cases

Marina Stoichkova

  • Astrologer
  • Psychologist
  • Holistic coach
  • Psychosomatics specialist
  • Energy psychology practitioner
  • Bach flower remedies therapist


  • Module 1 (7 lectures) - The basics: elements, modalities, planets, configurations, aspects, etc.
  • Module 2 (4 lectures) - The 12 zodiac signs
  • Module 3 (7 lectures) - The planets in signs
  • Module 4 (7 lectures) - Aspects between the planets
  • Module 5 (13 lectures) - The 12 houses

Registration for the program opens only once a year!

The first 20 participants will also get a birth time rectification!
/available immediately for full payment option and after the 5th payment for the payment plan/

Payment Options

Full Payment

$ 1500
/single payment/

Payment Plan

$ 200
/9 monthly payments/

Money-Back Guarantee
/no questions asked/
You can quit MarStars Astrology Academy and get all your money back until October 31 2020

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