The 3-Indications Rule in Astrology

I would like to share with you a very simple, but fundamental rule, which you need to consider when it comes to analyzing a birth chart or making prediction.

The rule is very clear:

You need to find at least 3 indications pointing the same thing in order to make a conclusion.

If you have one indication – there is an option.

If there are two indications showing the same thing – it’s likely to happen.

Three indications pointing the same thing suggest that you can rely it will happen.

Here is a very typical example. Many young people with Saturn in 7th house ask me weather it means that they will not get married or if Saturn is in 5th house – that they may not have children.

Based on one position we can’t make this assumption. This is only one indication.

But let’s say that you have Saturn in 7th house, the ruler of 7th house in 12th house and Venus is squared by Uranus. In this case we can make the conclusion that the area of relationships will be challenging and it’s not easy for the person to establish a close committed relationship (very often those people don’t even want to).

Another example is if you have Saturn in 5th house, squaring the ruler of your 5th house and also the Moon is in a very difficult position (part of a Tao-square, intercepted, etc.). In this case we can really expect challenges with having children.

Of course, the same is true when it comes to positive indications as well.

For example, Jupiter in 6th house doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be incredibly successful in your career. But if your Jupiter also has a positive aspect with your Sun and with the ruler of your 10th house, you really have great chances for significant career achievements.

When we talk abut prediction we can also apply the same rule. For example, if Jupiter is transiting your 2nd house you can expect improvement of your financial situation, but if Jupiter doesn’t make major aspects with your planets or you don’t have other supportive indication, the positive influence of Jupiter may not be so remarkable.

But let’s say that you have Jupiter transiting your 2nd house, also making trine with the ruler of your 6th house and Saturn making trine with the cusp of your 10th house – in this case we can expect much more significant events (you can be promoted and get a more responsible and respected position and also your income can be increased).

Don’t forget that when we talk about prediction we need to consider different predictive methods. And in order to be sure that there are certain tendencies, you need to find indications suggesting the same (or similar) things in different methods.

The predictive methods I most frequently use are solar arc directions, progressions, solar return charts, transits, heliacal phases of the planets.

The bottom line of all we said is that you need to analyze the whole chart and not to make conclusions based on one single indication.


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina from Mars stars dotnet. And today I would like to talk about a very interesting astrological rule. It's fundamental. It's simple, but yet many people forget about it, or in some cases, they don't know about it. I like to call this rule the tree indications rule. And basically what it says is that in order to make some kind of conclusion, astrological conclusion, you need to find three indications which are pointing similar things or the same things. So it's very important. Don't forget, you can't base your assumptions or your conclusions only on one indications because you can make a mistake in this way. If you have one indication for something there is an option. For this thing to happen, if you have two indications for the same thing, then it's much more likely that this will happen. And if you find three indications pointing similar or same things in the chart, then it's really possible or you can really make the conclusion that this will probably happen and this will manifest. So let me give you an example. Of course, that's related both to the natal chart interpretation and also to the prediction. One of the most common questions I receive is from people who have Saturn in seventh house or Saturn in fifth house, and they think that having Saturn in seventh house means they won't be able to get married, or having Saturn in fifth house means that they won't be able to have children. You can't make conclusions only on this one indications for you. example if you have Saturn in seventh house, but also the ruler of seventh houses in 12th house, and your Venus is heard by Uranus, that's just an example, then in this case, you can make the conclusion that probably relationships will be a challenging area for this person, there might be commitment issues or unavailable partners. Of course, there are many options here. But in this case, we have three indications which suggests challenges in the area of relationships. That's how we can be well sure that there will be some challenges. And yet, it doesn't mean that this person won't be able to get married, but we can be prepared that there will be challenges in this area. And let's say that Saturn is in fifth house. But also at the same time Saturn squares the ruler of fifth house, and also the moon which is important for children is enough. Very difficult position, let's say in a town square squared by Pluto or Mars, very tough position. So in this case having all of those indications, we can suggest that probably there will be challenges with having children, probably there might be delays or some kind of difficulties. Again, it doesn't mean that the person won't be able to have children. But having three indications suggesting difficulties can really guide us in the direction that this person may experience challenges. And the same is applied when we talk about positive indications as well. Let's say that you have to picture in sixth house of course, this is a great indication but based on that, we cannot say that the person will be incredibly successful in his career. On the other hand, if the person has Jupiter in sixth house, but also at the same time, Jupiter makes Trine With the sun and Jupiter makes sextile with the ruler of 10th house or there is another positive combination which includes at least three indications, then we can be more sure that this person is really going to be successful in career. And as we said, when we talk about prediction prediction, we apply the same rule. For example, let's say that you have the transit Jupiter in your second house. Generally this is great for your financial situation you can expect increased amount of your income or some kind of positive events related to your resources. But only that fact is not enough. So we cannot say that everyone with Jupiter in second house will be rich or incredibly successful in their finances. But on the other hand, if Jupiter transits your second house, and at the same time Jupiter makes triangle The ruler of your sixth house, and you also have Saturn making Trine with the cusp of your 10th house. Then in that case, having three indications, all suggesting success in career in finances, work responsibilities, higher social status. In that case, we can talk about prosperity and incredible success. So I hope it was clear. And, guys, these are just examples. So it could be you know, having some really different indications, it doesn't mean that you need to have those three specific indications. But remember, in order to find real conclusions, to make real conclusions based on astrological indications, you need three of them. And of course, in some cases, we have contradictions. We have some positive aspects. We have other challenging aspects, and that's the beauty of astrology. It's an art because we have To combine all of that in we need to find out which of them will be dominating in which areas during which life periods. So it's a lifelong mission. So I hope this rule will be helpful for you when you're interpreting your chart or interpreting someone else's chart. Let me know what you think about this. What's your experience in the comments and I'll see you really soon.

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