A Story About Miracles, Butterflies, The Training True Desires And The Source In Almaty 

Backstory: The picture below is literally my intention for 2023. For me 2022 was like it looks on the photo, so I was wishing to experience the next phase 💃 and I even posted the picture.

During the spring we had an in-person training in Dubai called True Desires.

The training is focused on manifesting our genuine desires by uncovering the pure resource we have for it. To do that we had to find what we are ready to do unconditionally that would also benefit other people. Not because we have to, not because we would expect to get something in return, but because we love doing it. I was able to find one main resource which was related to different variations of sharing knowledge with people (teaching, webinars, podcasts, videos, articles, free readings, etc.)

During one of the days we had an assignment.

To experience our dream day - go somewhere we would love to be and imagine the best version of our life in 30 years. I chose to go to the Miracle Garden and the Butterfly Garden. Those are two incredible places where you can see amazing art installations made of flowers and plants. In the Butterfly Garden “shockingly” you will find many beautiful butterflies (Remember my intention for the year? Because at that point I didn’t… I realized this connection when I started writing this post).


To describe the whole picture I should also add that in Dubai I “got” myself into a pretty complicated process and I was able to see and experience my distorted life strategies. Shortly the process was about wasting my own resource in other people’s processes, trying to help and being very ineffective in that. I worked with a specialist on that and I think this was one of the most valuable sessions I have had (gratitude for the people who triggered me and the specialist who helped me - Alexey Zamorin).

Moving on… during the next few months after Dubai I started experiencing different small miracles, I was able to go to beautiful places, spend more time in nature and most importantly I started seeing so many animals 🐰

Now comes a very personal part. It’s kind of naive… but for me it’s really important.

We have a house which technically is in the city (Sofia) but in the skirts of Vitosha mountain. One of my favourite things is to drink my coffee and wait for squirrels to pass running on the electricity cables. I just loooove this 👇

Those are small miracles that I was used to but after the training in Dubai I started experiencing them so much more. I started seeing more animals than ever before.

And we get to the cherry on top…

One night I’m outside in the garden, lying on the grass and thinking about something. And suddenly right next to me passes an animal I have never seen. The following research showed that it was a marbled ferret. I was even able to take a picture of him 🤩


Dear friends, Sofia is not a jungle and we don’t have that many animals, especially marbled ferrets. They are actually a vulnerable specie. 

I can’t describe the excitement I felt when I saw it. The most important for me was the sign it represented - here I am, hoping to see a squirrel and instead I see a much more rare animal (with an even fluffier tail ) I really felt like I am the fairy of the animals 

The message was clear - with GSR you get more than you have even dreamed about and everyone can meet with their version of the marbled ferret.

A few months later… 

We get a new opportunity - to connect to a new Source in Almaty. The place of the connection is also in a mountain. For me it immediately brought the feeling that I belong there.

The experience I have is that this Source is helping me connect my deepest values to reality. Like now there is a place for my resources in the outside world. 

(I want to add something for the GSR specialists - my symptom about wasting my resources from Dubai was also fixed with the new 9th Module and I think this also played a major role - there is a place for my resource)

How does this look like in reality?

My deepest values are about knowledge, creativity, being an intermediary and passing to people something unique and valuable. I also love uniting - different knowledges, people from diverse nationalities, etc. I’m even excited by the fact that for me I can feel a connection between the training True Desires, 9th Module, and the Source in Almaty.

The real changes

I have tons of new ideas and opportunities. I’m about to start a new weekly show on a major international platform, where I will have the creative freedom to share my ideas and experience with Astrology, psychology, and GSR. I have plans about many new courses, workshops, and webinars.

What makes me the happiest

The feeling that there is a place for everything and everyone and it’s all connected. It doesn’t matter if you are dreaming about squirrels, creative freedom and knowledge OR skyscrapers, yachts and the red carpet. With GSR you can manifest your true desires and live your dream life.

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