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Hello dear friends, I'm Marina from our stars. And today I would like to present you a very interesting and also very popular topic that we are all interested in. It's about advanced synastry and master relationship analysis, how you can make predictions about the outcome of certain relationship, how you can find whether this is a good match for you or for your clients. That's what we are going to talk about. First of all, let me tell you that there are three major steps in this work. So it's not something that you can do boom in one second, but if you really dive deep into all of those stuff, you will get a much deeper understanding about the future of certain relationships or what needs to be fixed or what do you need to work on. So the first step, if you want to find whether someone is a good match for you is first of all to look in the individual charts, don't look at inter aspects don't look at compatibility and so on before you check the individual charts. Because the individual the personal horoscope will tell you, which are the major patterns in this area of life, what's the personality what kind of needs the person have, and this is always the fundamental of our analysis. So remember, this applies to almost any astrology analysis. First, you have to analyze the whole chart. And when we talk about relationships, there are a couple of important indications you always have to check. The first one is of course Venus. Venus in the individual chart will show you generally what are the emotional needs of this person. In the scenarios, or what does he understand by love, because that will show you whether those two people are in harmony with each other, or they might understand love in a completely different way. If they understand loving completely different way, this doesn't necessarily mean that they cannot fit or they cannot work together as a couple, but it means that things should be approached in a different way. For example, let's say that one of them has Venus in Aries and the other one has Venus in Taurus. Those are completely different positions. The one with Venus in Aries will want more exciting relationships. More entertainment can be more impulsive, sometimes more dramatic. On the other side, the one with Venus in Taurus would need more comfort, more material stuff and Also more practical ways in which you show them that you really love them. So the emotional needs are completely different. And that's why we start with the Venus, check. What's the position of Venus the sign, the aspects of Venus is in a harmonious position, the house also, the general analysis of this planet will show you the major love scenarios and also emotional needs for the individual people. Then you have to analyze fifth house. fifth house is the one which is related to falling in love the first stage of the relationship, when we don't have responsibilities yet, things are more fun, more exciting. It's more about passion. And you have to check first of all the sign on the cusp, also planets in fifth house, the ruler of fifth house and don't forget aspect between others. planets in the fifth house. This will show you how this person falls in love. Is he impulsive? Is he more cautious? Does he need more time to reveal himself. For example, if the person has Aries on the cusp of fifth house, he will tend to fall in love easily and fast impulsively, he may also enjoy more drama or you know more interesting stuff. And let's say that the person has Virgo on the cusp, he will be much more cautious. He will need more time to feel comfortable to reveal feelings to feel attracted. And by understanding that you will see Okay, so here I need to be more patient because this person just needs more time. It's very, very helpful to look at things from this perspective. The next step is to analyze seventh house the house of serious relationships commitment Like an even marriage, this will show you the general scenario after things get really serious or after you get married with someone. And you may notice that fifth and seventh house may present a completely different picture. In this case, it would mean that when things are just for fun, or at the first stage of the relationship, the person may behave in one way. But once things get really serious, or if it's about marriage, he may have different type of behavior and needs. For example, let's say that in seventh house, he has Saturn, the same person who has Aries on the cusp of fifth house, who is very impulsive and falls in love easily. He also has Saturn in seventh house. This would mean that when it comes to marriage, serious responsibilities, he might be more cautious. He may need this type of stability. Sometimes he might be afraid of that. Of course, it depends on the whole chart and the aspects of Saturn. But overall, the things you need to do are the same. Check the sign on the cusp of the house, and the planets in the house, the ruler of the house and also planets between other planets, and the cusp of seventh house. So again, I repeat fifth house, it's about falling in love. It's about the attraction, the first stage seventh house, it's about commitment, responsibilities and even marriage. After that, there are a couple of other indications for women, you have to check sun and Mars, their position in science, how they are connected with the other planets in aspect, are they generally strong and this will show you also, what's the male archetype for this woman Carl Jung calls this the animals of the world. And this is also very important in our analysis for men, except for Venus, you also need to check the moon. This will show you the, the Anima, or the feminine archetype for this men and what this he see as a qualities which are important for the woman that he might fall in love with, or the type of care he needs and everything else. So those are the major things in the birth chart analysis, you have to check. But always consider the general temper of the person as well. You might want to check, which is the dominant element in the chart for each of them individually. This also shows you behavior needs focus, it's very important. So that's our first step the individual chart. Once that, we do that, then we proceed to the next Two steps. The second one is the synastry itself. And I will try to present you the major themes when you analyze the synastry chart. First of all, it's overlays. What does overlays mean? It means taking the planets of the woman for example, and seeing where exactly are they falling in the chart of the men, it will show you which houses are triggered. For example, let's say that the woman has personally every spent degree in Aries and it falls in seventh house in the chart of the men. This would show a very positive connection, meaning that the sun so this is the individual strength the energy of this woman is triggering, activating the house of relationships and serious commitment. Or let's say that the son of this woman is Falling in third house for example, this might show that this woman triggers the area of friendships communication. This may also mean encouraging the men to teach or to communicate more openly. That's how we do those stuff with each planet. The moon and the sun, of course, are the most important Venus. Also, Saturn may show you which area might be tested by this partner where he might be kind of bringing some kind of limitations potentially, or requiring more responsibility. So you take the individual planets of each person and you check, where are they falling in the other person's chart, they are triggering those areas. You might do the same with the ascendant. Let's say that the ascendant of the woman falls in second house of the men. This also shows some kind of connection with finances with material stuff. And possessions. So that's the general approach. After that, of course, you do that for the two partners. So where are the planets of the woman falling in the men's chart and the opposite the mess planets in the woman's chart, it shows what are they triggering for each other overall. And after that, you check planetary aspects. It means the aspects between the planets of the men and the planets of the woman. There are some of those aspects which are considered to be harmonious, supportive and positive, and others which are considered to be challenging and tough. Now, this is a huge topic, so it deserves snap just a video it deserves a whole training because that's a lot of work to interpret each possible combination. But keep in mind the general think that the long lasting relationships are not always the ones with the best planetary aspects, because relationships very often are about growth. They're about testing each other, finding some blind spots activating the shadow of each other. So you don't necessarily need to have only positive aspects in order for this relationship to last, but it's important to have aspects, it would be better to have challenging aspects than no aspect at all. And of course, we begin with the personal planets. The sun and the moon are very important. If you find connections between them. Let's say the moons are having aspects. Let's say your moon or the moon of the woman has a Trine with the moon of the men. This shows a very nice connection and potential for living harmoniously together. Or if the two moons are squaring each other, this will show that you need to work on that. You need to find how you can make your schedule match or you might just have different habits at home. those aspects are very important between the sun and the moon of the woman and the sun and the moon of the men. Then of course, we have to check Venus and Mars, they show the passion, the physical attraction, the sexual relationship between the men and the woman. And the worst case would be to have no aspects between Mars and Venus and the other Mars and Venus. This would be the worst case challenging aspects can bring a lot of drive and attraction. So don't think that challenging aspects mean Okay, that's it means no passion. Very often it's actually the opposite. and harmonious aspects of this show. Flowing energy easier connection easier expression. Saturn is also very important. Saturn can make things long lasting Saturn can bring more responsibility Saturn can also To bring limits. So, it can be tricky sometimes it may show you that this person will be testing you, all of the time putting some limitations or the harmonious aspects may also show very stable, very long lasting relationship. So, the Saturn aspects of the person one with the planets of Person B is very important, are very important as well. Pluto can show you deeper connections, more karmic relationships, the challenging aspects of Pluto can also be quite difficult. So overall, you have to check all of the planets of the woman and their connection their aspects with the planets of the men. That's part two of step two. And the final step in the synastry analysis is composing chart. There are two major ways for calculating composite charts. Usually we don't do This manually we use different software's. One of them is to calculate One of them was called midpoints. The other one is the sum method. So, I won't get into too much details about that actually, because we can make a whole video about this topic in the future. But overall, you may check the two types of charts. I tend to use more the Davison method. And it seems to work better for me, but it's always helpful to check in the two variations. Basically, what we do here is that we take the details, the birth details of the woman and the birth details of the men and we calculate one chart, one chart which we call composite chart, this is the chart of the relationship and you analyze it as a whole other chart you check. The most important things are to check the ascendant MC and See, also the sun and the moon, Venus is very important. And overall anything which is very significant in the chart, for example, are their tower squares or maybe their harmonious aspect configurations. So you work with the chart individual independently of the others, and those three points are actually showing you the synastry analysis. So, after you have done that step one, the natal chart analysis step two, the scene asterik analysis, the last step, step number three is prediction. It means to look at the two charts separately, the woman's chart the man's chart into See, do you are there any common tendencies. For example, you might see that the woman has very nice indications for falling in love or having committed fraud Tip. But on the other side in the match chart, you don't see such tendencies. There are challenging emotional aspects or nothing significant happening, it will show you that probably those two people are not supposed to be together. There are some exceptions because for example, there might be a process. Let's say that they communicate with each other. And after six months, the man falls in love and then he's attracted. So here you might want to check like a longer prediction for one or even two years to see where Are things going for each of them individually. And this will also give you another layer of our analysis and ability to decide whether this relationship can really work. Now, which are the main methods which I use in prediction, first of all, solar arc direction The most important ones, especially if you want to find periods for marriage, you need this method. Here. The trick is that you need a very accurate time of birth. And actually the best case would be to have a rectified chart. That's what can show you. If marriage is really an option. Let's see for the next one or two years or not. So the major method is this one, so are our directions. Then also secondary progressions, they are very helpful for understanding the inner experiences of the person emotionally, where is he What's going on? What type of things are happening. This is also one of my favorite methods for prediction, and also solar return charts. transits you might want to check also, retro progressions, also, helical phases, there are many other ways for prediction or methods for prediction, but those are the master methods or the most important ones, which I usually use in my work. So there you have it the three major steps for master relationship analysis and the past synastry natal chart analysis, individual charts, then the synastry itself and then prediction. If you pay attention to those three components, you will be able to see the whole picture. So I hope this video was helpful for you. If you want to learn astrology in depth, you are welcome to sign up for the waitlist for more stars astrology Academy links are below the video. For more astrology you may also check Mars stars dotnet and there are other articles and videos there. Let me know if you are interested in more of those who use or if you would like to have specific advanced training How you can do each of those steps because it's really a lot of information, which just cannot be presented in one video. I hope this helps and I'll see you soon.

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