Are You Trying to be a Hero

In this episode we'll talk about why we get into the archetype of a Hero.

How does this makes us feel, does it benefit us? And why is this role as ancient as the world.

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You will learn

  • What is an archetype
  • Why is our ancestral history important
  • What is the "Hero" archetype



Hello, dear friend, and welcome to the new episode of the podcast. This one is about the archetype of the hero. And, more importantly, the question is, Are you trying to be a hero? This is what we are going to explore in this episode. And before I forget, I also want to offer you the opportunity to ask me specific questions. If you have an idea about something you want to know more about, whether this is about psychology, or some kind of energy practices or anything else related to the topic of the podcast, feel free to send me your questions to support at, I would love to consider them and address as many as possible. And today's episode is provoked by, of course, my personal experience, and also the experience I have with my clients. The topic about the hero, or trying to be a hero. This is a very typical archetype. What is an archetype? Probably, I will make another episode specifically focusing on this topic. But for now, the simple answer is that this is like a group symbol of something. Some kind of pattern, behavior values, and many people relate to this. And it's something that's very old archetypes are very old. And we can connect to them even on a subconscious level. So the main purpose of this topic today is actually to invite you to be more aware of what's happening, actually, and to recognize whether you are trying to be a hero in your own life. What do I mean by that, to be a hero? Ask yourself, are you proud of the things that you have done on your own? And also the things that are difficult or have been difficult? And is this making you enjoy more your achievements? a personal note here, I was thinking about my own story, my own work and business. And one of the things I'm really proud of is that I have achieved everything on my own, no one has invested, no one has given me any money. I have done this with lots and lots of work and consistent effort. And that made me think about Okay, am I trying to do this like, too much, too, to put myself in hard circumstances and situations? Because it makes me feel more proud?
And the answer is yes, yes, in some situations, definitely. And of course, I have seen that same pattern in many people as well, that we are putting ourselves in difficult situations. And here is something even more important. Very often, we are not ready to ask or even to receive help.
Think about it. When you look at your life in perspective, and the things that you have achieved, and the things that you are most proud of. Have you tried to do all of the things on your own without asking for help without allowing people that want to help you to actually help you. And, of course, this is not always relevant to everybody. There are other people who want to support others and also people who want to be supported. Definitely There is. There is this group of people for sure. But there are many people who are embracing the archetype of the hero and are trying to do everything on their own. Otherwise, it's just Not as valuable for them. And I think that this is especially important for women. Because more or less for at least most of the cultures, it's kind of accepted that men should be independent. And I hope that nowadays we are accepting the idea that women can be just as independent as men. And that's like, totally fine and actually amazing. But sometimes, as women, we may go to the opposite polarity as well to try avoiding any kind of dependency, and to try to do everything on our own, and even not allow ourselves to receive help. And here is the trick. It's not always conscious. And a very often Actually, that's the problem. If you are consciously aware of this, the fact that you like this idea of achieving everything on your own. And that's your way you want to do it. Well, probably the hard way, or it's just your own way. And if you are consciously aware of that, and that's a conscious decision, by all means, go for it, it's great. But what happens often is that we don't recognize it. Actually, on a conscious level, we kind of feel bad, that it's so hard that everything is a struggle, that we have to do so many things on our own, especially if you're a mother who has many roles to combine that you need to take care of your work and the family, whether this is about children or grandchildren, and you need to support your friends. And of course it can be women may play so many roles and men of course, as well. But the frustration comes when we don't recognize that we have embraced this idea of being the hero, being the one that puts a lot of effort, the one who deserves to be respected because they have achieved everything the hard way. And, of course, it's very important to be honest with yourself, as usual. And any decision might be a good decision as long as you're consciously aware of the consequences. And you may recognize that you no longer want to be the hero, that you are ready for things to happen in an easier way for you to go with the flow, as they say, to attract more the things that you want, or even to open for receiving help. This is definitely a valid option.

Or, again, you may consciously decide that this is not your way. And you value your achievements only if they have cost you a lot. And wow, I even when I'm talking about it, I realized that it's such a big question. I mean, this is so big, it's about your general life philosophy. Do you value things that are coming to you without much effort without pain without waiting for them for a long time. And you may decide that it's time for a change. Or you may decide that you're totally happy with how things are also a valid option. And I was thinking about the astrology indications. So of course we have signs which are more predisposed to embrace the the hero archetype, of course, first that would be Capricorn and people with strong Saturn. They are used to winning lots of effort and working really hard and overcoming struggles. So to be the one who achieves things with consistency, that's totally a Capricorn thing. I'm a Capricorn so not really surprising if I'm embracing this archetype, but there are other sciences Well, Aries may also insist on doing things their own way without wanting to be vulnerable and depend on someone or receive help. So of course, there might be other indications. But there are also other factors, which can be related to this, because as I told you the archetypes, they are very ancient. And many, many generations have embraced different archetypes. And this is a way for us also to connect to our ancestors to connect to our culture, our history. But here is again, the same question. Are you consciously aware of that? Are you recognizing it? Or are you blindly going in this direction, and on the outer level feeling frustrated about it, that's the most important. And another direction also to explore, which is very important is your own family history. You have heard me talking about this a lot, you will hear me talk about it in the future as well. Because the family history, the experiences of our ancestors, that's all influencing our lives, and it's extremely important. So the question is, what was the model in your own family, the family where you have grown up? Was there also this idea that everything is very difficult that you need to work really hard to get what you want, that in order to be respected? You need to struggle, or that achievements are not that significant if they come easily. So think about it, explore this, your mother and father, did they struggle? Do you think that one of them might have been connected to this archetype, trying to be the hero who takes care of everything, that will be especially relevant, if you have grown up with a single parent, especially if that has been your mother, very often, this women are embracing the hero archetype. And they are trying to do everything on their own. And very often life is a struggle. So think about it, because the models and the patterns that come from the family are affecting us as well. And we may just go in the same direction, because that's what we know. That's what we have seen. And subconsciously, we get the idea that that's just how life works. Well, life may work in many different ways. And we can make conscious decisions, to change things and to move in another direction. And it doesn't matter how old you are, you can be in your 20s,
you can be in your 70s, you can change the way you think you can change your philosophy. Yes. It may or may not be easy. It depends. It's a big thing. But it's, it's affecting your whole life philosophy. Another interesting thing I want to share also on this topic, there is a book by Joseph Campbell, it's quite famous, the name is the hero with 1000 faces. And it's a very good, good book, he is also exploring this idea of from a cultural perspective. And this is not something that's related to one particular culture, this is something which is so universal people from different cultures might be embracing this archetype of the hero. And if you think about it, even in fairy tales, even in the movies, there is always this path. At the beginning, things are kind of okay. Then the hero starts the journey. And at first, usually, things look optimistic. Thanks look, kind of positive and nice. Then at certain point, he gets to a very low point with some kind of big struggle or sometimes there are enemies that appear to And then right before the hero kind of like gives up, there is something that changes either some kind of resource or idea. And then the hero overcomes this challenge. And eventually he becomes the actual hero. That's the pattern for movies for books. And it my point here is that this is part of our culture. And subconsciously, we may move in this direction without consciously wanting that. So my advice for you today is, look at your life, look at your behavior, look at also your achievements. And are you proud, the most with those that have cost you the most. Or maybe you have a different attitude. But explore this and also the family history, and what has been the model that you have seen. And then take your conscious decision, you may decide that it's time for a change, you may decide that it's totally fine, but at least recognize it, know it, that that's your path. You want to be the hero, you want to be the one that works really hard. Or you may decide that it's time for things to happen easier, and that you don't need to be a hero. And there are actually many other archetypes that you can embrace. I'm definitely planning an episode on or maybe it should be a series we'll see about the different archetypes. So there are options. The hero archetype is not the only one which is available. So I hope I have moved your imagination and inspired you to look at things from a different perspective. Remember that the most important is our awareness. This can solve so many things for us. So I hope you will find your answers your inspirations and the philosophy that you really want to embrace. Thank you so much for joining me in this episode. Don't forget if you have any questions or ideas about topics that you want to her Hear hear on the podcast, send me an email to support at thank you and I will see you next time.

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