Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries   - "THE LIBERATOR": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. And we start with the first one: The Liberator, Aries.

What you need to know about Aries

- The symbol of the sign is: the horns of the ram, symbolizing the insistence, the native nature of the sign and the associated ability to meet the challenges of direct opposition.

- Key phrase: I AM - Each character has a phrase that best describes the corresponding archetype. I AM explains that Aries needs to find his IDENTITY.

Aries embodies the basic archetype of IDENTITY AND SELF-ASSISTANCE. The ram donates us with a sense of purpose and symbolizes the hero's call to action. It connects us to the energy that prompts us to do the FIRST STEP, to make a PROBE, to find a way, to apply our capabilities, to LEAD, to be free from the limitations.

- Basic qualities: Bold, enterprising, leader, initiative, warrior, direct, strong, liberator, strong sense of justice, face against problems.

- Keywords: Self-expression, self-determination, vigor, breakthrough, initiative, courage, aggression, impulsiveness, entrepreneurship, passion, self-love, leadership, selfishness, obstinacy, audacity, instinct for survival.

- Dark side: selfish, aggressive, macho, harsh, unceremonious, inconsistent, often involved in incidents, lack of persistence, without remorse, endangering other people. They are quick to light and are impatient. When Aries is in a bad period, he directs its aggressiveness to his closest. This dark side comes to light when there is nothing to do. That is why they must always have an active mission.

- Shadow: includes the propensity to hesitate. It's hard for him to say NO. Promises a lot but gives a little.

- Personality: It is impossible for an Aries to be ignored. This upbeat personality is powered by a powerful ego. There is nothing else but what Aries hears and sees. He really believes he's always right. Tough and energetic. Natural Born Leaders. He is not a team player.

- With a quick and inventive mind: It is more impulsive than prudent, and tends to make decisions in the blink of an eye. An anxious mind that easily gets bored.

- Lessons in life: To learn to respect the will and needs of others. To learn to be a leader without suppression and aggression. To learn to say NO

- Element: cardinal fire

- Planet: Mars - The great warrior who points to the way we deal with conflicts in life. It shows how we distribute energy while pursuing our goals. This is the area in our life that pushes us to action and shows us what we would fight for and what war we will declare! It causes changes through action. Mars shows us that area of ​​life that pushes us into action, the arena that may resemble a battlefield where we expect to be the winners.

- Season: spring. The ram begins the astrological year and releases life from the winter. With the energy of life, he struggles with the chains of winter. The Aries begins with the spring equinox. When day and night are equal. Then every day the light grows.

- Day: Tuesday

- Numbers: 9

- Motif: Spark.

- Body parts: head, blood, face, muscles.

- Color: red. Aries is associated with blood. In Hebrew the word blood is SAM, the word for red is ADOM, and the word for man is ADAM. Mankind is a mixture of red blood and earth.

The red color serves for protection and attack. For example, the red line of the left wrist acts as an amulet against bad eyes. The red alert alerts you to danger. The red color makes us stop. We are genetically programmed to pay more attention to the red color. If we do not take action when our blood runs out we may die.

- Zodiac stone: diamond and ruby

- Beliefs: I am strong and I can conquer everything. I am grateful for everything I have achieved and everything I have to achieve.

How to wake up the Aries energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Aries energy:

  • Start new projects, try to be leaders, even in insignificant situations - for example, decide how to spend your weekend or which movie to watch.
  • Practice hardness and breakthrough in every action. Be a Shepherd, a Leader and a Liberator! Get rid of everything that prevents you from progressing.
  • Sow seed in your life. The ram begins the astrological year and releases life from the winter. He sowed seeds. Plant something this week, water it, and watch it grow.
  • Aries controls the head, face, brain hemispheres and muscles. Train. Use your muscles. Work on your body, run, jump, fight, make love and sweat.
  • Wear red clothes.


​Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and today I will talk about which are the main characteristics of the sign Aries you will learn the main positive side also the shadow the challenges of this sign, how you can balance this energy or basically how you can increase it if you want to, and more interesting details about Aries. If you prefer to read the information, I will also include the link for the article where you can find it all in one place. This video is also part of the series for the 12 signs so stay tuned for the other signs which are coming really soon. Okay, so let's start first with the sign bow. What's the sign of Aries the sign represent the horn of the rim. That's what we draw when we use the symbol of Aries Of course it shows the main energy of this sign people who are ready to be battles people who are ready to compete, to fight to argue, very brave, very strong, very powerful, just like the sign. So as usual, the symbols are very important, which are the main qualities of the sign Aries and of course, people who have this strong Aries energy. These are people who are very brave, and these are also people who know how to take risks. Aries is the most impulsive sign the sign which takes action, and then thinks about the consequences. As we can understand, sometimes this can be an advantage in other situations, that's a huge disadvantage, but those people are impulsive. So some of the main quality These are impatience, leadership also desire to take risks, ability to take risks and focus on themselves. Areas people, they are very self centered. Some of them can be selfish, not everyone. Of course, it also depends on the level of the person. Some people can be selfish, not everyone, but they have this desire to lead to have control to you know, to do what they want. Basically, it's very difficult to convince an Aries to do something that they don't want to, to argue with them is almost impossible. They have strong arguments. Honestly, they're not the best listeners, but they are capable of convincing others to follow them to take their steps or to listen There instructions. So what great qualities for a leader actually someone who is taking charge, someone who is capable of taking risks, and also leading other people. Now, which is the key phrase, the key phrase for heiresses? I am, I am strong, I am confident, I am brave, whatever you want to, but they are truly focused on themselves. That's where everything starts. What they want, how they want it and when they want. Usually they want it for yesterday, if possible. And why is this happening? First of all, this is a fire sign. And fire energy is impulsive is brave, is extroverted, so focused on the outside on achievement on taking action on top of that, Aries is also a cardinal sign, this is the modality. And the modality also brings certain characteristics. Cardinal signs are those who start something, that's where the impulse comes from. So combine this Cardinal energy with the fire energy, and that's how you get Aries. So I'm actually absolutely serious. That's why those people are so brave and so active and initiative because they combine the sign quality of fire, and also the modality of the cardinal energy. And that's what we get out of it. Now, what's the dark side? Now, the dark side is their impulsiveness and impatience. They can be sparkled really easy. They can get enthusiastic, inspired, wanting to do something, but the challenge is to stay motivated. areas are very good with starting new things. But usually there are challenges to complete what they have started. Because at certain point when things might get a little bit boring, or they need to wait for something which is beyond their control, or you know, it's just a process which takes more time, they may lose their motivation. And instead, they may refocus their energy on the next task. And you can understand that in life, sometimes it's not okay. Because most things in life, they take time, they take effort, and they take patience. Patience is a challenge for Aries. They want everything to happen right now, as they are doing it, you know, they want to see the result. Usually, it's not how life works. So that's one of the challenges for EHRs to learn to be more patient and more consistent. Another challenging site is that also sometimes they might get angry easily. The positive is that they can also come down easier. So they are exploding, you know, they're very expressive, very passionate for a while, they may, you know, be like a store, and shortly after that they're back to normal. So usually they don't keep this deep inside of them, they don't torture themselves with those negative emotions, which from the other side is actually a positive for them. You know, they're letting this energy out. Sometimes it's a challenge for other people, but for Aries, probably it's healthier. However, they still need to find a way to channel this intense energy because sometimes it may also turn into aggression, aggression against others, especially if someone is not so brave if someone is slow if they need to wait for them. Watch what happens, it can literally become a storm. Because areas they cannot wait. Also, it's difficult for them to make compromises. They are not soft, they are not so gentle. They are honest, they are direct, they will, they will tell you everything they think. So, you know, they're not keeping a mask pretending of something they're not. They are direct and honest. But not everyone from the other science can accept that so easier and so easily. And sometimes this may literally be harsh, you know, an unnecessarily direct. So another issue that Aries may need to work with. Also, it's difficult for them to say no. This may sound a little strange, and it's not because they're pleasers, they don't want to please others. They don't really want others to like them. Maybe they want others to admire them, but not necessarily to like them. But they don't say no, because they think that they can do everything. They have this working project and they are ready for the next one. And they can promise you that they can be on a date with you during this week, but sometimes it's too much even for the Aries. So one of their challenges is also to learn to say no, no to certain activities that are beyond their, you know, power beyond their limits or beyond the time that they have. And also not to promise things to other people, which honestly, they just cannot complete. Another interesting side of their personality. Those people they are not really good team players. They're great leaders. They are the people who can take the first step, you know They can go somewhere where no where no one has been before, because they are brave because, you know, they want this excitement. But it's a challenge for them to work with others as a team, they usually don't negotiate, they cannot make compromises. They cannot stay silent when necessary. And usually it breaks it can create challenges for their relationships or in terms of negotiations or even when they are part of certain community. It may not be so easy for others to accept them. So we turn the lessons for people who have a strong Aries energy. First of all, it's to learn to respect the needs of other people. You guys have great qualities. You're strong, you're powerful, you're brave and confident. We know that but you should know that not everyone is like you. And you still need to respect those people and kind of you know, accept them, and sometimes help them if you can, or just, you know, be more patient. This is a major lesson for people who have a strong Aries energy. And also similar to that, to learn to lead without aggression, to be a little bit softer, you know, to think more about others people's feelings and how your actions are going to make them feel and what will be the outcome because honestly, it's not helping you to hurt others, they won't be willing to help you as well. And, you know, it's just not productive. So that's another lesson for you. And also which are the main beliefs the main beliefs of people who have strong Aries energy, they are confident they believe Leave that taken do whatever it takes to, you know, to get where they want to. They believe that they can achieve things that if someone hasn't done it before, it's not a problem they can be the first one. Actually they enjoying this to be you know the first person achieving something. And also they have this inner confidence inner self centeredness. So they are not searching for, you know, someone else to help them to show them the direction, they define the rules, they define the direction. Alright, so as you can see, we always have some positive sides and some challenging sides. And by the way, that's true for each sign and for each indication in astrology. So our task is first of all, to explore the two polarities, the positives, the negative lives. And if you want to grow, if you want to improve to achieve more in your life, of course, try to focus more on the positive sides, and instead try to work with the negatives with the challenges. That's how we become better. That's how we achieve more. And it's not that Aries are bad people. No, actually, they have great qualities. But sometimes it's not easy to be around them. But anyway, I, I truly admire Aries people for their courage for their braveness for their passion. They're one of the most passionate science and that's always something to admire. Now, I have also a couple of suggestions for you. If you want actually to wake up the energy of Aries within you, if you're an Aries, but for example, you're kind of suppressed at the moment or maybe you don't have this is energy within you but you want the qualities. Here are some suggestions which you can use. First of all, start new things. Whatever it is, start a new practice, start a new business project, a new a new relationship, whatever, just you know this energy of the first impulse, the braveness to take small steps, start with small things. That's what over time will increase your confidence. So that's number one. Number two, is be harder and don't give up. Fight against the limitations try to find other ways. If something doesn't work, try something else. Just don't give up. Number three is sow seeds in your life. Figuratively or literally. Air This is the first sign so this is the seat you know, which then grows to the others through the other sides. So plant the seeds at home, a flower in your garden, or an idea in your mind and let it grow and nurture to take care of it. And after you know this energy becomes more in your life. So are the ears quality's gonna, you know, flourish in your life. The next advice I have for you is to train. This is maybe one of the most important exercise physical efforts physical energy. This is key for Aries people, they are always engaged with something, you know whether this would be something meaningful or meaningless. That's another question but they are active. So, find an action find an activity which will be pleasant for you. Swimming, skiing, riding a bicycle, whatever you like. Just do something. Again, let me remind you start with small things. That's how you grow over time. And the last advice I have for you is to wear the color of Aries. This color is red, red clouds, red makeup for women, for your nails, whatever you want, if you want to, you can color your hair. By the way, I have met many women with strong Aries energy, who have red color on their hair, very typical. This is the Mars energy basically the ruler of this sign is Mars, the planet of braveness and warriors and people who take action. So that's a general description of Aries. I hope it was helpful to you. And keep in mind that you may have the Aries energy, even if your son is in another sign. You may have other planets in the sign of Aries. You may Have your ascendant in Aries or another cusp of house in certain life area, we all have Aries each of the signs basically. So it's only a question of exploration and you know to learn where you should channel this energy where to focus it. And also let me make one announcement. We are starting the Mars stars astrology Academy this year. So if you want to join the waitlist, you will find the link below this video. Please save your spot now because the group will be limited and people who sign up first will have advantage. You will find the program and all of the other information it's going to be Yeah, you will find it in the link through the link below. It's going to be very extensive very in depth, very serious knowledge which you will get more in the description below. So that was the first video from the series of the for the 12th. House. Thank you very much for watching and share your opinion How do you experience the Aries energy? Do you see more the positives or maybe the challenges in you or in other people? And basically, what's the most positive that you find in this energy? What's the number one thing that you would get from the Aries energy if you can? Personally for me, I would say it would be to try new things you know, to be active no matter what. What's your best quality of design Aries. Thank you very much for watching the video and I'll see you soon.

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