The Aspects in Astrology | Live Webinar


Hello dear friends and welcome to today's webinar. I'm Marina. Before we begin, please just let me know if everything is okay with the camera and with my microphone. Can you see and hear me? I'm waiting for your responses. So if anyone can type in the chat please I know there is a little delay between the broadcast, okay. Somebody says thank you so much, guys. Okay, so we are waiting cool Two minutes for the audience. Because we have a very interesting topic today. Hi to everyone from everywhere. It's so nice to see you guys. Sunday for some of us evening for others. It's morning. Hi, hi, Debbie. Hi, Helen. Hi, everyone. Okay, so I think that we can begin now. Hope you're ready. And today's topic is so interesting and so important. And by the way, I decided to make this webinar because there were so many people asking me about the aspects which I'm using. Because in especially in my daily horoscopes, I often talk about quintiles or semi squares or sip deals. And it turns out that many people are interested in knowing more about this. But that's why actually I decided to make this webinar and there will be two parts. So today is the first part we are going to talk about the basic things. I hope you understand guys that this is a very large topic. I know I mean that there are many things that we should mention. So it's very difficult to say it on the you know, in one webinar, and there will be another part where you can join basically today is the free part. And in February, there will be another webinar, I will put the link in the description below. So if you save your seat for the next webinar, during the next five days, you will have a special discount. So yeah, just check the link if you're interested. To learn more about this and today, I will explain what we are going to talk about. Of course, there will be a lot of free information today. So it's not just an advertisement, I will share a lot of things today I'll answer some questions. So I hope you're ready. And the other webinar I think I mentioned so it will be on the 18th of February. It's again Sunday, at the same time. I think it's 11 B 11am. Pacific time 4pm GMT time. So yeah, you can learn more about this in if you follow the link in the description below. And yeah, okay. I hope you're seeing me somebody says should I be seeing you? I hope I think that you should be seeing me Yeah. Okay, so the aspects and why are they So, thank you. Why are they so interesting? Now? I think that first we have to start with the definition, actually, what is the aspect? Because there might be some people who haven't heard about the aspects or maybe are confused. So let's be clear about this, what are we calling an aspect? Basically, the aspect is a concrete degree distance between two planets which have a specific meaning and influence. And there are certain degrees, which are important because they have a specific influence. And these are the aspects there are others which don't have any influence, or here is something interesting, at least we don't know yet. There is a theory that every possible distance between the planets can mean something can be kind of an orbit, for example, even, let's say 27 degrees. Well, I don't use this as an aspect but Maybe it also has some kind of influence. Of course, astrology is science, which is evolving. So maybe someday we will learn more about this. But for now, I think we have enough aspects to work with. So it's interesting enough. Okay, so, first of course, it's very important to find out if you have certain aspects between a couple of planets in your horoscope. And I will tell you a secret guys that I'm working on a special software, which will help you to get a clearer picture about all of the aspects in your horoscope. And this will be not just the regular birth chart calculators because I will include all of the aspects that now we're going to discuss which are more untraditional and a little bit more advanced. So it's not only about the trends and the squares, it will include all of The aspects, so unfortunately I'm not really sure when it will be ready. But as soon as it is ready, I will definitely announce it. I hope you're subscribed to my channel, I will make a special announcement if you're not subscribed, please consider subscribing if you are interested. You can also sign up for my newsletter and I will send a special email when where I will inform you about this birth chart calculator so that you will be able actually to see everything that you need to know. Of course, if you're interested, I can tell you how exactly you can calculate this aspect because as I told you, there I don't know about a free chart calculator which includes all of these aspects that I will talk about. Honestly from those calculators which I know the best one is I think it was like that yeah So, this is the birth chart calculator which can give you some of the aspects but not all of them. As I told you the advanced aspects are not included. The other thing which you can do is to calculate manually your aspects. And yeah, thank you so much thanks to everyone who has joined us how to calculate the aspects in your horoscope if you want to understand if you have some more specific aspects Well, you have to take you have to know the exact degree of each planet in your horoscope and you have to calculate basically the distance between another planet which you want to find out if there is an aspect and I will give an example how you can do that manually and guys I know that it's very easy. And we all prefer to use software's. And of course, I always do this, but learning to do that manually can really help you to feel better. Everything, you know, the aspect, the astrology itself. So I always recommend you to learn first how to do something manually even to calculate the birth chart manually. And after that, of course, in your daily life, you're always going to use the software but knowing how to do it on your own can be very helpful in the understanding. So how to calculate the the aspects manually? Well, you have to take the degree of the first planet and you have to turn it into an absolute degree. Let me explain what it means. For example, if you have a planet in Aries, and let's say it's the 10th degree in Aries then the absolute degree is 10. But if you have a planet in the 10th degree in Taurus, the absolute degree will be 10 the number of your degrees plus 30 because you know that one side consists of 30 degrees. So, in order to calculate this, actually I have written this but not sure if you will be able to read it very well. Let me show you if you can see here this chart I'm waiting because the broadcast has some kind of delay and I can see very well if you can see this, but okay, actually you can see it. Yeah, you can see it. So if we have Aries, then the absolute degrees, just the number of the degree of your planet. If we have Taurus, then you have to take the number of the I agree and to add 13 for example, if you want to calculate the, the absolute degree of a planet which is in cancer, you take the exact degree that you have, for example, 12 degrees in cancer, you have your moon, you have you take 12 degrees, and then you add 90 and you can see this with all of the signs here. Pisces for example will be 330 plus the number of the degree Aquarius will be 300 plus the number of the degree. Capricorn is 270 and the number of the degree Sagittarius is let me see it 240 plus the number of the exact degree of the planet then for Scorpio it will be 210 plus the number liberal is eight He blows the number, Virgo is 150 plus the number Leo is 120 plus the number cancer, we already said 90 plus the number. Gemini is 60. Taurus is 30 and Aries, you just take the exact degree. So basically you calculate the absolute degree of the planet and actually of the two planets that you want to find out if there is an aspect between them. So you have a number. And here is another thing that if you want to be really precise, you keep in mind that the degrees are not, I mean, they they use minutes. So for example, 10 degrees, and the next number can be for example, 15 minutes, and one degree consists of 60 minutes, it's not 100. So consider that. You can also round up to the next degree. I also get questions Like, for example, why is my software showing you the degrees around it, for example, somebody have their ascendant in 10 degrees in 15 minutes in Gemini, for example, and in my software, it shows that the ascendant is on the 11th degree. Guys, this is something like the IRS and the centuries. For example, right now we are in 2018. And this is the 21st century we are not in the 20th century. The same is with the decrease. If you have 11 something degree in, for example, Gemini, this is already the 12th degree, even if it's 11 degrees and one minute, it's already the 12th degree. So yeah, keep that in mind. And there is no zero degree you know, zero is nothing so if you have a planet on the zero degree and two minutes. It's already the first degree, just something I want to make. Clear. So anyway, now that we have the absolute number of the degree in our, somebody says it's so hard. Okay? I'm just explaining if you want to know how to do that manually if you don't want to do it manually, you can always you can always use the software which I will give for free. And you will have all of the numbers on your own. And all of the all of the aspects. It's not hard, really, I mean, it's really it's really simple math. So anyway, you have to know the distance in the degrees. The exact number of the degrees between the two planets in order to define if there is a concrete aspect Or not. And after that, you have a clearer picture. And here comes the next question about the orifices. So what is the Orbis? The Orbis is like the range which you have for certain aspect because let's use one of the more popular aspects as an example. You can use the Trine. The Trine is an aspect which is 120 degrees. It's very simple. It's very popular, very positive aspects. But in order to have a try, actually you can have a Trine even if the distance between the planets is not exactly 120 degrees. And here the different astrologers use different numbers and offices and it depends on the planets which are included Of course in the next webinar I will give you a table and I will include what I'm using. You may use it on your own you can have your own preferences of course, everyone can have their own opinion. For the specific aspect I use different offices. And for example you can have a Trine if the distance between the planets is from 125 until 115, so plus minus five, you're still in the Trine. And this is true for all of the other aspects. You have, you know the orbits is like the range which you can use. And it's different for as I said, it depends on the aspect and sometimes on the planets. For example, if we have the sun, the sun we use larger offices for the sun for let's say Mercury Venus and the other planets, the orifices are small. And I can give you an example I'm actually I'm using come more untraditional Orbis, for example, the conjunctions of the sun. If they are applying, I use 713 degrees is the aspect aspect of separating I use 12 degrees. And it might be a large Orbis. Honestly, I was wondering, I had some doubts at the beginning when I started to learn this. But it turned out that actually it's really working in the sun is very powerful. It's the source of the light and our energy. So that's why we use bigger offices for the sun. The moon also has larger offices than the other planets. Of course, I will include all of that. Maybe I'll even I was thinking right before the webinar that I can make a post on my website and I will give you Guys the link for this and there will be a table because it will be complicated to you know, mention all of the our offices, which I'm using, I think that, you know, nobody's going to remember that when he hears that for the first time, so I will make a post on my I will publish a post on my website, and I will give you the exact Orbis which I'm using for the different aspects and the different planets which are included. And as I told you, I'm using a different approach. Basically, this is the Russian Academy. I'm a student of the Russian Academy, for those who are not aware and of course, I'm teaching what I have learned there. Of course, this is something I'm doing independently so I'm not using their name in any way. I'm just saying, you know, which is the school which is I'm using as a source for my knowledge and what I'm trying to teach you guys. So, the orifices we already mentioned are Let me see. Okay. So, next we need to of course there is there are different classifications of the types of aspects and we are going to discuss that in details during the next webinar. In short, the first type of classification is somebody asks if I'm Russian No, I'm not Russian. No, but I, I understand Russian so I have studied in the Moscow Academy of astrology. Okay, so what was I saying? The the certification Okay, yeah, the first one is major and minor aspects which are the major aspects and which are the minor and what is the difference. The major aspects are those who are which are more popular and I think that most of you have already heard about them. Basically they are the conjunction. conjunction is when basically the two planets are almost very close to each other conjunction, then sextile, square, Trine and opposition and these are the traditional aspects. I haven't met an astrologer who doesn't use all of these aspects and they of course, they are the foundation and the major aspects they have a stronger impact they are more visible their influences more specific. But we also have some other which are called minor aspects but some of them can be extremely powerful as well. Here comes another thing. So, for example, the Quint view, which is an aspect which I'm using and I'm talking about it very often in my daily horoscopes, the quinto is also considered to be a major aspect in the Russian Academy. The Quint view is a 72 degree aspect. Also, some astrologers take the quincunx is a major aspect. In my opinion, it's not a major aspect. It's a minor aspect, but of course, it's very important. And we can say that all of the other aspects Okay, yeah, somebody in the chat just wrote the exact degrees of the major aspects. Thank you so much. Yeah, the sextile is 60 degrees square is 90. Trine is 120 and opposition is 180. Okay and the next thing as I said is the related to the minor aspects and there are many different types of minor aspects. I will mention now the aspects which I'm using. Of course, if it's too overwhelming as I told you it will be included. It will be included in another post and in the next webinar, so which are the minor aspects which I'm using. First I use a semi quintile as an aspect. I also use nonagon. Then I'm using then we have semi square sextile. The sextile we already mentioned. Then we have a Quint you been on the gong. Then we have The square sent the gun trying bee queen to quincunx and the opposition you can see common and the conjunction is the last one. So, you can see how many aspects we can have in astrology and they all have a specific influence and they are divided in different groups because they have some of them are similar and the others you know there are some of them who has similar characteristics. The groups of the aspects that we are using, first of all major and minor then we can divided into there is a group of aspects which is called karmic aspects. And here it's a little interesting because we can say that everything in astrology is karmic. So I think that in some way, all of the aspects that you have Are karmic, but there are some who have which have more specific influence. Those are from the group of the nonagon been on the gong center gone in to these aspects are considered to be karmic. What specific for the karmic aspects, the karmic aspects they can be, you know, they are more challenging. They're challenging aspects definitely. And the other thing is that their influence is for a short time. So you don't feel it during your whole life. You feel it through part of your life, but the influence is stressful. That's the most important of course, each of them has specific influence, but that's the general for this group of aspects. The other group is the creative aspects. And here they are also called creative which doesn't mean that You have if you have these aspects, you're literally creative. It's just the name which is used for this group of aspects. And here we have the group of the quintile, basically the quintile itself, semi quintile, quintile and a half. I think I didn't mentioned this, when two and a half, this is 180 degrees, and between 144 degrees, this group of aspects can bring you changes. This group of aspects is related to changes and also choices that you will have. And it's very interesting. Well, there is a spiritual teacher who is very famous in my country, and he says that these aspects, the creative aspect, if you don't use them properly, and you know in a good way in this life in your next life, They will turn into challenging cuspids they will turn into squares, and opposition's if you use your creative aspects in a constructive and positive way. In your next life, these aspects will be positive like six styles and trends. So the creative aspects are very specific. They're considered to be positive, they really are. But at the same time, it takes more power in order to learn how to control them, because you have some choices. But whether you're going to, you know, take the right direction or not, you're not forced to do that, and sometimes you can make a mistake. So very specific aspects. And the Orbis is very small for those type of aspects, which means that they're rare. You know, they're not like the tribes and the squares which most of the people have. And for example, if somebody has three or four creative aspects it's, you know very much it's really very much. So, it might become difficult I have seen charts with such indications of few or more creative aspect and it might become difficult for the person to use this energy you know properly they can you know, just like life can be more complicated in some cases. But anyway those aspects are very interesting the creative aspects. Okay, and let me see what else do we have and okay I hope we will have time for some questions. Please guys, I will answer questions which are topic related. So we are talking about the types of aspects. So if you have some questions related to that you can ask them then for the other questions, of course, we can make another live session, but today I'm answering only about the types of the aspects. So, ah, what else do we have? Then comes? Yeah, then comes the next classification, which is, I think the most interesting and maybe it will be something which you know, it's really advanced and not so popular. This is the classification on left and right aspects. And it's not complicated to define if your aspect is left or right, I will explain how you can do this. But it's definitely not complicated. And there is a difference if your aspect is right. Or left and how to define that. First of all, you have to know the speed of the planets in general, which are the fastest planets and which are you know, the slower planets. This is something general you know in astrology. So the slowest planet is Pluto, then comes Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, then comes the sun, Mercury and the moon. This is the order. So the fastest planet is the moon, as you understood then comes Mercury, then comes the sun and then Venus. So you have to know which is the fastest planet from your couple. And you have to Okay, so actually, let me use an example for that. Just a second. I will share my screen because I want to explain it I will use the chart for today Okay, now I will share the screen just a second Okay, so you will see my yeah the the chart here I'm trying to show you how actually you can define even if an aspect is right or left because they have a specific influence. Okay, so this is the chart for the current moment. So right now the moon is at the very last degree of Sagittarius and everything is as you can see here, so let's use this example the sun Let me see. Okay, so the sun and Jupiter, the sun is on the 25th degree in Capricorn, and Jupiter is on the 20 degree in Scorpio, and right now there is a sextile between those two planets. So, how to define if this is a right or left aspect. First of all, you have to pick up the planet which is slower, which motion is slower. So, of course, in this case Jupiter is the slower planet. So, imagine that you have a conjunction imagine that, you know the sun is in conjunction here with Jupiter. So, is the other planet, the slower planet from the right side here or from the left side, basically, in this case, this is a right sextile if the sun was on the 25th degree Virgo, it would be a left sextile. So I've Of course, I will repeat that again, it's really not complicated. As I said, basically, all you need to know is the speed of the planets, which planet is faster. So you, you pick up the faster plan or sorry, the slower planet, the slower planet. And then you have to define if the other planet is on the right side or on the left side. And basically that's how you know if any aspect and it's related You know, it can be applied for all types of aspects. And you can define if they're left or right okay, so I hope it was clear please if you can write I hope if you understand this thing, these writing the chat Guys, if this is clear how to define Left and right aspects. Great. Okay, thanks. Thank you so much guys for answering. I will repeat that again. But as you can see, it's not complicated. Okay, so what does it mean if you have a right or left, so the right aspects, they're more related to your inner world. So, if the with this example, the sun and Jupiter, basically if you have this positive aspect, it's related to success and you know, some opportunities and luck and basically this is a great aspect to have This is a right aspect. It's related to some personal qualities. So you're talented and that's why you will become successful, you're confident and that's why you will become successful. Basically, it's related to your inner qualities. And if the aspect is left, it means that the circumstances are more related to the influence is more related to the outer circumstances. So it means that with the same example the sun and Jupiter, if this was a left aspect, it suggests that maybe you will find people who will support you in your life, you will be always in lucky circumstances or not always but you know, in some cases, you will have luck, your opportunities, so it's more like the outer atmosphere. This is just the basic information and the difference between right and left aspects and the left aspects are more like you know, outer things which you cannot control. The same is with the challenging aspects. If you have, for example, a right square, it's more related to, you know, inner contradictions, maybe you can balance certain energies, but this is more coming from you. If you have a left square between two planets, it's more like you know, the outer circumstances don't allow you to do something or you have restrictions or boundaries or whatever, but it's more coming from the outer world. So, that's just the basic where we are starting from and then we have all of the aspects, we can relate to the influence of certain sign and we apply this for all of the aspects, all of the minor aspects, all of the major aspects. There will be a table which I will share with you next time. And in this chart, actually we are going to discuss each See both aspects, major minor left, right, each aspect what can bring to you and which life areas could be affected. Just an example, we can take the conjunction, the conjunction has the influence of Aries the zero degree, this is Aries. So basically when you have a conjunction between two planets, this is when the two planets and their energies are connected and you can do something so you can do this for something constructive, basically the Aries and Mars energy, you can do something you can be active, basically, you know, these two planets are focused in the same direction and they can be used for action and doing something concrete. Then are let's take for example, the sextile that we talked about, okay, the same sextile that I just showed you. Okay, so I want to share the screen again, I think it's clear the same sex out that we just talked about between Jupiter and the sun, this 60 degrees, this is the place where Gemini falls, if you remember this table, which I showed you, and in the next one, there will be a special graphic with all of the aspects and with what they could be related. So, if you have this table here, Gemini has 60 degrees until the 90 degree. So it means that the influence of this sextile of the right sextile is similar to Gemini as an energy which means that you can use these as some intellectual skills that you may have or you know, it may help you to be in the area of education and you can be Very well informed. So basically, we are using the science as additional guidance how to interpret the aspects. And it's very interesting. As I told you for each aspect, we can have a different explanation and you know, a type of area which is related to this aspect. Now, now I want to mention something else, which we forgot about applying and separating aspects. It's something also, you know, important to keep in mind, what does it mean to have an appliance aspect basically, this is an aspect which hasn't been exact yet. And of course, the separating aspect is the opposite. The separating aspect is you still have the right orbits but the exact aspect has been in the past. If the aspect is applied, it's considered to be stronger. Then the separating aspect. And if you're interested in karmic astrology, they say that for example, if you have a separating aspect, any kind of aspect which is separating, this is something which is related to your past life. For example, you have a separating sextile between the sun and Jupiter, it means that these are some qualities that you have, you know, again during your past incarnations, you have already worked in this direction and that's why you have this you know, skills and the opposite if the aspect is applying this is something that you will be more focused in this life. So, you have to focus in this area, you know, you have to, you know, it might take a little bit more time to use this energy but at the same time, as I said, the blank aspects are considered to be a little bit stronger than the separating. Some Debbie asks, How do we know If it's applying or separating, well again you have to know the speed. Let me share the screen again in just a second I will show you okay we have the same example here with between the sun and Jupiter let's try to define if this is applying or separating aspect. Again we have to know the speed of the planets. And in this case we can see that Jupiter is on the 20 degree in Scorpio. This is the slower planet and the sun is on the 25th degree in Capricorn. Basically, these are 65 degrees. So this aspect has already been exact So this is a separating aspect because the sun is the slower planets. So when the sun was at the 20 degree in Capricorn, there was an exact sextile between those two planets. And because the sun is the faster planet, it's already moving away from these aspects. So that's why this is a separating aspect because it has been already exact. Let's take another example. Here the sun and Venus for example, the sun is at the 25th degree in Capricorn Venus 26 degrees. So this is an applying conjunction because it will be exact in the future. Or this one here the moon and Saturn This is an applying conjunction because the moon is at the 27th degree in Sagittarius Saturn, the third degree in Capricorn. So this is an applying conjunction. Let me see another example. Okay, Venus and Mars, they're also in a sextile. You can see Mars is at the 23 degrees in Scorpio Venus 26 degrees in Capricorn, we have a sextile This is 63 degrees. So, we definitely have the needed Orbis, but this is a separating aspect because Venus is the faster planet and it's already moving ahead. So, the the the aspect was exact when Venus was at 23 degrees in Capricorn and after that, this is a separating aspect. So it's not complicated to actually understand if you have a separating or applying aspect and as I said, for each possible aspect you can define if this is applying or separating, please let me know there be a if it was clear, okay, you have written Okay, yeah, separating means you're moving away. So with the simple words, applying aspects aspect, which will be exact in the future separating aspect aspect, which has already been exact. That's all you need to know. Yeah, well, that's why I told you somebody says it's a lot of information. Yeah, this is a lot of information. I'm trying to explain as much as I can. In the next one. In the next webinar, we're going to talk about each aspect one by one. And I will include everything. And this we will include also left and right aspects with the influence of which sign they are related so that you can understand another thing. I hope it's not overwhelming. I was trying to know to give you as much as possible for free. And if you're interested, of course, you can join us for the next webinar if you want to go more advanced. If not, of course, it's totally fine. I just want it to be more helpful and informative for you. But it might be a little bit overwhelming. If you want to learn astrology, there is a lot of information. So yeah, and don't get afraid. I mean, it's absolutely something you can learn you can understand them. It's not as they say rocket science. So, another thing I want to mention which is more general about the aspects, the longer the aspect is, the longer the influence of these aspects will be. it simple. I will explain. Let's say we take quincunx The quincunx is 150 degrees. This is an aspect which defines long lasting situations in your life if you have such aspects in your horoscope a quincunx. It will bring some things which are, you know, like life teams for you repeating and long lasting situations because the aspect is long 150 degrees. If you have, let's say, let's take one of the smaller aspects the semi queen to 36 degrees. This is an aspect which will affect you for a shorter time. But at the same time, the influence is a little bit more practical so you can see kind of immediate results. So the longer the aspect, the longer the influence will be. And here is something interesting. For example, the squares and the opposition's one of the major and popular are difficult aspects challenging aspects? Well, the opposition's are aspects. I'm sorry, I'm just a little sick. My voices Yeah. Excuse me. So the opposition's are 180 degrees. The squares are 90 degrees, both challenging aspects but because the opposition is a much longer aspect. It creates situations which are very long so you're constantly fighting to get something and it's repeating and you know, it's just it might be all of the time with the squares because they are shorter they take you know, smaller place. The influence is more temporary. So, for example, some kind of transit or progression activates this aspect and You faced with those challenges and you have to overcome something, then there might be like a you know, like a break for you. So the longer as I said, the longer the aspect is as a as a degree, the bigger the degree is, the longer the influence will be in your life. And it's just you know, something fundamental which applies to all of the aspects that we have. Okay, so let me see if I have said everything I wanted to mention. Also something more general about the aspect challenging and positive aspects. Is it okay to have only positive aspects or not? And yeah, many people they, you know, think that it would be great if they only had trines and sextiles in their home. horoscopes, I have worked with many many charts and I will be honest with you guys those sweet positive aspects are not always more happy than the other and the reason is because the challenging aspects they give you strength to fight with life's challenges. And I have seen charts with no challenging aspects no squares no opposition's and these people they can become lazy, unmotivated and they may not achieve anything significant in their lives just because everything is you know, comes naturally comes easily to them and they're just not so motivated. And the opposite people with many squares many opposition's especially if they're in a configuration like a town square like a Grand Cross, those type of people they can have amazing results on the inside, it might be difficult for them. I'm not saying that this is easy, they may always be unsatisfied, they may always you know, want to have more achieved more. But on an outer level as visible results, they may achieve more than those with only positive aspects. So, it's really important. One of the you know, basic things in astrology is to remember that nothing is only positive or negative. every indication in your horoscope can be used in a constructive way. It applies to everything to planets in science, houses, aspects, positive, challenging, everything can be used in a constructive way. So I think this is very important. Because when people you know, they say, Well, I have a town square, you know, I will always have problems, I won't achieve anything. It's just not right. It's not true. Especially if you're if you're more focused on business. on, you know, outer achievement, then actually this is better to have challenging aspects because they give you more strength. If you are, you know, focused on something softer, like art like creativity, in this case, yeah, the positive aspects can be more helpful. So it really depends and it's really important to be able to analyze the whole chart. And it's probably the best if you can combine positive and challenging aspects at the same time. Because, or, for example, if you have planets with challenging in positive aspects at the same time, it's probably the best possible case because the challenging aspects will give you motivation and strength and power to overcome the challenges. And on the other hand, the positive aspects will help you you know, give you some opportunities, confidence or support in some cases. So if you can combine both of this, this is the best, the best case. Let me see if you have if you have some kind of questions about the aspects or the webinar or you know if there is something unclear please type in the chant. Yeah, that's true about the challenges definitely. Yeah, somebody says they have a Yup. Yeah, the yacht is a very interesting configuration to Queen congresses and one sec style. Well, somebody says what I can recommend So, on the next webinar, actually, we are going to talk about each of the aspects so if you're interested in learning more, you can join us you can find the link in the description below. In the next webinar, we're going to talk about one by one all of the aspects somebody asks if I work with Chiron No, honestly, I don't probably it has some kind of influence, but there are so many things in astrology and I think that somewhere we have to you know, put the line and there are many other asteroids and fixed stars and so many you know, Arabic points, so many things. If you try to use everything you can get, you know, totally lost. I use only the 10 planets the most popular from the solar system. I use the black moon lilyc bars fortune also sometimes, yeah, it can be important. This is one of the ceramic points. And these are, you know, if you learn to analyze these indications, it's more than enough Trust me. Yeah, somebody asks about the quincunx is in the next webinar, we're going to talk about this because there is a major difference between the left and the right aspect if this is a quincunx all of the aspects of course, but I will explain because the left quincunx is related to the influence of Scorpio and it could be really, really challenging the right one is similar to the influence of Virgo. So if you have a left quincunx it might be really tough and you have to go through some kind of you know, transformation. And yeah, something needs to die of course figuratively and you need to transform something can only lead to correlate with loss and that I would say that delete, but this is you know, guys, this is a different topic. So please let's try to focus on the aspects of I'm so glad that you have so many questions and I promise I will make another live webinar we're going to talk about your questions like those about delete. So yeah, left quincunx then this is this could be more challenging something needs to be transformed the quincunx I have made the video about the quincunx but I think I haven't made it live yet. I'm not sure why I will Yeah, I have to make it live on YouTube. The quincunx is very interesting because it consists of 90 and 60 degrees 90 plus 16. Makes equals 150 degrees. So, the quincunx has an influence similar to the square and the sextile. At the same time, the first influence is more related to the square which means at the beginning, you will have challenges and difficulties related to these two planets which are included in the quincunx. If you overcome these challenges, if you find the fuel, you know put efforts, basically the meaning of the square, then you can benefit then comes the influence of the sextile which means that that's why the quincunx is so complicated because there the first stage the first level is related to challenges and difficulties. The square aspect, then comes the sextile, some positive some support, some help some luck, if you want to. So that's the most specific about the quincunx. The other thing is that as I said, the longer the aspect, the lower situations it brings. So if you have challenges, they are repeating their, you know, maybe through most of your life and you have to, you know, it repeats until you learn your lessons with the longer aspects. Yeah. Okay, so we have some time if you have some questions, guys about the aspects, the types of aspects. Somebody asked me about the birth chart calculator and maybe you have joined us later. I already said that. I'm working on that. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure when it will be ready, hopefully in a month or two, but I can't promise. I hope it will be ready soon. And in this chart, in this birth chart, Later you will be able to find all of the aspects. As I said, I will include everything, not only the popular aspects, but also the more advanced, which I'm using. And this software will be free on my website. So as soon as I have it, you will be the first to know that I promise. Do the aspects have a geometric form in the chart? I'm not really sure. What do you mean if you can be more specific? somebody asks a good very good question. Does it matter which planets are involved in an aspect? Yeah, of course, it always matters. It always matters if the planets are similar As some type of energy, the aspect is more positive. For example, let's take the sun and Mars both fire planets. So they are, you know, they're similar there is a harmony between the types, you know, between the nature of these two planets. And the opposite for example, the moon and Saturn, the moon and Saturn, they're completely different, you know, as what they are responsible for in our lives. That's why for example, the conjunction between this between the moon and Saturn is not positive. And sometimes even the positive aspects between these planets like for example, a Trine between the moon and Saturn can make you again, too controlling, of course, in a softer way, but you're you may still have some challenges related to that. So it's very important to know to pay attention on the planets which are included, if they're similar if their nature is similar, the influence is more positive. The other thing is about the malefic planets. Yeah, those are Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Mars. Especially Saturn and Mars. Saturn is considered to be the great malefic planet Mars too small. So sometimes Yeah, they can bring. Yeah, for example, somebody asks about moon and Venus. Yeah, they're, they're similar. Their nature is similar. So, especially if you have positive aspect between those two planets, it's extremely good combination, because they're both emotional planets, both related to feelings, and, you know, connections, emotional connections. Somebody says is the conjunction or hard or soft aspect? Or does it depend on the planets? Thank you, Debbie for this wonderful question. It depends on the planets. As I said, for example, conjunctions between Jupiter and all of the other planets are beneficial because Jupiter is the great benefactor only with mercury The situation is so so because mercury rules the opposite sign. But even in this case, this is not a really bad aspect. So for example, conjunctions with Jupiter are positive. conjunctions with Saturn are mostly difficult because Saturn is a challenging aspect. With the outer planets. They are considered to be natural especially With the sun, so in some cases for some things, it's positive for other others. It's challenging. I only have Yeah, no, it's not. Why do you think it's challenging to have aspects with the outer planets? between your sun in the outer planets? I wouldn't say that this is something bad. What about the house? somebody asks What about the houses they're in the houses in which you have your planets are the life areas where you can experience those types of energies. So you of course, you have to include that in your interpretation. For example, let's take this example. You have your you have Uranus Just an example your reign is in second house which makes Trine with your son in third sorry in sixth house. This is a Trine which is a positive aspect which means that you can be very original you can be a very interesting type of person. You're interested in new stuff in the future. So basically this is a great aspect the sun in Trine with your rains in which life areas it will manifest, second and sixth house this is finances and work. So, in this concrete case, we can say that your work can be more untraditional. You may have even your independent your own business you can learn you can think of very original ways to earn money need some you know on traditional sources of income so, you apply the interpretation you you have to make the connection with the houses where you have this aspect they are always related. Is Pluto conjunction The moon difficult conjunction? Yes it is. Yes, this is a difficult conjunction. The other thing, which also is important Don't forget that the cusps of the houses can also make or half aspects with your planets. And in this chart in the software that I'm working on, you will find that information as well, because it's always you know, important and many people forget to analyze this, you know this information you can find it so easily. For example, if Saturn is squaring your seventh house and your first house, it will bring some delays and challenges in your relationships and you know, you can for example, Get married later or you know you may keep some kind of barrier between you and other people. So, you always have to, you know, pay attention on the aspects between the planets and the cusps of the houses. Okay, so I hope it was helpful for you guys. This is only the the introduction, I tried to make it as informative as possible. But as you can see, there are many things to be considered. There are so many types of aspects. And in the next webinar, we are going to talk about it one by one. So I will repeat again the aspects that I'm using and what I will talk about during the next webinar. And actually we are going to count how many aspects we can have So, you can get a clearer picture. So, first we have the conjunction then semi queen to sorry before that semi sextile So, conjunction semi sextile, semi queen to semi nonagon semi square steel sextile queen to be nonagon sorry nonagon Square center gone. Then Queen two and a half Trine between two you will what else quincunx and opposition and all of these aspects can be left or right except for the conjunction and the opposition conjunction and opposition is only can be only one so you don't have right or left conjunction or right or left opposition all of the other aspects can be right or Left and as I told you they have specific influence related to the science. Yeah, somebody says it's too much. Well it is. Yeah. If you want to understand more of astrology Yeah, that's what you need to learn. Yeah. Yeah. And as I told you, the other webinar is on the 18th of February 11am pacific time 4pm GMT time there will be a recording for those who won't be able to join us live you will always be able to watch the recording. And you know, remember something or just listen it again. Yeah. Somebody in the chat wrote what did you I want to scroll back that yeah, it's it takes too much and it's too hard. Well this is not the newspaper astrology This is an advanced level I tried to start from the beginning so even if you haven't heard about the aspects you know I will give you the or business and everything but this is an advanced technique which will help you actually to understand things more in depth. So, if you want to learn more about all of this stuff, you're welcome to join us. By the way, as I told you, if you save your seat during the next five days, you have a special discount. The other thing which is important, I will send you the links within 48 hours after you have made your purchase. If you don't receive an email from me Please first check your spam. Unfortunately, in some cases, those emails can go to your spam folder. If you don't find it there as well, please send me an email and we will solve the situation. Oh, yeah. Did I make a mistake with the time? I'm sorry if I have made that, I will definitely check it. I'm sorry if I have made a mistake. Okay. So yeah, that's the most important for today. I hope it was helpful. And I will see you very soon. And as I promised you, I will make another life and we can discuss your other questions which I wasn't To answer right now, so thank you guys so much for joining me and I will see you soon. If you have some kinds of suggestions or ideas, you can also type that I would like to make it as, you know, as more informative as possible. Okay so thank you guys again and I will see you soon. Bye for now.

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