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A weekly horoscope: everything you need to know

The impact of planets, constellations, and cosmic energies on our everyday lives has been studied and analyzed for millennia. What's more - it has been a primary way to explain how the universe actually works for a number of advanced ancient civilizations all over the globe.

For me, it is out of the question that the boundless cosmic machine is a significant factor in how individuals, groups of people, and even entire societies act upon certain circumstances. That's why I try to provide all of you with an everyday insight into how the weekly horoscope and the planets impact people's inclinations, emotions, and overall behaviour. Or else said: how does the weekly horoscope set up the stage upon which our personal performance is unveiled every single day.

So, what exactly is a weekly horoscope, how is it made, and how is it capable of benefiting our lives in both the short and the long run? I am unveiling the fundamentals of my weekly horoscope knowledge and understanding in the paragraphs below.

What is a weekly horoscope?

Put shortly: a weekly horoscope is practically a specialized short-term astrology prediction made on a day-by-day basis. It is a detailed reading for the next seven days, where each day is discussed separately, based on a set of pre-defined criteria related to the position and movement of the planets.

A weekly horoscope can be divided into two types: general and personal weekly horoscope.

The general weekly horoscope analyzes the universal energies and dispositions provoked by the position and transition of different celestial bodies. On the other hand, in a personal weekly horoscope, these details are further matched with the personal chart of the individual, thus providing a deeper insight into the processes that are about to be expected.

How is a weekly horoscope made?

As I already mentioned above - a weekly horoscope is an individual prediction for each day of the following week, or also any week in the future, for that matter.

Generally speaking, each daily prediction of the weekly horoscope is made by calculating and analyzing the positions of the planets in relation to one another.

So, which planets and positions are usually taken into consideration when a weekly horoscope is made?

  • The exact aspects of the Solar System, or the angular positions between the planets, measured in degrees. In a weekly horoscope, these can be either harmonious or disharmonious, thus predestining the character of the energies we'd be impacted by.
  • The ingression of the planets, or their re-occurring transition into a new sign. For example, the Sun changes signs each month, while Saturn stays in one sign for about two and a half years. These transits inevitably play a huge part in reading any weekly horoscope. 
  • The sign position of the Moon, which determines the everyday atmosphere, people's reactions, and moods in a weekly horoscope.

As a result, we get a rather out-and-out weekly horoscope that can help us understand, predict, plan and overcome the obstacles in our everyday lives. Or else said: knowing your weekly horoscope is the only very real way to prepare for the future and outline your strategy for making it work better for you.

How can a weekly horoscope benefit our insight?

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.", once said Benjamin Franklin, and we can't help but agree with that statement. A weekly horoscope, in this line of thought, is what enables you to prepare. For the things you'll go through, for the decisions you are recommended or not recommended to make, for the emotions you'll have to handle along the way.

A thorough and well-prepared weekly horoscope can empower people to plan their courses of action in various aspects of life, including both the personal and professional spheres. It is a powerful instrument for recognizing the right moments to act or remain neutral when it comes to important life decisions.

So, the stars and planets can't make your life better all by themselves. But with a professional weekly horoscope, they can give you a hint on how to make it better yourself.

Life areas included in the weekly horoscope of MarStars

As a part of my regularly published weekly horoscope, you will find advice on different aspects of your life, including:

  • A weekly horoscope for business endeavors;
  • A weekly horoscope for finance decisions;
  • A weekly horoscope for intimate and corporate relationships;
  • A weekly horoscope for communication matters;
  • A weekly horoscope for creativity;
  • A weekly horoscope for spirituality.

In a weekly horoscope, all of the life areas mentioned above are classified into three simplified groups: neutral, beneficial, and unfavorable. This is an easy way to gain swift insight and therefore adhere to a wise course of action, protecting yourself from potential weaknesses and mistakes. And of course - taking advantage of your strengths and the shifting "universe support."

How to get a free weekly horoscope by MarStars?

As I already discussed with you above, a professional weekly horoscope can be both general and personalized by character. In the YouTube video embedded above, you will find my most up-to-date general weekly horoscope: detailed, expert, put simply, and coming to you absolutely for free. This is my way of making a daily impact on people's lives by using my knowledge and expertise to help you feel and perform better.

Suppose you're having something pretty important to do or decide in the week to come. In that case, I will gladly equip you with a personal weekly horoscope, which can be part of your personal yearly prediction, giving an even more comprehensive knowledge matched to your personal chart.

Going beyond a weekly horoscope

In addition to a weekly horoscope, you can also purchase a set of personalized readings HERE, including an annual or multi-annual prediction, a psychological Astro report, and even advice on choosing the best date for an important event.

Because life is easier when we know ourselves, when we develop the proper expectations, and when we understand how to act in accordance with the energies we blend with. And a weekly horoscope is just the beginning!

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