New Moon Rituals for Manifesting Your Desires

Maybe you’ve already heard about it somewhere, perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself, and maybe it just comes to you as an intuitive conclusion - a New Moon symbolizes a new beginning and even triggers it when handled the right way.

In that line of thought, New Moon rituals are an easy, laidback, and thoroughly self-centered approach towards making the most out of the cosmic energies that will influence your next month’s transformation. Below, I am going to tell you a bit more about the essence of New Moon rituals in general, as well as describe some easy-to-do New Moon rituals that you can try right away.

New Moon rituals 1 - the cosmic energies

New Moon rituals - be more balanced 

What’s the Idea Behind New Moon Rituals?

New Moon rituals mark the beginning of a new cycle. Metaphorically speaking, you can easily compare New Moon rituals to planting a new seed - focusing on a new intent and nourishing it while it grows.

And though this is an underlying principle, you shall always keep in mind that each New Moon is different. Depending on the planets’ arrangement, the sign, and the elements’ energies, your New Moon rituals can shift your focus and make you concentrate on various aspects of your inner world.

Of course, you can always follow my free YouTube video readings and advice on each pending New Moon and the New Moon rituals associated with it.

New Moon Rituals: Tools and Settings

For the most fulfilling New Moon rituals, you will first have to make some preparations and build up the atmosphere.

One of the most common ways to arrange your settings for New Moon rituals is related to the specific sign and its corresponding element, triggered by the current New Moon. Put shortly: your New Moon rituals shall include as many representations of the element as possible.

Those can be, for example:

  • New Moon rituals in Earth: crystals, gemstones, metals, plants, herbs, etc.
  • New Moon rituals in Water: water, Bach flower essences, essential oils, etc.
  • New Moon rituals in Fire: aromatic candles, a lit fireplace, etc.
  • New Moon rituals in Air: open spaces, extended airflow locations, added breathing practices, etc.

The more you try to adhere yourself to the vibes of the universe, the more balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling your next lunar cycle can potentially get.

New Moon rituals 2 - new goal

New Moon rituals - new aspirations 

New Moon Rituals: Resting and Recharging

In astrology, the day before the New Moon is called “The Balsamic Moon.” This is a somewhat passive period in which you’ll need to slow down, take your time, and don’t push yourself too hard - either physically or mentally.

That’s why resting and realigning are the perfect beginning for all New Moon rituals. It is a time of letting old things go, unloading your consciousness, and making space for new ideas, new aspirations, and new goals - precisely what all New Moon rituals are all about.

New Moon Rituals: Turning Your Glance Inwards

Once you’ve allowed yourself to slow down, it is time to begin your New Moon rituals by first centering on your inner world and making the entire experience all about you.

No matter the element energies and the current setting, all New Moon rituals shall include a thorough analysis of your plans, ideas, feelings, drawbacks, and potential changes for the better during the month to come.

Many New Moon rituals, for that matter, include meditation practices with visualization: an ancient way to paint a perfect picture in your head, give yourself the chance to believe in it, and later bring it to life.

New Moon rituals 3 - making plan

New Moon rituals - Setting goals 

New Moon Rituals: Setting Goals and Making Plans

During New Moon rituals, you are supposed to stay open to new opportunities and consider new alternatives. Focus on engaging with things and people that make you feel like you’re not compromising with your own life path, your purposes, and your fulfillment.

Growing, expanding, and unveiling your potential are central during New Moon rituals. That’s why you can make yourself a little list: of new things you’d want to try, of new things you’d like to learn, and of life transitions that would make you feel better in your own skin.

It’s also a wise idea to focus your New Moon rituals on things that are inherent to the sign of the New Moon. For example:

  • New Moon rituals in Gemini can be all about communication, ideas, or education.
  • New Moon rituals in Libra can focus on love, marriage, partnerships, and relationships.
  • New Moon rituals in Virgo can make you focus on your organizational skills, sharpen your attention to details, or rethink your alone time pattern.
  • New Moon rituals in Taurus can be about restoration, self-care, coziness, art or nature appreciation, etc.

Once again: your personal New Moon rituals are supposed to serve a dynamic concept, following the forces and inclinations predetermined by the signs and elements.

That’s how you give an opportunity for New Moon rituals to target a different feature of your inner self and help you manifest your desires in various life perspectives every subsequent month.

New Moon rituals 4 - following the forces

New Moon rituals - expanding your potential 

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    New Moon rituals - symbolizes a new beginning
  • New Moon rituals 7 - inner world
    New Moon rituals - focus on a new intent
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    New Moon rituals - make you concentrated
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    New Moon rituals - build up the atmosphere
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    New Moon rituals - more balanced
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    New Moon rituals - harmonious and fulfilling
  • New Moon rituals 12 -
    New Moon rituals - resting and realigning
  • New Moon rituals 13 -
    New Moon rituals - making space for new ideas
  • New Moon rituals 14 - new goals
    New Moon rituals - new aspirations
  • New Moon rituals 15 -
    New Moon rituals - unloading your consciousness
  • New Moon rituals 16 -
    New Moon rituals - let old things go
  • New Moon rituals 17 -
    New Moon rituals - allow yourself to slow down
  • New Moon rituals 18 -
    New Moon rituals - stay open to new opportunities
  • New Moon rituals 19 -
    New Moon rituals - self-care and coziness