Astrology Transits: All You Need to Know

Astrology Transits: All You Need to Know

The Sun, the Moon, the Planets, and the Universe… They are all constantly moving, thus transferring energies and shifting the dynamic dispositions of both individuals and groups of people right here, on Earth. This continuous motion is the very basis of astrology transits - a phenomenon that you can learn more about below.

So, what are astrology transits, why do they matter, and how are we supposed to make them work for us? Let me be your guide through the rather intriguing world of astrology transits in the paragraphs to come.

Astrology transits 1 - constantly moving

Astrology transits  - transferring energies 

What are Astrology Transits?

Put shortly, the term "astrology transits" refers to both the momentary location and the ongoing movements of the planets, in contrast to their positions at the precise time when a person was born. 

Astrology transits, therefore, interact with each person's horoscope in a different way. And although there are phenomena called "group astrology transits," individual astrology transits give much more insight and potential for reaction - as long as you know when they're about to occur, what they are supposed to bring, and how you are supposed to react.

The most comfortable way to be aware of any upcoming universal astrology transits is following my free weekly horoscope on YouTube. But, how are you supposed to react to the pending changes? I can also help you with this one by preparing a personalized horoscope reading for you exclusively.

How Many Types of Astrology Transits are There?

Each planet or astrological body in our Solar system is different by size, movement, and impact on our everyday lives. So, unsurprisingly, there are different types of astrology transits - some of them are more potent than others, some of them more long-lasting, and some are way more life-altering indeed.

The three basic types of astrology transits we can group as follows:

Astrology transits 2 - guide you

Astrology transits - solar system 

Short-lasting Astrology Transits

Short-lasting astrology transits are not exactly life-changing, but they can undoubtedly be mood-changing for many. They also are observed to act as an unlocking mechanism for the influence of the slower astrology transits.

Short-lasting astrology transits are those of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Medium-lasting Astrology Transits

Medium-lasting astrology transits, on the other hand, last from a few weeks to a few months, and they can bring along some more significant changes. We have a very important planet couple here, namely:

  • Jupiter astrology transits - they are favorable, present new opportunities, open the door for long-awaited progress and expansion;
  • Saturn astrology transits - they are restrictive, require discipline and serious work, and can lead to both potential loss or stability, depending on how prepared one is to face them.

Long-lasting Astrology Transits

Finally, long-lasting astrology transits last two to three years and tend to bring the deepest and most significant changes in a person's life. Our usual suspects here are as follows:

  • Uranus astrology transits - they bring about sudden changes and many kinds of instability. During them, it's either a breakdown or a breakthrough - and oftentimes, it depends on you entirely;
  • Neptune astrology transits - they are all about love, inspiration, and deep emotional experiences - positive ones, but delusions and disappointments also. These transits are marked with the lack of focus and concentration and shall be approached with caution and understanding of their dualistic nature;
  • Pluto astrology transits - they produce the deepest and even subconscious transformations. It leads to extremes - you could have a lot of power or feel thoroughly disempowered, depending on your prior preparation for the event.
Astrology transits 3 - activate topics

Astrology transits - subconscious transformations

How do Astrology Transits Impact our Lives?

Though complicated, this question can be given a rather simplistic answer actually. All in all, astrology transits have the power to activate topics that are anyway set in the birth chart of the person.

Their peculiar energies and combinations of them act as a powerful unlocking mechanism and a potent catalyst for activating the fulfillment strive - or blocking it. Their impact is heavily influenced by one's planet placements and their corresponding elements - that's why astrology transits can be only fully understood when read individually for a specific person and a chosen period of time.

How Can We Make Astrology Transits Work for Us?

Depending on what a person does (or does not) with their lives during astrology transits, their long-term impacts may significantly vary.

Let's, for example, come back to Uranus astrology transits - the "breakdown or breakthrough" ones. Suppose one is physically, emotionally, and psychologically prepared to deal with some changes. In that case, they can work off the transit - minimize the chance of a breakdown and optimize the potential for a breakthrough.

Of course, "changes" is way too a generic term. Here, a professional astrologer can take into account the entire chart to prepare a person for the precise alterations that they are probably anticipating.

Astrology transits 4 - mapped and predicted

Astrology transits 4 - focus and concentration 

How Long Ahead can Astrology Transits be Predicted and Read?

Theoretically speaking, astrology transits can be mapped and predicted for the rest of a person's life. Anyway, that's not always a very productive or meaningful thing to do.

The fundamental meaning of having a personalized astrology transits reading is not merely being informed when and how the planetary bodies will move around space. Instead, a professional reading is about correlating these astrology transits with your current situation - the topics that stand before you, the questions you're currently looking for an answer to, the challenges that currently require a resolution.

Experts recommend having your astrology transits prediction for one or a maximum of two years ahead.

How to Get Your Personal Astrology Transition Prediction reading?

At MarStars, you can have a one-year or two-year astrology transits analysis as a part of my overall Prediction reading.

Thus, you will be able to grasp the deeper meaning behind your most accentuated areas and tendencies in the couple of years to come, and therefore manage to turn the challenging astrology transits into stepping stones for your personal evolution and improvement.

Because astrology transits can be either a gift or a curse: and I am here to help you take the gift!

Table of Contents

  • Astrology transits 5 - more insight
    Astrology transits - transferring energies
  • Astrology transits 6 - more potential for reaction
    Astrology transits - shifting the dynamic
  • Astrology transits 7 - The most comfortable way
    Astrology transits - the continuous motion
  • Astrology transits 8 - be aware
    Astrology transits - a phenomenon
  • Astrology transits 9 - very important
    Astrology transits - ongoing movements of the planets
  • Astrology transits 10 - be prepared
    Astrology transits - more significant changes
  • Astrology transits 11 - the most significant changes
    Astrology transits - new opportunities
  • Astrology transits 12 - a gift
    Astrology transits - a long-awaited progress
  • Astrology transits 13 - subconscious transformations
    Astrology transits - deep emotional experiences
  • Astrology transits 14 - optimize the potential
    Astrology transits - improvement
  • Astrology transits 15 - a professional astrologer
    Astrology transits - a personal evolution
  • Astrology transits 16 - productive
    Astrology transits - look for an answer
  • Astrology transits 17 - meaningful
    Astrology transits - a professional reading
  • Astrology transits 18 - be emotionally prepared
    Astrology transits - long-term impacts
  • Astrology transits 19 - the deepest transformations
    Astrology transits - a simplistic answer

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