Family Tree and Ancestors Memory

We are all energetically connected to our family members (even if we don't know them). And every important experience they have been through has an imprint in our subconscious mind. It applies especially to the difficult and traumatic experiences. 

By exploring our family tree and ancestors' memory we can find many explanations about our own issues and most importantly what do we need to heel in order to set ourselves free and improve our lives. 

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You will learn

  • How and why our family history affects us
  • Possible blockages due to traumatic events in the family
  • Concrete examples of how those invisible connections define our life



You are listening to episode number 23, which is called family tree, and ancestors memory. And obviously, we'll talk about our family trees and ancestors memory, but not from a sentimental perspective, what we will explore is actually how the family tree experiences or the memories that come from our ancestors are actually affecting our life. And this applies to every area of our life, it could be related to our health issues, it could be related to different types of struggle in the area of family, or career or money, or finding your vocation, any area of our life can be affected by the family tree, and ancestors, memory. First of all, a little explanation here, you don't need to know about certain events in the family history. Actually, those things that you don't know about can be even more powerful, some kind of secret, something which we call the skeletons in the closet, the family secret that children are not supposed to know about. Those are actually the more powerful stories that can affect your life. I will give you different examples to make it clear how different events or circumstances in the family history can affect our life. But it's important to understand, first of all, that you don't need to be aware of those events. Subconsciously, we are all connected with our families, not only our parents, we talk about four generations, three generations before us and ourselves. Those are the family members that we are most connected to their different hypothesis. Some say that it could be even older history like seven generations before that, which obviously can get really complicated. But in my opinion, three generations before us, is enough if we can explore those memories and experiences in the family history. And as I said, we don't need to be consciously aware of events and history of our family members, even adopted children, children who don't know their birth parents, they are still connected to their birth family, even when they haven't met their mother, father, and all the other family members. The way things work is through our subconscious memory through our subconscious mind. We have talked a couple of times that one of the major purposes of our brain is to help us survive. And in order to support this goal, the mind records different experiences the subconscious mind. So whenever something happens in the family history, there is some kind of conclusion so to speak, that is transferred to the other family members, especially the generations. After that. Let me give you a quick example here to make it clearer what can happen. Let's say that your grandmother have died during giving birth and during labor. What happens is that the family tree, the ancestors, memory records, this type of connection. Having a child means that and what may happen is that let's say two generations later, a woman may struggle with conceiving, even though she seems healthy doctors cannot find a concrete reason. Sometimes there may also be something physical, but that doesn't mean that the memory isn't responsible for that. And again, I repeat, you don't need to know about this experience. This might be something you haven't Hurt, you are not familiar with, it's still a trigger. And, as we said, the survival brain records this type of connection. Giving birth means real danger for that. Sometimes it doesn't need to be a real that it could be a life threatening condition, for example, exhausting birds, and the mother almost died. Very difficult, very painful. It doesn't need to be the actual event of death. But the mind can record this as a real threat for life. So in order to prevent this difficult situation, the subconscious mind is blocking the body and blocking its natural ability to conceive. And even though the woman may want this to happen, she may try different things and therapies and so on. Until we get to this part of the family history. This may remain a blockage that may stop this event from happening or can make it really difficult. That's a very simple example, which by the way, happens a lot. This is not an exception. Very often, women who struggle with conceiving may find a problem in the family history, either there was a life threatening situation, or right after the birth, for example, the woman was rejected, or she had to handle with everything on her own. So it has been like an extreme struggle. And again, the family history, the family memory records, this is a very difficult event. So let's just save it for the next generations. very concrete, but also very real example of how things can work. And this may affect different life areas. First of all, health, they those are really special connections. And sometimes you may get to the root of things on your own, sometimes you may need the help of a specialist to really guide you. But the first thing that you should do is find as much information as possible about your family tree, especially the problems, that's what we try to find the good things usually don't leave negative marks for the generations. But the problems, they are really important. And if you think about it, the previous generation, many of those people have been to worse, or they had family members who have been to worse. So in almost every family, there has been something dramatic, either people going to war, or some kind of secret, for example, suicide in the family history, children who have died, or someone committing a crime, murders, secrets that are also not revealed, I can guarantee you that in every family, you can find some of those dramatic, difficult experiences. And as I said, you may or may not know about them, they are still affecting you. And actually, the less you know about them, the more powerful they can be because they are in your blind spot you don't know about them, and how we can actually learn about those things. First of all, try to find as much information as possible, as I said, Go meet the oldest family members, you know, ask them about people in your family history. Those could be aunts, uncles, grandparents that you don't even know about. You don't know their names, ask as much information as possible. Then, of course, there is a very important question, what should we do, if we don't know enough about our own family. There are a couple of things that we can do actually in those cases, but we won't be able to do them on our own. One of them is family constellations. This is a very powerful spiritual practice, which requires an educated professional facilitator. And it allows us to explore different memories, different situations from this perspective, to find certain relationships between family members. It can be very powerful, and it can help you actually to get to some important connections. So that's one thing you can do if you don't have much information about your own family, and there's no one to ask, or you're still kind of suspecting that there could be a secret, they don't want to tell you, family constellations can reveal very important things. So that's one option. Another option is, again, through some kind of spiritual practices, which are more like meditations. Again, you will probably need someone to guide you. This is one of the things that I do with my clients, I can't offer family constellations, because it requires groups of people to be at one place, and it's more specific. But individually, we can also have a specific meditation, which can allow you to receive some insights. And those are the two major options that we can use to explore on our own the family history. So let me give you some other examples of how things may work. Let's say for example, that you are struggling with money, somehow, they are never enough, you are barely making the ends meet, or you're just not where you want to be financially. And you're wondering, why is that you are working hard, you're trying different things, you're constantly improving yourself, and yet you don't have the money you deserve. Some possible scenarios could be related also to our family tree memories. For example, you might reveal that your grandparent, or an uncle, for example, has been killed because of money. And I'm giving examples with that, but actually doesn't need to be that dramatic, it may even be, for example, people stole money from him. And after that, for example, everything fell apart in his life, or he got some money. But then, for example, it was illegal. And then it was like a shameful story for the whole family, you in almost every case will find that there is also a reason there is some kind of event in your family history, which is related to money. So you have to define which is the problem you struggle with. And then try to see possible connections in your own family story. It works with with money, it works with career with health. One example I can give you also quite interesting. Let's say that we have a woman who struggles with thyroid issues, let's say that you have a hyperfunction, a lower function, lower production of the hormones of the thyroid. And the thyroid gland normally is related to time, our connection with time, for example, very often women who feel like they don't have enough time, in their daily life may struggle with thyroid issues, who want to slow down time, for example, so that they don't separate with their almost adult children, or many, many possibilities, of course. But let's say that you can't find such conflict in your current life, you have thyroid issues, and you don't see anything in your life that's pressing you time wise. Why One possibility is that there might have been a story in your family about someone who couldn't do something because they didn't have enough time. For example, they were driving a car, and they didn't have a fast reaction. So eventually, there was a car accident, and it was really traumatic. So when you are not fast enough, when you were supposed to react faster, this is a conflict of time and very often the thyroid gland may respond negatively to those conflicts. It could be in your own story in your own lifetime. But it may also be in the family history. Very, very powerful area. And once that we find those connections, keep in mind that it might take some time because usually you know it's not just one event in our family history, there are many members, there could be different, challenging stories, there might be many skeletons as we call them. And it may take some time to build up the whole story to put all of the pieces of this puzzle together. But once we find similar connections, there are a couple of things we can do. First of all, even by bringing your conscious awareness to it may help you to resolve the problem by understanding, okay, this has happened to my family member. And they struggled, and I respect that I'm sorry, this has happened to them. But this doesn't need to affect my whole life. I'm giving back. This to them. This is something that may happen through family constellation, but also other one on one sessions. And you may stop those negative connections, even by just by bringing your awareness to what's happening. There are other methods which we can use also, through meditations through certain rituals that can allow us to release and to heal those family memories. But trust me, you may find some so powerful stories that can, you know, be everything you needed to understand, okay, why this doesn't work for me, or why I keep struggling with this. Many, many interesting stories in this direction. So what I would recommend you do is, first define, which are the problems in your life, health issues, career money, relationships, family, children, you name it, describe the problems, the things that you struggle with, then explore as much information as possible about your family. And try to find some connections regarding the areas that you are exploring. After that, if possible, consult with someone who can help you to put all of those pieces together. Because it's not always so simple to do this ourselves, even if you're a professional. Because when you are in this generation, you cannot be that objective. And there might be things that you don't want, or you can see. So find someone else who will help you to put all of those pieces together. And you may see how, you know, it's It works like a magic. It's so impressive. I have seen so many situations when we have this blind spot, we don't realize. And once that we bring our awareness, it's so clear how you know, previous experiences of our own family, our triggering class. And, again, I want to remind you, you don't need to be connected, or close or even familiar with your own family. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking, Okay, I don't have a close connection to my family, or I don't even talk to my family. So it shouldn't work for me, you are completely wrong. Because it's not the conscious mind. It's the subconscious mind, that's part of those connections. And you don't need to communicate, you don't need to be close with your family, so that those mechanisms will work for you. It's just a survival thing. Something that's designed to help us survive and avoid problems and challenges and especially life threatening situations. But in our modern world, it can also harm us It can also be something we want to release we want to heal. So, I hope this was inspiring and helpful. I hope you will find many interesting connections. If you need any help with that you can always contact me from my website mar thank you so much for joining me, and I'll see you soon. 

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